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This Passover, Judaism's message of resilience matters more than ever.

In light of the global pandemic, we wonder and worry how our Passover Seders will be different this year. Will we still feel connected with family and friends from afar? Who will sing the four questions with our youngest cousin at home, in another state? As we create barriers for our health and stay inside, will we still open the door for Elijah?

Beyond all the echoes of isolation and advice on how to hold virtual seders, with fewer people around the table and a modified or less elaborate meal, beyond the celebration of freedom from slavery , one core message remains: HOPE ISN'T CANCELED.

Throughout generations, no matter where Jews held their seders and no matter how difficult the circumstances of the given time, we open the door to Elijah the prophet to usher in redemption and hope. Amongst many holidays and traditions, only on Passover do we bridge our families and our homes to the outside world by getting up from our tables and opening our doors to a vision of a world redeemed.

This year, when we are all restricted from leaving our homes and passing through the threshold of our doorways into the world, let us still stand up; despite our isolation, anxiety, and despair, let us open our doors and hearts; let us join together – virtually – and send into the world the quintessentially Jewish message that hope is not canceled. 

By holding on to hope, leaning on and supporting one another, and building our resilience, we can wander and make it through this desert together. May we come out a stronger community, a more united country, and a healthier world.

Wishing you health, comfort, and hope this Passover.
Basha Silverman, CEO
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By: Madeline Driban, JFS Communications Specialist
Written & Published in the April issue of the   jVOICE Magazine
Every year, at the Passover Seder, we retell the Exodus story, asking thought-provoking questions, and completing symbolic rituals, including a recitation of the ten plagues. While we live in a different world now, we are reminded that, even after our liberation from slavery, there are still many challenges plaguing modern society ; our journey to redemption is ongoing, demanding work of our hearts, hands and minds... [ read more>>> ]
Resources for Passover 2020
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By Rabbi Naomi Levy
Next Year in Jerusalem!
Next Year in Health! Next Year Free from Worry!
Next Year with Family and Friends! Next Year Feasting!
Next Year Rejoicing! Next Year in Laughter! Next Year in Love!
Next Year filled with Song and Celebration! Next Year with a Vaccine!
Next Year in Abundance! Next Year in Peace! Next Year in Blessings!

Rabbi Naomi Levy

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