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Good Morning Hope!
  1. New Church Update
  2. Hospitality Teams
  3. Prayer
  4. Trivia Question
New Church Update -
There is something very awe-inspiring about seeing a plan of God revealed, received and lived out. When a new church building is built, it gives us an opportunity of a lifetime to actually see and feel the life of God come alive through the lives of people. It's a focal point to help us see and experience God's faithfulness together in community. Something new reminds us again of the promise of hope in Jesus Christ.
We will launch worship services in our new building on the weekend of Sept. 9/10, 2018.

It will be a glorious celebration - it will be a Rally Day for the church to worship and to embrace our mission. We will hoist every sail as we set our lives to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Over the next month, get the sail of your spirit ready through prayer. Ask God to prepare you for this move. Ask God to prepare you for the journey of your life. He will be faithful.
Hospitality Teams -
If you have been to weekend worship and events at Hope you know that our Hospitality Teams are really great! They greet us at the doors; they usher us into worship; they receive the offerings and count them; they help everyone check in and get a name tag; they guide kids and parents to HopeKids and Nursery; they keep the places clean; they make coffee in the mornings; they serve food; they serve communion; they answer questions; and they read Scripture at worship.
It's a long list of hospitality... but the most important thing that our Hospitality Team does is...
They smile, care and welcome people into the church.
As we prepare to move into the new building and welcome more people into the church, we are focused on expanding our Hospitality Team. Current team member and all who would like to be part of these teams are invited to an information and training session at the new building site.

Hospitality Team Meeting - Thursday, Aug. 16 at 7:00 pm. It's already exciting. We will cast the vision for the Hospitality Team as we move forward and mobilize the ministry!
Prayer -
Ask the Holy Spirit to empower each of us to reach out and care for the world around us.
Ask the Holy Spirit to remind each of us of God's great love for us.
Ask the Holy Spirit to activate us in our faith as we love God and love our neighbors.
Ask the Holy Spirit to let us see and hear with the eyes and ears of Jesus.
Trivia Question -
How many and what kind of fish did the DNR initially stock in the church's pond? (Answer during announcements this weekend at worship!)
See you at worship! (Saturday 5:00 pm in Grimes at The Hub, and Sunday 9:15 and 11:00 am in Johnston at Summit Middle School). Remember you can drop off backpacks this weekend for the Back-to-School Drive!
Pastor Eric

Back-to-School Drive
Through Sunday, Aug. 5

Help students across the metro by providing school supplies to schools and organizations who serve low-income families. Donations will be accepted through Sunday, Aug. 5.

New Building Open House
Sunday, Aug. 19, 1:00-3:00 pm

Take a walkthrough of the new church building! While you tour, we invite you to pray for the ministry opportunities and spiritual growth that will happen there, as well as enjoy classic state fair foods!

The Mini Gathering for Women
Sunday, Aug. 26, 10:30-11:00 am

Women's Ministry will host a small coffee time between services in one of the hallways near the nursery at Summit Middle School. Grab a coffee and pastry and connect with other women!

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