Meet one of our Master's Students: Nahida Sleibi
"I thank God with all my heart for the blessing He has bestowed upon me, so that I may grow in His love, gain more knowledge in His holy word, and draw closer to His divine mercy day after day."

Religious Extremism & Dealing with the Stranger
Many speak about Christianity in terms of its supremacy and greatness throughout the generations, as well as its contributions to people around the world. However, they don’t speak about the problems of Christianity.
Bible Live: New Beginnings
On our journey through the Bible Live of this month, we pray for the Lord to give us the vision to carry the hope of new beginnings into this year.

BethBC in Moments of Crisis
One thing is guiding me, that God is doing something new among His people and we need to be ready for a different future.

By Dr. Jack Sara
What Are Our Hopes
for 2021?
'Hope rises from the ashes' will be our motto for this year! Listen to some of our staff and faculty members sharing their hopes for 2021!

  • Pray for a great start to the spring semester for our students, staff, and faculty.
  • Commit 2021 to the Lord! Move forward in steadfast faith and hope!
  • Praise the Lord for adorable baby Celine, a new addition to our family.
  • Pray for those who are sick and battling illness mainly due to the current situation.
  • Pray for refugees in Palestine and Jordan living in harsh winter conditions.