The Hopeful Times
of the Community Church
The Just Nice Stuff Edition #IX
"The Community Church
´╗┐Food Parade"
Thanks to Ken Hall for the video and to John Corrigan, Kraig Moreland, all who participated - and for the many generous donors throughout the Village of Lake Bluff as we raised nearly $3000 and a van filled with food! Don't forget - you can drop by food every day of the week from 8 to 5 pm. at the Jessen Office Building, 117 Scranton, Lake Bluff.
Our Mother's Day "Worship on the Screen" service will be so sweet if you take a quick phone video (as in, 15 seconds or less!) and send it to
Coach Kraig . Simply answer one of two questions: "what did your Mom teach you" or "what's the best advice your Mom gave you?" Do it today - it will make for a WONDERFUL part of our Mother's Day service!
"We Shall Overcome"
Thanks to our pal Daryl Beese for forwarding the inspiring video of the Aeolians - Oakwood University Alumni -
singing the classic "We Shall Overcome"
This Clearly is Not the Dewey Decimal System
That We Learned About as Kids...
For the many who commented on my re-arranging my books by color, here's a very clever rearrangement by a librarian. Read the titles from top left onward...thanks
to Rosemary Troxel for sending our way!
Speaking of books, here's a BEAUTIFUL
video done by Bernie's Book Bank
Gorton Food Drive 'til May 7!
Have a wonderful day and a safe
and healthy week!