​Dear Friends Old and New,

We think of you so very often, wishing you safety, health and resilience. Celebrating this holiday season in the midst of a political nightmare and a pandemic is not necessarily a natural inclination. But we think it may be a necessary act of defiance. We believe better days must come and that celebrations of good things are essential.

Many of you received our year-end newsletter in the mail this week as part of our celebration of our 30th anniversary year. It features testimonials from people we've worked with over time who wanted to help us celebrate. Their touching words shed light on how positively your support of our work affects lives and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to read them. The testimonial features include:

We are at an increasingly critical juncture--for wildlife, for our country, for our planet, and for our organization. What America has gone through in 2020 remains traumatizing and exhausting, but it is also encouraging. While 2021 brings more uncertainty, it is spiced with hope for positive change. At the very least, vaccines should bring down the COVID death toll and the Biden administration should return us to science as a basis for most environmental policies, a positive sign for our work for wildlife.

One thing we are certain about is that we, as an organization, are alive and kicking for wildlife. However, financially things are quite tenuous. We’re not usually this blunt, but our finances are dire. Our ongoing battles against USDA Wildlife Services and state “killing agencies”—combined with fallout from the pandemic—have created the perfect storm.

It would have been easy to give up hope this year. But we have taken to heart the adage "Hope is not a feeling; it is a discipline." Our 30 years in the trenches have shown us the necessity of disciplining ourselves to effect positive change.

At the highest level we can emphatically say that public awareness of the importance of native predators has grown, as has public understanding of the insanity of America waging a war on wildlife under the guise of public safety and livestock protection. And this year it was also reassuring to see people turning out to vote in the presidential election at unprecedented levels. Even more encouraging, the majority spoke out for the changes we desire. So we must stay strong, focused and persistent to rid ourselves of the malign forces that do not want a better world.

Thank you so very much for your voice and for your support. We are incredibly glad to have you with us and wish you a healthy, hope-filled holiday season.

For all that is wild and free,

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense

* * * * *

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it."

- Michelangelo

* * * * *