Hello friends of SEED,

Like many of you, our team is adjusting to ever-changing news, work arrangements and challenges related to this coronavirus. We have often remarked how our partner groups face economic and societal challenges with regularity. Yet, their creativity and resilience continue to provide a way forward.

We want to share a few highlights and updates about how some of our livelihood groups are managing the pandemic and quarantine:
This is a photo of Kofi at the Lomé (Togo) sewing center. Typically this center hums with activity and has constant traffic. Right now, they're closed because of this coronavirus, but they are still making masks for people. (You must wear a mask to go to the market to get food in Lomé right now.) Nothing stops the people in this church-based sewing center from knowing, loving, and reaching out to their community.
Early on in this coronavirus upheaval, one of our amazing partners in Asia was able to source and coordinate a shipment of 1 500 medical grade kn95 masks, 300 surgical masks, 250 isolation gowns,
and 50 face shields to be delivered to a Portland emergency room that was short on supplies. What started as an attempt to ship 500 masks grew into quite a delivery to keep US medical staff safe. Thank you for helping us!
Since Kenya implemented its ban on plastic bags in favor of reusable polypropylene bags in August 2017, this material is widely available to our friends and partners there. We exchanged mask-making tips and strategies this past week with some of the women of Thrive. Virginia quickly made a handful and was an encouragement to us and her fellow Thrive members. Thanks for the great pics, Virginia!
Many of the groups we work with live day to day, and this upheaval has been much harder on our partners than it is for most of us. If you would like to make a donation to any of our partner groups, you can do so here. Thank you for your support of SEED!!

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Lastly, we want you to know that we are working carefully with our staff to keep our customers safe and healthy. Jessica and Brian who fill our orders wear a mask and gloves while packing and shipping each order.

Stay safe! Stay well!
SEED helps churches help small business ministries grow
by working in close partnership with artisans who are using their hand crafting skills
(and groups who do other businesses that make sense in their community)
to overcome poverty, slavery, and disability.
SEED collaborates with makers to use more natural materials and best practices to create sustainable livelihoods.
SEED pays fair trade wages to all artisan groups. This helps them support their families and communities.
SEED works with groups creating a holistic approach to improving livelihoods. These groups live and grow together economically, relationally & spiritually, and they train new artisans.