"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future." -
Jeremiah 29:11 
Hope from the Ashes

It is a place of squalor
Dirty, disheveled children play in the mud and garbage
Day in and day out.

It is a place where crime is rampant
And human life has a price
And is often taken away by those in power.

It is a place where fear is felt
In the day and in the night.

It is a place of suffering
Most of the pain unseen to the naked eye.
Life is hard for the poor.

It has been said there is nothing to be done in a place like this.
The physical needs are just too great.

Having everything taken away is not new to them.
They stand in the midst of crime, murder, hunger, and disease.
Floods and fires are part of their lives.

And yet they smile. And say thank you.

In this place, there are people that I genuinely love.
That believe they can stand with their face held high
Because that is what they do.

They trust when the ground is giving way.
They believe when their faith is thin.
When their hearts are aching, they do not show it.
They stand. And dream. And pray.

And although I have little to give, I stand with them.
And I believe that God will make beauty out of ashes.

It may not look like God is doing much.
It may not seem like there is anything lovely.
But quietly, God moves.
He sees. He hears. He too cries for their loss and brokenness.
And He declares His heart for this
precious people.

This place is a place of hope.


On the 24 th of May, a fire swept through the community of Malabon leaving over 1000 families homeless. 

Gentle Hands has provided food, blank ets, clothes and educational supplies. The need is so great.  If you have clothes, milk, blankets, vitamins, school supplies or anything you no longer need, please contact us on contact@gentlehands.org . Anything will help.

Gentle Hands Adoption Stories

It was May 16, 2016, the birthday of our family.
Our son Kevin, 6 ½ years old, was waiting for us impatiently. We knew his file and the French professionals warned us: "it will be complicated".
Charity and her team were miraculous for Kevin. They knew how to weave the first bonds of confidence and to bring back Kevin to the social and emotional life. Beyond this work we appreciated the direct, frank and honesty of Charity, even if it frightened us a little!

"Have you done any reading on trauma and children?"
"His little heart was so broken when he came"
"I do not believe the healing process is done for Kevin and he still needs a mommy who will understands this."

That was the truth. We spent four days at the orphanage learning with the caregivers how to manage our son and make a smooth transition.
Today, 18 cm, 5 kg and 2 years later, Kevin is our fantastic son! He makes progress at his own pace and we are learning our new professions with passion: caregiver, educator and parents ! The road ahead is still long.

Gentle Hands is now part of our life. We are following the life of this great and beautiful family. Sometimes I still question Charity for advice and I appreciate that she answers us. Gentle Hands is not rich but knows its children very well and knows how to move mountains to bring them happiness. One day we will come back, with Kevin if he wishes. God bless and protect them !

Staff Profile: Nanay Justine
What is your job at GH?
I am the laundress here at Gentle Hands. I wash, sort and dry all the clothes for over 100 children.
Before, it was just me, but now it there are three workers with me. I wash all the clothes in every room. Each room has many baskets per day. We wash and hang them out to dry. Put all the clothes in their baskets and get their uniforms ready for the next day of school.
How has your life changed/ Best part of your job?
It is my home here and these workers are my family. My girls come here for school and their friends are here and they learn about God. Ate Cher understood my situation. It gives me hope when I am here. I like to come to work and enjoy that I get to be here everyday and hear the children singing.
How did you become involved?
I lived in the area and Ate Cher knew me. I have three girls, and one of them got very sick, I was working as a street sweeper for the barangy (local suburb) and I didn't have enough money to help my daughter get better. My friends told me to go talk to Ate Cher because she had helped them. She helped my daughter and she got better and would help my family when we didn't have enough food. My job wasn't very good at that time, it was hard. Then I gave my resume in here, and I started the next week.
What is your best stain removal technique?
I just have to scrub really hard to remove the stains. Doing this job has given me strong arms.