Landscaping Newsletter and Garden Tips
November, 2016   Volume 144

A Personal Message

What can you say about November?  Autumn leaves, Canadian Geese returning to this area and Thanksgiving, of course.

Canadian Geese and other waterfowl are really celebrated on the Eastern Shore during November.  Locals will already know about the Easton Waterfowl Festival. 

2016 will be the 46th year for this unique event.   Here are some photos from last year...


T he festival will be held November 10-13 this year.  There are duck calling contests, fly fishing demonstrations, music, food and more.

Activities are held all over town.  Dock Dogs Competitions for retrieving are held at area ponds.  Raptor demonstrations can be seen at our local high school.  Decoy carvings and waterfowl artwork are all over town.

If you've never seen this festival, I urge you to give us a try.  It's a fall event like none other here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

For more information, try these two websites... http://www.waterfowlfestival.org/ or our Talbot County tourism site at http://tourtalbot.org/event/waterfowl-festival/

I'm going again this year, just to refresh my memories of this great local event.  Hope to see you there!


I'll leave you with some images of Thanksgiving that I particularly liked.  I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.

I'm a traditionalist and usually decorate with orange pumpkins.  But, I may try a white one or two this year. 
These silver trays may be a bit much for my home-cooked food, but they certainly dress up this Thanksgiving table. 
This cornucopia (Horn Of Plenty) is full of really interesting gourds.  If you live in my area, try the Wing's Landing Farms produce stand at the Amish Market in Easton for the most unusually shaped gourds!   
And, finally this gem of a vintage photograph.  This is a picture of two World War II servicemen enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner.  Not sure where they were stationed, but I love the imagery. 

November Garden Tips

*  You don't need to watch the nightly weather forecast on your local television station to know that there's a chill in the air.  Plants feel it too and like people, need to bundle up for the winter.

Mulch is one of the best lines of defense for perennial plants against chilling temperatures. Mulching also can prevent the repeated freezing and thawing of soil that causes plants to "heave" out of the ground. 
This entire plant has heaved out of the ground, partly because it didn't have a protective layer of mulch around it.

Here's a picture showing how frost heaved Lily bulbs, planted the previous Fall.

Other November Garden Tips...

*  Save yourself untold irritation and expense by draining and storing hoses and irrigation lines in advance of sudden hard frosts.

*  Fall can be a great time to cut back your perennials, if you've got the time and energy to get it done.  Be sure to leave 2-3 inches of the plant's stem to help protect fresh shoots from animal damage, as they first emerge in the spring.  It's also a helpful reminder of where these plants are located in the yard, before they start to sprout.

*  Consider leaving some perennials like Coneflowers, Black-Eyed Susans and tall Sedums standing, at least until early next Spring.  They add interest to the Winter garden and also attract birds to their seed heads.  
This Sea Oats plant is growing in one of my front gardens.  It's dripping with small seed pods, which I always leave for the birds during cold weather months. 
I look out my front door and see this plant.  We call it a Beauty Berry bush.  These purple berries won't last past a hard frost, but they're gorgeous while in bloom.  Birds love this bush. 
*  And to finish us up for the month, here are a couple of other good gardening ideas to add to your last
"To Do List" this year...

*  Hand tools and power tools need to be brought indoors for the season.  Clean plant material and rust off all tools before storing.  If you're handy, you'll know that you need to replace worn spark plugs, oil all necessary parts and sharpen blades.  And, if you're not, a small engine repair shop can assist you with these chores.

*  Protect your evergreens, including holly, boxwood, azaleas and rhododendrons from the drying winds of winter by watering them deeply and regularly in the fall.

Unless there's plenty of rain, let a slow trickle of water soak into the soil around the roots for half an hour once a week.

This soaker hose is perfectly positioned to distribute
a slow, steady stream of water as needed.

And, don't forget our outdoor friends!
* Bring out the bird feeders and stock them with bird seed for the birds. Remember to provide fresh water for them too.

*  Please don't hesitate to contact me if we can assist you with any of your outdoor projects.  

Fall Leaf Removal

This year, leaves seem to be staying on the trees longer.  As I write this newsletter, I haven't even seen the colors change yet.

However, we know it's coming.  And, I predict that once leaves fall, we'll get an intense flurry of activity. 
Look at the leaf activity on this property last year.   
We had the same scenario in 2015, where leaves turned color late in the season.

As beautiful as they are, falling leaves are actually one of the most detrimental things that can happen to your lawn.  Leaves block sunlight which in turn, reduces photosynthesis production.   
Grass needs the nutrients which occur during photosynthesis, even during the cold winter months.
See the difference a through cleaning makes?  What's actually important is what you can't see...the underground process of photosynthesis. 
We spend so much time and energy on our lawns during the warm weather months.  Leaf removal can help assure next year's lawn will be just as nice. 
Your lawn is actually busy underground all during the winter.  Each blade of grass is manufacturing food in its' root system.  That way, grass can continue to grow underground, even during the dormant season.
Your grass needs food now more than ever to keep it strong in the cold months. So, it's really important to get those leaves off your grass. 
We can help you in several different ways.  Our leaf vacuum has a 15 foot hose that can reach across your property to suck up huge piles of leaves. It mulches the leaves as it vacuums them.

My leaf vacuum is actually larger than most commercial townships own. 
I have one of the largest leaf removal services in the area.

I offer prompt response and economic pricing.  We clean large properties as well as working with homeowners who prefer to do it themselves.
Larger projects are no challenge for us, because of the teams we send to you.  We only use backpack blowers to guide the leaves toward the vacuum.  No time consuming raking...just quick and efficient removal.

And smaller projects benefit from the way we operate too.  After you create piles of leaves, we're available to bring our leaf vacuum to your property to take them away. 

We vacuum them for you and haul the load to the landfill. 
  You'll save money on our labor and truck charges this way. You'll only pay for the time we spend to remove the piles, a nominal equipment fee and a small landfill charge. 

In short, I offer rapid response leaf removal services that are thorough and efficient. 

We understand that with the Holidays approaching, you may have plans.  That means your yard needs to look sharp.

I hope you'll consider using my company for your leaf removal needs this Fall.  Let me know how I can help. 


Just a Note...

Because it's Autumn, this newsletter is full of information about the specialized services we offer at this time of year.  However, please keep in mind that we are a full service landscaping company too.

We offer a full range of services from landscape design to plant installation.  Lawn mowing to leaf removal.  Monthly services to one time clean-ups.
If you don't see the service you need, just give us a call.  We're specialists in working out the details of unique landscaping services.

We're available to complete the entire job or to assist the do-it-yourself homeowner who may just need a strong back or help hauling debris.

Please consider us if you need assistance with your next outdoor project.  We're easy to reach at 410.770.5882 or dellsadler@dellsadler.com