The Hope Scholarship program takes effect October 1, 2018, bringing new responsibilities to your dealership. Importantly, you will be subject to fines and penalties if you do not comply. This Alert is inclusive of every tool we have right now in order to get you prepared, including:

  • A link to the webinar FADA recorded on 9/21/18 with our Legal Team and Membership (above).

  • Attached is a revised version of the Memorandum we emailed 9/25/18. The revisions to the memo address the vehicles included and excluded from the program. In short, we believe that SUV's are included, and trucks over 5,000 pounds are excluded. As mentioned previously, some of the lack of clarity in the rules was created by the fact that DOR had to issue these rules on an emergency basis. We are hopeful that when DOR replaces the emergency rules with rules developed through formal rulemaking, some of the confusing wording will be made clear.

  • Links to the forms you will be required to use with this new program including:
  1. Form DR-HS1 Note: FADA has included a Program overview on the back of this form, which you can use in your dealership as an informational handout if a customer asks for more Program information.
  2. Form DR-HS2
  3. Form DR-15

Please review this information thoroughly. If you still have questions, contact us anytime at and our staff will get back with you as quickly as possible.


Ted Smith, President
Florida Automobile Dealers Association