Hopeful Signs
A teenager named Billy was having a hard time growing up. He was on drugs, running with the wrong crowd, and rarely showed up for school. He was rude to his parents and was generally unhappy. One night, after a bitter argument with his dad, Billy moved out under cover of darkness and was gone. His dad was overcome with grief, for his boy was more precious to him than is own life. So, he made a huge sign and posted it in the center of their small town. The sign read, “Billy come home. I love you. Meet me here tomorrow morning, Dad”. 
Early the next morning the father went to the center of the town. And there to his great surprise, he found not one, but seven teenage boys named Bill, each hoping that the sign was for him. Each hoping it was his father inviting him to come home! 
Whatever our names are, and whatever our mistakes, God is inviting us to come home. Jesus born in this holy season, is the sign that God really wants to give us a fresh start, a whole new life in this New Year. The birth of a savior is God’s hand reaching out to hold us tighter and not let go. All the signs are there just waiting for you to make a new beginning in this New year. 

Fr. Don

Mass Schedule for New Year’s Day and Sunday 

Friday, December 31st New Year’s Eve
Saturday, Jan. 1st   New Year’s Day
Sunday, January 2nd
9:00am & 11:00am
New Years Gift for YOU
Our Evangelization team has a special gift for you. The book “Life is Messy” by Matthew Kelly will be handed out after all of our masses, January 8-9.
Be sure to pick up your copy!