Planning for Reopening Our Building
The elders and other leaders at Hope Church are working diligently to form a phased plan for moving more and more Hope Church activities back into our building when it is safe. Reopening our building is something that will happen slowly, and will evolve as it happens. Be on the lookout for more information soon.
Hope Midweek Live
Hope Midweek Live: Cutting Room Floor  is happening this Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Click  here  to register. If you have questions about recent Sunday morning messages or readings from This Is the Story, send them to .
Next week will be  Hope Midweek Live: Worship and Prayer . You can go ahead and register for next week by clicking  here .
This Is the Story: Part Two
Have you noticed you're nearing the end of your This Is the Story journal? We're quickly approaching the second half of the story. The journals for part two are in production and we'll be distributing them in less than two weeks.

From 2:00–5:00 PM on May 31, we'll be handing out journals at the church building. You won't need to leave your vehicle. There is a $5 suggested donation per journal, but don't let that stop you, it's optional. We want everyone to have a journal.

You can also pick up the This Is the Story journals for preschool, grade school, and Club 56 at that time.
Planting Pinwheels
How can we be good neighbors and love our neighbors? How can we glorify God by moving from living inwardly-focused lives to outwardly-focused, joining Jesus on mission in Mason? Ministry to Women had the wonderful opportunity to walk alongside Mason schools as a part of Love Mason Plus efforts.

Click below to find out what happened.
Life During a Pandemic
Each week we're sharing a video message from a Hope Church leader about how they are handling the coronavirus situation. This week—a message from Patti, Wendy, and Nick.
Good Neighbor Stories
Send us your "good neighbor" stories!  We're interested in following up with anyone who is focused on making or deepening a relational connection with a neighbor (from where they live, work, or play) during this time. We would love to hear what it's looked like to engage your neighbors and what the Lord is teaching you, both about your neighbor and about what it means to follow Jesus as you reach out in love. If you have a "love your neighbor" story, please email Eric Richey at
We'll make it through this, Hope Church! Give us a call at 513.459.0800 if you need help or just want to talk.