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Is there any hope of reaching young people in "closed" nations? When becoming a follower of Jesus can lead to being pelted with rocks, ostracized from your family, raped or brutally murdered, is there any hope of young people being drawn to Christ?
According to Open Door USA’s 2018 report on global persecution, one out of every 12 Christians worldwide lives in an area or culture in which Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished. The worst of those nations are North Korea, Afghanistan, and Somalia, but the list is long and the statistics are daunting.

And yet, is any nation really closed to God? Are any young people outside of His reach?

Just south of what is considered the worst nation for persecution is another that, less than a hundred years ago, would have been on the list. But after South Korea was liberated in 1945, Christianity began to flourish. In 1974 the church there sent out their first 24 missionaries. Today over 27,000 Korean missionaries are reaching young people in 170 countries.

And it all started in a “closed” nation.

Praise God for what He is doing through you, through Youth for Christ International (YFCI), in “closed” nations around the world. Though we cannot share real names and specific nations, know that YFCI is actively involved in reaching young people in these difficult places.
Did you read the stories of Aaliyah, Mirzo, and the young people reached through Summer Camp in our last newsletter? These are some of the young people you are reaching in what we choose to call “sensitive” nations instead of “closed.”

I love the passion of one of our YFCI staff in one of those nations. She said, “My dream is to see a full stadium of young people in my country who love the Lord and worship Him with their whole life.”

Will you pray with us for the young people and our YFCI staff in these difficult nations? Thank you to all of you giving sacrificially to help reach young people in these and the many other nations where YFCI is working. If you are not helping financially, would you consider doing so? Thank you for being a part of reaching youth for Christ.


Dave Brereton
International Director

PS - Praise God that "closed" is not closed to Him. Thank you for reaching young people in these nations through YFCI.
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.