New Normal Learning Fund
Please Help Us Reach Our Goal
The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our economy and educational systems at alarming rates. Uncertainty envelops teachers, children, and families as already underfunded school districts stare further budget cuts in the face. Children in need worldwide are struggling and in danger of falling behind without the support and safety nets of organizations like Yours Humanly. As we move through summer and into the new 2020-2021 school year with few answers and fewer resources, the urgency for disaster relief continues. Through our New Normal Learning Fund , we are raising funds to provide the distance learning tools and technologies, educational supplies, and critical resources needed to create safe and productive classrooms and school experiences for children in need during the pandemic. Please give today and help us create a path through this crisis. Thank you!
2020 BookFest Read-a-thon, Sponsored by Amazon
Do you know someone who loves to read? The Yours Humanly 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon , sponsored by Amazon, is a summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Participants reach out to their family, friends, and social circles and ask for one-time donations to support their reading efforts on behalf of Yours Humanly. Sponsors choose the amount they wish to donate and participants honor those sponsorships by doing something they already love to do—read! Funds raised go toward the New Normal Learning Fund , which is focused on providing the distance learning tools, educational supplies, and disaster relief resources needed to create safe and productive classrooms and school experiences during the pandemic. The BookFest Read-a-thon runs through July 31, 2020, and registration is free! Click here for more information.
The Impact is Felt Around the World
Your dollars are making significant impacts on children in need far and wide. In the U.S., 30 students in three Title 1 schools in Mt. Diablo Unified School District (Contra Costa County, CA) received Chromebooks. Two young sisters living in poverty in India with their illiterate parents are now being sponsored through our K-12 Scholarship Program. In Cambodia, hundreds of children living in poor neighborhoods now have free computer and Internet access and enhanced educational resources through a computer lab that Yours Humanly established at a local community center. In Nepal and India, multiple impoverished families received household and educational supplies, hygiene kits (including face masks and sanitizers), and groceries for thousands of meals. Training in good hygiene and social distancing was also provided to the families, who are all struggling during these difficult and unprecedented times. 
Apart, We Stand Together
Yours Humanly is thankful to have had the opportunities to support underserved elementary school students with educational supplies and distance learning tools this past academic year. We are determined to meet the challenges and obstacles of the current health crisis head on, and to continue to raise funds to support our local and global educational programs for children in need. We don’t know what the new school year has in store for students and teachers. We don’t know what classrooms or curricula will look like. We do know that students and teachers will return to redesigned classrooms, staggered schedules, and less social environments. We stand side by side with educational communities, and, with your financial support , we will do everything we can, in collaboration with multiple school districts and educational experts, to help ensure smooth transitions back to classrooms and successful school years ahead.
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