November 27th, 2018
You Can Make A Difference
As curators we are asking our viewers to look a little deeper and a little longer. We want you to open your eyes to new things. We give you the opportunity to get out of that comfort zone and view something you normally wouldn’t. - 2017 Hands-On Student Curators

It’s been an exciting year at the Coe, with successful educational and artist-focused programs enabled by support from generous people like you. We helped many look a little deeper and a little longer, as our student curators so eloquently stated. In 2019, with your help, we will continue to push the edge of learning and bridging cultural knowledge, following our mission of engaging the arts as a catalyst for change.

Some of the Ways Your Support Helps ( We welcome your tax-deductible donations of any amount - it all adds up to making a big difference!)

Hands-on Student Curators: $250 supports a Student Curator (supplies, field trips, exhibition materials); $500 supports a Mentor for the students (a college student or local artist); $2,500 supports the Hands-On Student Curators Exhibition (construction, catalogues, hospitality)

Coe in the Classroom - Art Immersion Program: $10 00 supports continued expansion of our Art Immersion Program for elementary and junior high students around New Mexico, bringing them eye-opening experiences outside the typical curriculum. 
Side-by-Side Artists Program: $2,500 supports Side-by-Side artists exhibitions and events, enabling more artists to tell their stories, their way.
Coe Fellowships: $2,000 supports an intern (high school student), a three month program; $3,000 supports a Coe Fellowship (college student or graduate), a three month program.
Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts | Santa Fe, New Mexico