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We Were Made for More | Counter the Culture |
Romans 12:1-2
Good Morning Hope!
What are you made for?
Authors, bloggers, podcasters, speakers, and teachers today produce an endless stream of great content meant to help us enjoy and find our way to the kind of life we are all trying to live. It can be very challenging to be confident that we are living into what God has made us to be.
What's shaping your life on an everyday basis? What are you thinking about? Our thoughts, our focus, and what we expose ourselves to has a lot to do with our growth and transformation.
Here is a quick look at what's shaping me:
Audiobooks in the car:
  • Dirty Glory
  • Psalms and Proverbs daily reading plan YouVersion Bible
  • Everybody Always
  • A Culture of Honor
 Study (books, articles, notes, prayer):
  • Alpha Prayer Class (I'll be teaching this in January.)
  • Church Growth and Leadership
What's shaping you?
This weekend we begin a new 4-week teaching series called, You Were Made For More. The series will empower you to take hold of the kind of life God has prepared for you. Romans 12 will be our launch pad, our foundation of God's truth and promise, for the teaching.
Too many times another day, month, and even year goes by and we miss "it."
Get ready, get excited, and get to church this weekend! You were made for more.
Pastor Eric

PS - Please remember to "fall back" by setting your clocks back one hour this weekend, or come to the 5:00 pm Saturday service actually at 5:00 pm!

Third-Grade Bible Class
Sunday, Nov. 11, 1:00-2:00 pm  
Parents will present new Bibles (provided by Hope) to their children during a brief ceremony followed by a teaching time where children learn general biblical information such as how to look up Bible verses. They will also highlight some meaningful Bible verses that are frequently taught. It will be a special time that children and parents won't want to miss. Parents, please plan to attend.
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50+ Fellowship
Second Wednesday of the month (Nov. 14), 9:00-10:00 am
The 50+ Ministry seeks to enrich the lives of adults age 50+ by offering engaging activities to fulfill their social, vocational, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and relational needs, so the world is blessed by their presence and ministry.
>> Learn more  
Children's Christmas Program Dress Rehearsals
Sundays, Dec. 2 & 9, 12:30-2:00 pm  
Students in kindergarten through grade 5 will rehearse the Children's Christmas Program.
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for children
age 3 - grade 5
for students  
grades 6-8 
for students
grades 9-12

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