A message from our Interim President & CEO 
As we look forward to the cooler weather that fall brings, one transition we’re all greatly anticipating is moving away from a world of COVID-19. And while we don’t know when that will be, we continue to do the work necessary to serve the families who rely on us each and every day. Our response to the pandemic is an important and encouraging story to share considering our mission and those we serve!

During the first week of March, TLC leadership made the proactive decision to place our three intermediate care facilities, four community group homes and school on restricted access. A few short weeks later, we stepped up our restrictions once again by enacting a no visitors policy. This has also meant that staff has been restricted from moving between buildings throughout the day in order to prevent the spread of germs.

A few quick updates:
  • I’m proud to say that our residential homes continue to operate in a safe and efficient manner. After nearly six months of managing the pandemic on our campus, we’ve had one TLC employee test positive for COVID-19. Staff members and residents that were at risk for exposure have all subsequently tested negative. Our deepest appreciation and recognition go to our staff, our Heroes, and our families for their diligence in keeping our residents safe.
  • We are continuing to serve therapy clients via Telehealth and we’ve been able to increase the number of hours provided due to less travel time.
  • ABA Academy is in full swing providing clinic and home-based ABA services to individuals based on their treatment plan, while following the DHSS health and safety protocols.

While this challenging time is nowhere near over, the will behind the TLC Family – our clients, families, and supporters – has never been stronger. We thank you for all that you have and continue to do for the 600 individuals and families who count on us most.

Be well,
Mike Krannitz, Interim President & CEO 
Introducing Our New Board Members!
We are excited to introduce to you the newest members of our Board of Directors: Bob Brooks, Jennifer Gottsegen, and Joe Wellborn. They will work closely with their fellow board members and leadership staff to deliver and guide our mission into our next fiscal year.
Bob Brooks
Al. Neyer
Jennifer Gottsegen
Glaxo SmithKline
Joe Wellborn
Celebrating Our Heroes
Lakisha Perry-Green joined the TLC family in February 2019 as our QA/QI Manger. There is never a task too large or too small that she can’t handle. Back in March, when our Director of Nursing had difficulty obtaining protective equipment, she stepped up and contacted CapRac HealthCare Coalition Partners to source materials that were on back order. Not only was she able to get the supplies we so desperately needed, but she got them for FREE! She’s also a master at reading through policies and working with the various departments to get them updated.

While saving money and updating policies is important, what’s even better about
Lakisha is her positive attitude and contagious spirit. You can never be anything but happy around Lakisha. She spreads joy and happiness everywhere she goes, and she truly cares about the clients we serve and the employees at TLC. She is a decorating queen and loves to go all out for any of our celebrations and staff birthdays.

Lakisha is knowledgeable in all areas, kind to anyone that she comes in contact with, helpful, generous, and funny. She is a forward thinker and always has a suggestion or solution to any given problem. She’s vital to our mission and we’re so grateful she is here at TLC! 
Announcing a new and easy way to support TLC!
We’re excited to launch a new round-up club called Igniting Change for TLC. Just use your credit or debit card like you always do and purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar. Your spare change will create change when its donated to TLC. You control the monthly maximum and its tax deductible! It’s easy to sign up and start making a difference.

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