Hope Weekly
November 2, 2018
I love to sing carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve, and I love to sing Alleluias on Easter after the Lenten fast from the word. But my favorite worship service each year is All Saints Sunday. As a pastor, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on those who have "finished the race" (as Paul calls death) and entered the church triumphant. The title "church triumphant" is a rather strange title, but we recognize that it is not only through death that God brings us life, but that in death, God's power is made manifest over death itself.
All Saints Sunday is also a time to remember all those who have died and the lives and impact they have had on the ministry of the congregation. This year is no exception. In worship, we will name those who have died. We will also have a time to remember those who were the "salt, the light and the leaven." We wouldn't know of God's great love if it were not for those who shared the faith and shared the love of Jesus with us. Each year we have the opportunity to light candles to remember the powerful witness of this great cloud of witnesses.
For the last few years we have also celebrated Consecration Sunday on All Saints Sunday and more recently with one worship service followed by a congregational meal. It is great to have both worship services joined for one Sunday as we both remember and as we look forward. This year, the theme is "Seedtime." Those who have gone before us planted the seeds that have matured into the faith we celebrate today. The harvest and what we have as a congregation is because of the faithfulness of all those before us. Those that follow will depend upon our casting seed and being the salt the light and the leaven.
I hope you can join us this week at 10 AM in the sanctuary for worship. (Don't forget to set your clock back and get that hour back that daylight savings time stole in the spring.) Come, remember and give thanks.

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Living Generously
This week, we wrap up our Living Generously Series. If you missed Oct 21st, you'll want to ask one of the welcome team for the gift that was passed out.

November 4th Consecration Sunday
We will have one service at 10:00 a.m., followed by a catered luncheon at 11:30 a.m. This will be your opportunity to demonstrate your generosity by returning your 2019 Estimate of Giving Card.
Daylight Savings Time Ends
Remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday November 3rd.

Attention Guardian Angels
Our guardian angel letters went out to adults this past week. If you were expecting to receive a letter and have not received one by the end of the week, please be in touch with Sue Scott at suescott427@gmail.com or (419)277-0213
Backpacks of Hope
We are providing backpacks of food for 18 students in need at Old Orchard Elementary. We are in need of peanut butter (no larger than 16 oz), cans of tuna, cans of spaghettios or baked beans, fruit or applesauce cups, or Easy Mac. Donations can be placed on the white shelves across from the family lounge.  If you are interested in helping pack bags, join us on Tuesday mornings at 11:40 in the  Family Lounge or talk to Pastor Kristin to arrange another time.