Journey: Following Jesus to the Cross
Journey is an interactive experience that allows one to reflect and focus their heart and mind on the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Journey starts at creation and continues through Jesus’ final week. There is a complementary adaptation for young children to help them experience Journey.

Since Journey is taking place in your home, everyone can engage at their own time and pace through Holy Week. It is our prayer that this guided prayer experience will give you space to reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion in a unique and meaningful way.  
Good Friday Service Online
Next week we will not have Hope Midweek Live on Wednesday. Instead, we'll be making available a Good Friday service at the end of the week. Just like our Good Friday services in the past, this will be a solemn time to reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us. The only difference is, this year it will be online. The Good Friday service will be available on our website at 7:00 PM on April 10.
How Are Others Dealing With This Situation?
Each week we're sharing a video message from a Hope Church leader about how they are handling the coronavirus situation. This week—a message from Sharon Mason.
Ministry Partner Update
City Gospel Mission: CGM's current need is determining how to give men in the homeless shelter social distancing. Please pray that they are able to find a hotel or other location where some of the most vulnerable can have individual rooms.

Caring Partners International: CPI has been blessed with a supply of protective gear and supplies—masks, suits, and gloves. This past week, CPI donated these supplies to area hospitals. From the feedback they received, many of the donated items cannot currently be found in any available supply chains. 
Email Updates Moving to Tuesday
In order to give you more timely information, we've decided to move our weekly update to earlier in the week. Beginning next week, you can expect an update email on Tuesday instead of Thursday.
If you're feeling isolated and want to be more connected, give us a call at 513.459.0800. Stay safe out there, Hope Church. Your Hope Church leadership is praying for you daily.