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The Heart of Hope | Ask Us Anything | Joshua 4:19-24
Good morning Hope Waukee,

Left to right:
Eli, Lexi, Brennan & Caleb
It's now official. The Borgestad family has grown by one... meet Brennan's wife, Alexis Lane Borgestad. Wow! It feels strange saying 'Brennan's wife' because that makes me old enough to have a son that's now married, but it also feels so right to say it. She is an incredible addition to our family and we are blessed to have her as a daughter. It's what Misti and I have always prayed for ever since our boys were little.

Growth for all of us often feels this way - It's strange and exciting all at the same time. Our church campus has been in growth mode ever since the start at Shuler Elementary School. VBS 2018 was a sure sign of that growth, going from 750 kids last year to over 1,000 this year. Like every VBS... it was STRANGE and EXCITING (I think of Junior when I say the word 'strange').

When we grow, change is inevitable. Our spiritual lives are no different. When we first begin our faith in Christ, it's new and fresh and we are often asking "W here do I start?" Or maybe our faith has been a part of our life since we were little, but just now it's becoming alive and active in our soul and we wonder, "How do I continue to fan this flame in my heart?"

Let me give you three words that have been a part of Hope's DNA for years that will point us towards growth: CONNECT|GROW|SERVE. Now don't read over these words too quickly as they are powerful words if you truly desire real authentic growth in your life. 

CONNECT: If you are not connecting with others and with God at Hope, you're missing an amazing opportunity to grow. This weekend, we want to help you connect! Registration for classes for all ages will be opening online this Saturday. We want to encourage you to sign up and attend a new class. LIFE GROUPS will also be starting this fall (of which you will hear more in the weeks to come and the chance to connect with a group in early September) and there is no greater place to connect than in a Life Group.

GROW: By stepping into circles with other people, you will begin to grow. If you are thinking, "I could never join a group or Life Group because I don't know much about God," that is the EXACT reason TO connect in a class or group. God designed us to grow as a community and that's what we aim to offer this fall. We want our church body growing.

SERVE: We need not go very far to know that it takes a team of volunteers to make the church what it is: greeters, ushers, production, communion servers, nursery, leaders for HopeKids, PowerLife or Ignition, hospitality, grounds, and so much more. Ask anyone who serves, and I believe they will tell you that they get so much more than they give. Our human nature tells us we are 'too busy' or 'other people are better at that than me' or 'they seem to have it under control.' I can tell you without question: We rely heavily on prayer to fill every one of the needs listed above each and every week. The reality is this: We need EVERYONE who calls Hope Waukee their church home to join us on the field and get ready to play! It doesn't have to be every week (but it can be), it could even be once a month. So be praying now for how God is calling you to get in the game. We really do need you.

This weekend after services we will have our women available from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and MOMSNext (moms of school-age children) to answer any questions you might have about these programs and learn how to sign up and reserve your spot. Stop by to learn more.

Jessy Vera, Bre Poage and other members of the Worship Team will be set up in the Atrium, as well, to get you (and your instrument) signed up to try out for the worship band. Please stop by and let them know of your interest and they will reach out with audition dates. In the words of the Blues Brothers, "We're puttin' the band back together!"

Last thing - this weekend is our Q&A with Pastors Mike, Jeremy and Caroline. You will have the chance to submit questions from our Hope Waukee campus for the pastors to answer. When you come into church, the ushers will hand out a card and pencil to write down your 'God-sized question' to ask. We will collect them during the offering and send a few over to the WDM campus to be answered during the service. So, put on your thinking caps and bring your questions to church!

In God's Grace,
Chad Borgestad - Campus Minister
Sitting with God 
Monday, Aug. 13, 6:30-8:00 pm
Do you ever feel confused about how to pray or spend your time with God? Sitting With God will help you navigate that time and give you practical tools to grow and enrich your time with God. We will talk about the why behind prayer as well as the how (which includes the when and the where). We will eventually step into the what to do next: praying for others, listening for others, getting creative with God and seeking healing for the broken.

>>  Learn more
Budget & Constitution Review 
Sunday, Aug. 19, 10:30 am
Chris Gunnare, Executive Minister: Operations & Human Resources; members of the Church Council; and a member from the Constitution Committee will be present to review the proposed FY18-19 budget and changes to the constitution. All are welcome to attend. The budget and constitution is scheduled to be voted on by the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 16.

Men's Wings 2018 
Sunday, Aug. 26, 5:30-7:00 pm
Come hungry as we attempt to eat 2,018 wings while learning about upcoming classes and events for Men's Ministry! Champions will be crowned in each age group, and games and activities will be available. Wings and napkins will be provided; please bring chip, fruit, desserts or soft drinks to share.

for children
age 3 - grade 5
for toddlers
ages 3-5 
for students grades 9-12;
Aug. 24, 8:00-10:00 pm
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