A Story of Hope
I see the same picture above as you. My experience, however, quite different. You see happiness, I see a miracle. So many stories within the story, to numerous to explain at this time. Someday. But these last few weeks, this simple picture illustrates the miracles of hope, the miracle of God’s amazing grace and the miracle of redemption. With today's world being what it is, from the Corona Virus, isolation, violence in our cities, peaceful protests, Epstein Island, sex trafficking and all the sexual brokenness Michele and I see in marriages, families and churches, there is still hope!
In a few weeks, it will be 5 years of our journey thru my addiction and the betrayal of our marriage in so many ways. 5 years of amazement of the process and the healing. 5 years of growing into such a deeper relationship with the Father, and my beautiful wife. It is so hard to put into words. But my point to this is:
Throughout our life together, now knowing all my past secrets, behaviors and brokenness, as well as the stories of so many others, Michele has asked ME, to share in a new, no , OUR new Covenant of life together in a Providential Ceremony exchanging new promises, a new covenant, of our new life together! Wow! I am so undeserving of her love yet she is willing to except me, and my story, and walk with me as a new creation in Christ. A new covenant of two becoming one, yes again, but stronger than ever before!
So on August 15, 2020, we will share, celebrate and express the love and amazing new life we have together. It will be one day short of the 5 year anniversary of our infamous “D” day, when God brought my addiction into the light. He had a greater plan for us that day! Secrets are gone, the truth has come into the light and we will continue to grow in our new life together! God, on that day almost 5 years ago, intervened in our marriage in such a divine way. Yes a divine intervention. I wouldn’t be here to today without it. He brought hope to us, not to silence. He gave us a voice. And we will use it. What a transformation, what a miracle this journey has become.
So when you look at that picture, see the happiness and the joy of a woman sharing an amazing time with her granddaughter! The smiles say it all. From tears of despair nearly 5 years ago to a smile that reaches as far as the “East is from the West”. The joy of “Lolli” sharing valuable time with her family. The healing that has transpired. The happiness she shows and the joy that has come full circle. And her undeserving love filling me with that same happiness! What a miracle it is to be celebrating our Providential Ceremony of God’s divine intervention in our lives 5 years ago! Look at that picture and look at a picture of hope & restoration!
No matter your situation there is hope! We are living breathing proof of that.

There is NO HOPE in SILENCE!

Forever Grateful!
Thank you all for your support! We wouldn't be here without everyone of you!
Promise Keepers 2020 Virtual Event is just Days Away!
Promise Keepers 2020 Men’s Conference will be a Global Virtual Event broadcast on Friday, July 31st (6-9pm CT) and Saturday, August 1st (9-12pm CT), 2020. Featuring world-class keynote speakers, Christian musicians and other special guests—it will be an event to remember.
Promise Keepers 2020 is a chance to bring the men of your church together to experience God in a powerful way. It’s also an opportunity to reach men outside your church for Christ, inviting them to come through your doors and experience a message of hope and truth.

Couples to the Table !

On Wednesday July 22, we had 30 couples from all over the East Coast on a Zoom call together talking about and learning from the video. It was amazing! Folks representing 11 States and Canada! What a positive response! Everyone is excited for more!

Thanks to all those who joined us and made this such a special time!!

Next Couple's Video Group Event is
Wednesday July 29th @ 8:30 PM
Special Guests will be Joining us!
"Seating"' will be limited.
Want to discuss disclosure? What is it, how does the process work? Why is it necessary, when is the best time to do it? Want answers to these questions and more, call Tom or Michele to set up a time. We can explain the process & walk you thru this difficult process.
Tom & Michele are certified Life & Recovery Coaches.

Come join a band of brothers in their quest for healing & exploration of their sexual brokenness in Annapolis, MD Oct. 30 - Nov 1!
COVID will not stop this REVIVAL!
White Chair Film - I Am Second
A Military Story You Don't Want to Miss!

Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat
October 30 - November 1, 2020
Limited Spots Available
Stay tuned for some amazing announcements coming soon on a Special Event coming October 3rd & 4th as well as some new super groups forming this fall!

Note we have removed all group listings. Please contact us for a list of ALL groups and space availability!

And watch for our new website coming soon!
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