Community Church Hopeful News #43
4th of July Weekend, 2020
Worship @ the Gazebo
Sunday, July 5 ~ 10:00 a.m.
* * * * * *
"A Confession..."
(the likes of which you've not heard)
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman
special music by Don Stiernberg, mandolin
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please remember to wear your masks in the park
and social distance from others
if you are able, please bring a chair or blanket
a pre-taped service will be on our website and
sent to newsletter subscribers Sunday @ 10 am
Here is a letter from Zach Hancock to the congregation that is the Community Church of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff. ..
Dearest Community Church, 

This is not goodbye but so long until we see you all again. It was too short a time, but it always would've been no matter how long we stayed. As I write this note of thanks and gratitude for who and what this community has been for me and my family over the past 3 years and eight months, I am listening to Bob Marley's song Redemption Songs. May you all keep singing redemption songs and songs of freedom and in doing so follow in the way of Christ and the hope and way of The Beloved Community beginning in this special community that can be part of changing the world to be the place that God would have it be. And remember: it is both now and not yet! 
We will take the Community Church Worship on the Beach print by Mark McMahon and hang it on the wall of our home in Lyons, Colorado and fondly remember all of you. And I will take the Grateful Dead ukulele in my hands often and do my best to learn it so that one day I can return and play in the Grateful Dead Uke Band on Grateful Dead Sunday at the Community Church! And if TD lets me—maybe even give another Gospel According to the Dead message. I feel another message percolating even now! 
Finally, today in Libertyville Ken Hall, in an extra hole play-off nail-biter, won back the disc golf trophy in the ongoing disc-golf championship series between Zach and Ken. Zach will be back to challenge.
Until we see each other again—may the Spirit shine on each of you and in you!


Zach, Lydia, Henry, and Frances
"Prince Zach-hartha"
(The Real Story by TD)
* * * * *
Once upon a time in an enchanted land of forests & mountains called Colorado, a prince was born named Zach-hartha. As the only son of the King & Queen - and as a child of the mountains, he lived a bodacious life – hiking / riding / skiing / running over hill and dale. When he became a young adult, he journeyed to the state University in a town curiously named after a very large rock. He always wondered why anyone would name a town after a large rock. Then one day, while pondering that question he met a beautiful young woman named Lydia.
They dated, and then the young prince proposed and they married and in time they were blessed with a spirited, red-maned prince of their own named Henry, whom no one except me has ever called him “Hank.” And Prince Zach-hartha and Princess Lydia and their young offspring Henry lived a wonderful life in the town named after the large rock - until one day an invitation arrived.
"Zach-hartha, you have lived the charmed life of a mountain prince all these years, hiking / riding / skiing / running. We beckon you to step beyond your comfortable kingdom of the very large rock and become a flatlander in LAKE FOREST and LAKE BLUFF – also places with boring, geographical names.”
“But what will I do?” asked Zach-hartha.
“You will be a minister. Therefore, you will spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars at local coffee shops. You will work long hours - yet people will still wonder what you do. You will learn the fine art of BBQ from Rodney and win a highly sought-after crown."
" And, you will ride your bike from the south side of Lake Forest 3 miles to your children’s school pulling them in a Burley behind you in 25 degree weather. And the parents chatting in the parking lot will say 'who is that man?' And one will say 'that is Zach-hartha – he’s from the town of the very large rock in the land called Colorado.' And another will reply ‘Ah, that explains it.’”
“In the flatlands you will pray for snow in the winter to use your skinny skis, and the closest thing to moguls will be potholes. And you will bring your Airstream from the mountains to the flatlands - where it will become yard art. Most of all, as awesome people - you will meet, love, and be loved by awesome people.”
So, Zach-hartha and Lydia said “what the heck?” and they packed up young Prince Henry & their stuff and moved from the town of the very large rock to the flatlands.
And there he did ministry & she did law and they welcomed a joy-filled Princess named Frances to their family. And as flatlanders they did much for their church and community and Open Lands and for all kinds of people - whether a friend or a meditation mentor was needed.
But after 44 months they decided to return to the Enchanted Land of Colorado, to a new town named after the King of the Jungle, north of the town of the very large rock.
And as they leave they do so with heads held high:
- for having courageously said “yes” to the flatland adventure
- for leaving the church and community both better places by virtue of their service
- and, for having loved and becoming loved –
And, because of their courage and their service and their love
they will always be a part of, and always be home
at the Community Church -
and in the flatland kingdom of Lake Forest, and Lake Bluff. - TD
far side cartoon
Worship @ the Gazebo
Next Sunday, July 12 ~ 10:00 a.m.
* * * * *
"The Gospel According to Comedians"
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman, preaching
* * * * *
Upcoming Gazebo Preachers Include
Dr. Matt Dewar
Rev. Veronica Johnson
So, Zach is Leaving - What's Next?
* * * * *
Here's the short and simple answer to that question. During the last few months after becoming aware that Zach was heading back to Colorado, the Board of Trustees and I have considered various options regarding our future staffing and ministry. Factors we've taken into account include church and community needs, internal and external economic patterns and trends, and the availability of both clergy and non-clergy who'd fit our church and community culture. And yes, we've chatted about my future, as well.
As of July 1, the Board and I feel good about the work we have done to date and confident about the future direction of our church. As things progress we will keep you in the loop. Blessings, TD
The original tune "Six Feet Apart"
by Tom Meyer featuring the
Hall, Jarvi & Meyer families from last week's
"Foodstock Online"
What do you get if you cross the Community Church Logo w/the Lake Bluff Village symbol?
Dancing Gazebohemians.
(thank you very've been a great crowd)