An urgent need from Hope House Mission:
Hope House Mission is continuing to provide services for the most vulnerable in Middletown. While they are not currently able to allow volunteers at their shelter, they are still in need of meals—providing dinner for 40 women at the women and children's shelter or 50 men at the new men's shelter. If you are interested in helping or have questions, please email Partnership Champions Yuri Kim ( ) and Rachel Helwig ( ) for details.

We are reaching out to all our local and global ministry partners through our Hope Partnership Champions. We will update you soon on how their ministries have been impacted by COVID-19 and how you can help.
How Can We Serve Our Neighbors ?
We want to encourage you with four simple practices that will help you love your neighbors and others who are outside the faith, but inside your reach, in the weeks ahead. The beautiful part of these four ways of engaging is that you can start anywhere along the line and move into the other three practices.

  1. Pray for their health, relationships, and their work and material needs—all perhaps strained by the reality of the virus. Most of all, pray that the Lord would use this crisis to lovingly draw them to Himself in saving faith, for the glory of His name and their lasting joy.
  2. Text or call them and prioritize listening. You might ask something like, "What particular challenges has this virus brought into your life or the life of your family?" If the challenges seem minimal, a good follow up question might be, "Are there any unexpected joys you're experiencing while being hunkered down?" Listen well for understanding, sincerely empathize with their struggles, and affirm them by celebrating joys they share. Depending on their level of anxiety, you might offer to check back in a few days. Continue praying!
  3. Always be on the lookout for practical needs that you can meet personally for them or where you could connect them with outside help. Doing this will be especially helpful for our elderly neighbors. Picking up groceries or prescriptions, helping care for pets, or just setting up scheduled times to talk by phone or video call are all simple ways we can provide care for our neighbors in this time of forced isolation.
  4. Wherever possible, invite them to join you in this work of neighboring well! They don't need to know Jesus to serve well. Ask if they'd like to know if you hear of anyone else in your circles (where you live, work, and play) who needs prayer or tangible help. They might already be helping to coordinate this type of care for the community (grocery drop off, school lunch distribution, etc.). If possible, you might join them in whatever they're doing, serving alongside them, and deepening your relationship with them.
How Can We Stay Connected ?
During this time of physical separation, being connected is more vital than ever, so we have been implementing a three-phase plan to ensure that everyone at Hope has the opportunity for ongoing connection. 

  1. Phase one is to ensure that all of our current groups and other connection opportunities are continuing to meet virtually (through video calls, etc.). That phase is nearing completion.
  2. Phase two is to reach out to all of our other teams at Hope (serving teams, etc.) to see which of those team members are experiencing ongoing connection and which aren't. Some of those teams might even become places of ongoing connection themselves. 
  3. Phase three is to reach out to all the people of Hope who are not on one of our teams. Each person in Hope's database will be receiving a personal phone call from us in the coming weeks, checking to see how you're doing and offering you opportunities to get connected in ways that perhaps you never have before. If you have not received a call in the upcoming week, please let us know by calling the church office at 513.459.0800 or email We might not have your correct information and want to make sure we connect with you.

As we learn of people who want to connect, we will be creating opportunities to do so. If you are wanting connection now and have not yet been contacted, no need to wait, please reach out to us. We're happy to help. Email Bill Craig at .
How Are Others Dealing With This Situation ?
Each week we will share a video message from a Hope Church leader about how they are handling the coronavirus situation. This week—a message from Jim Tinsley.
Coming April 5: Journey
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Journey has transitioned into an online activity you can participate in from home. Journey is an interactive experience that allows one to reflect and focus their heart and mind on the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Look for more information in next week’s email.
A Message from Pastor Stephen
Hope Family,

It'll sure be sweet to gather again for worship! Until then, let me offer some encouragement. First , I absolutely love hearing stories of how you are connecting with one another in the Hope family. Second , as we're seeing in Judges , a crisis can be an opportunity to take stock of our life with God and adjust some things. What might that look like? And finally , how are you turning outward? I emailed 14 neighbors yesterday, telling them how grateful we were for them, that we're praying for them, and that the Kirk's stand ready to help in any way we can. Honestly, it's been crickets! But the seed has been planted.

On the journey together, 
Pastor Stephen