" Thank you for all your seminars, educational monthly texts, and hope. My husband, Merv Falk Sr., has successfully battled stage 4 for a year now here in southern Illinois. Between Dr. Sam Stokes, the urologist who diagnosed Merv, the SIH Cancer Institute and Dr. M. Popalzai, and lastly Us TOO, I have managed to advocate for my husband and sons. Merv is on Zytiga, Lupron injections, and prednisone, and last week scans showed his lung metastases have resolved. No bone spread, nor lymph node. He never had radiation or surgery. We expect to celebrate a family-filled Christmas, and last June celebrated our 50th Anniversary. We take each day as it comes, but I continue to rely on your up-to-date info. Bless you all."
- Diane and Merv Falk Sr.
Marion, IL

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