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     February 2018
  I write this column on the day of the State of the Union Address. Some people will protest the event by refusing to watch, some will protest in person, some like myself will watch with frustration and anxiety, and yet some will watch with a sense of hope. I admit that I don't fully understand how some people come to their decision on such events. And while I don't agree with some people's political decisions, motives, or ideals, I am trying to understand. 
   As a Humanist I am committed not only to the use of reason but also to the use of compassion. It's not a compassion that ignores misogyny, oppression, or hateful rhetoric. I'm equally committed to calling out injustice! It is a compassion that compels me to pursue an understanding of humanity that includes those whose ideology, politics, and religion differs from my own. Not to agree, but to better understand as a possible path toward living together more peacefully. My commitment to reason and compassion, social justice, and my philosophy of Humanism offer me a glimmer of hope in these troubled times. 

Yours for the good cause,
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Kathleen Green
Executive Director, YHC

Hope Begins With the Letter "C"

Mary Dansinghani
CT Mental Health Center

Hope - Beliefs & Expectations
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Looking for 

Our quarterly theme of Hope continues this month. You can find resources on that theme through our website - films, books, quotes, and music. 

Here is how community member Shayn answered the question, "What's the difference between optimism and hope?"
Pessimism is thinking something bad will happen.
Optimism is thinking something good will happen.
Realism is knowing that no one really knows what will happen.
Hope is behaving today as if tomorrow will happen.
Hope is behaving in your darkest time as if light will come again someday.

Next month we begin the theme of Resilience and will ask you to contribute your favorite resources to our list!

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