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Hope to see you at the TCEQ 2017
Environmental Trade Fair
in Austin, Texas
Come by booth 1341 and say hello! 
Tues., May 16th - May 17th, 2017
Ron Perrin Water Technologies 
We inspect your facilities with no water loss or 
 disruption in service!
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video that saves time, water and money!

We want to be your contracted inspection service!
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Our underwater cameras provide the best documentation 
with the lowest cost

Our inspection reports have offered the most information for the lowest cost since 1997. All inspections include a video of underwater areas. We have three methods depending on your needs.

Remote Camera
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
Commercial Diver

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We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that ensure they have the best possible water to offer their customers!  Our underwater inspections identify problem areas. Our cleaning services remove microbial contaminants, improve water quality and reduce chemical costs.

Hope to see you at the
TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair - Austin, Texas 
May 16th - 17th 
Mark your calendar now and see us at Booth #1341

To see a short 4 minute video about our services please visit www.tankdiver.us

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 VIDEO: On the News with CBS DFW 11  I-Team Reporter Ginger Allen

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Our Most Popular Service
Our remote underwater video camera systems are the perfect inspection tool for water towers and small to mid-sized ground storage facilities.  Our inspections cover all AWWA and TCEQ inspection points and include interior and exterior photos along with underwater video that will help you determine if your facility needs additional maintenance. Our goal is to help make your water system as efficient and profitable as possible. We will work with you to help solve your problems, while understanding that you have limited resources and budget.   Call us for a free inspection or cleaning quote today 888-481-1768.  
Clean Water Tank Project
Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project is  a newly formed registered non-profit  501 (c) (3).

Our Mission: 
T o promote the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage tanks and towers through Publications,  Video Projects, Safety Training and Support Research, in order to explain the dangers hidden in tank sediment and the need to remove it from tanks.

Our fundraising efforts for this project will help fund education of safe water system practices for smaller, at-risk public water systems.  

Tanks in many smaller systems simply fall through the cracks going year after year, o ut-of-sight and out-of- mind, and there is simply not enough education on this subject.

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All donations are Tax Deductible.
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Hope to see you at the
TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair - Austin, Texas 
May 16th - 17th 
Mark your calendar now and see us at Booth #1341

OUR BUSINESS in 60 Seconds! 
Watch this video to see what we do in 60 seconds!

Keeping Drinking Water Safe
Keeping Drinking Water Clean
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Ron Perrin Water Technologies Fort Worth, TX 
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        We clean tanks with Minimal Water Loss! 
Potable Water DIVERS

 that use sediment on the floor of the tank for a habitat
Our goal is to help make your water utility the best it can be.  We remove all loose sediment from the floor of your water storage tank or tower with No Disruption in Service and minimal water loss.  Sediment on the interior floor of your tank can be a safe habitat for bacteria, protozoa or viruses. Removing the sediment removes the habitat that can support microbial life and can reduce your disinfectant  cost.    To Request a free on-line quote today Click Here    or call 817-377-4899.
Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle INSPECTION SERVICES Identifies tanks & towers that need to be cleaned
Our Remotely Operated Vehicles can inspect large facilities with No Water Loss.
Our inspection will allow you to see corrosion and pitting on interior walls. We will estimate the depth of the sediment on the floor of your water storage tank or tower with No Disruption in Service.    To Request a free on-line quote today ,   Click Here  

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Sediment being removed from GST
Cleaning your water storage tanks removes accumulated sediment that has built up over years.  It also eliminates a safe habitat for bacteria, protozoa and even viruses. Call 817-377-4899 and get a cleaning proposal today! 

Water Storage tanks and towers should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years.
Keeping your tanks clean can avoid New RTCR violations.
Reduce Chlorine cost and Save Money!

Ron Perrin
Owner / General Manager

Debi Wheelan
Office manager
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Our divers are full time employees with workers compensation protection. For more information visit our blog at   www.tankdiver.us