Hopeful Holidays from Great Hearts
Dear Families,

We write to wish you a most healthy, peaceful, and happy winter break.

After a year that has worn our spirits thin, the coming holiday season offers hope and a return to family traditions – or the creation of new ones – that bring us together again around what matters most. In giving an unexpected gift, the pure joy of a child’s anticipation, time together free of distraction, or the reunion of family members, we are liberated for a time from our worries and cares, and we celebrate the best of our shared humanity: love for one another, fidelity to family, and hope for what lies ahead. And yet there is much that still weighs on our hearts and minds. Many will not be able to be together with family this season or spend the holidays as you have before. Separated by distance or experience, we are together in our hope for a bright New Year.

We at Great Hearts wish you a most peaceful holiday, celebrating the traditions and hope most meaningful to your home. And we look forward to seeing you in the dawn of 2021, a new year full of promise for our children, for our schools and communities, for our great American republic, and for our shared world.

In terra pax—peace on earth.
Very best,
Dan Scoggin
Superintendent, cofounder
Great Hearts Texas
David Denton
Executive Director
Great Hearts North Texas Academies