At Christmas we celebrate the gift of Jesus. His birth marks a new chapter in God’s plan to end our suffering and save us from our sin. This year has been another rough year for many, but God sees all the problems in the world, including yours. And he sent Jesus to ultimately fix them and end all suffering. Because of Jesus' entrance into the world, one day there will be no more tears!

If you're discouraged this holiday season, remember that Jesus came to heal your heart and save this world. Because of Him, all suffering will one day cease. And, in the midst of the difficult times you are experiencing here on this earth, Jesus wants to be a part of your life - to comfort you and help you heal.

Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas can be so uplifting. Even though our current lives may be hard, one day, there will be no more disease, no more tragedy, no more suffering - no more death. That’s a reason for hope and celebration!

No matter what is going on in your life right now, we pray you experience the peace and hope that can only come from Christ this holiday season.

Merry CHRISTmas!
Mark, Monica, Sandi, Alexandria, & Amber
ECM U.S. Staff
Educating communities is one of the important facets of the work ECM does. Kamwokya, Uganda, is a slum area surrounded by dirty trenches and a poor drainage system. This makes the community vulnerable to diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, and other infections.

ECM recently held a meeting in this area to educate community members about ways to practice good hygiene & sanitation to prevent such diseases!
Emmanuel Botchway, from our Biriwa Hope Center in Ghana, is a 15 year old boy suffering a complication affecting the stability of his neck. Emmanuel cannot keep his head straight without a neck support.

Emmanuel's condition was dire. But ECM was able to step in and get Emmanuel help! Since ECM's first visit, we have seen great improvements in Emmanuel's health! Even at times when a lack of funds has caused him to have to stop treatment, miraculously his condition did not worsen. He has learned to find hope in Jesus in the midst of his trials.

Pray for Emmanuel as doctors are still trying to figure out how best to help this young man so that he can live a long and wonderful life. Pray that he would continue to find his hope and peace in Christ Jesus! Through this experience Emmanuel and his family have heard the good news and are now regular members at our meetings on Saturdays. Praise God!

  • Praise that our Executive Director, Mark Luckey, is recovering from Covid! Pray that he would continue his upward trend of healing and would continue to regain his lost strength. Pray for him to not be overwhelmed as he catches up on missed work, but just to take it easy and focus on getting better!

  • Pray for our missionaries who will remain on the field through the holidays and not be able to spend it with friends & family back home. Pray that they have special celebrations with in country friends, and that they are able to connect with those back home through video chat or other means.

  • Pray for staff struggles in both Sogakope in Ghana and Gulu in Uganda. Mary in Sogakope has been sick and the ministry there has been struggling to get things accomplished. The three men that run the Gulu Hope Center are all having personal struggles. Pray for God's intervention, healing, encouragement, and resources to move forward.
Above you've seen some of the ways you've helped. Now, won't you pray about the opportunity to help this or another child who is in need of sponsorship? Simply contact our office for more information, or visit our website to search for one of many other children needing sponsorship.
Emmanuel lives with his Aunt. He lost his mother when he was 4 years old, and his father abandoned him. 

Emmanuel dreams of being able to go to school and becoming a pilot when he grows up! But unless he gets a sponsor, there is likely no hope for him to get an education.

Could you be the one to give Emmanuel hope and share the love of Jesus through your support?

Haven of Hope Children's Home (Ghana)