Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Year-to-Date Financial Report
Hopes and Challenges 
This report is for the financial status as of July 31st.
Giving is down 5.6% so far this year. The planned budget decrease in giving is 4.0%. This is 1.6% less than planned. But thanks to the curiosity of the Property and Grounds Committee, they discovered that we've been overcharged for water use for years. We recently received a $6,200 refund for the overcharge and our water bills will be approximately half of what they were in the recent past. We have also received $1,300 back from an insurance premium audit. These were unexpected, nice plugs of revenue.
Expenses have been higher than normal so far this year due to deferred capital expenditures that have all hit at once. We replaced a 30 year old phone system for $8,000 and an air conditioner unit (cools the Nursery, Workroom and main office) for $4,000. We re-keyed outside locks (which haven't been done in recent memory) for $1,100. We have several additional capital needs that cannot be deferred any longer including:
  • Five (5) furnaces that are over 30 years old and <70% efficient with parts that are difficult to impossible to find. We have had 3 air conditioning units for these furnaces that have all leaked coolant. Two of these three have been patched, but there is no guarantee that they will last any length of time. We will not put any additional money into repairing these AC units or furnaces and they need to be replaced ASAP with 95% efficient furnaces. We have one quote so far and are awaiting two more. Replacing all 5 furnaces will be in the $60,000 to $90,000 range depending on which options are chosen.
  • We have 20 fluorescent bulbs that are out in the CLC which require
    re-wiring the ballasts. Also, 4 of the 8 Halogen Spotlights are not functional.
    It's around $7,000 to replace these items . Replacing the 8 Halogen Spotlights with 6 energy efficient LED spotlights has a payback of 2.7 years in electrical costs.
  • LADC is in need of security upgrades to better monitor and control access. An electronic FOB system might run $10,000-$15,000.
  • In summary, we expect approximately $90-125k in capital expenditures to hit in 2018.
  • Next year, Ecumen will be regrading the area on the North side of the church to get better drainage. We will need some funds to replace the chain link fence and replace the ground covering with safe materials for children to play on. The cost of this has not yet been determined.
We've done well keeping expenses down in other areas of the budget (with the exception of Property and Grounds due to a snowy spring).
This list in all other situations is jaw-dropping, but we actually consider ourselves quite fortunate. These facility improvements were long overdue but funds to proactively replace were short. Coincidentally (or maybe providentially?), we have $300,000 hitting our bank account shortly from the property sale to Ecumen. These funds will help cover the costs of these improvements.
But it's important to stress that the Ecumen funds will help cover these "one-time" expenses but should not be viewed as helping our recent shortfalls in operational programming. Giving has decreased over the past 3 years. Our transition and survey data are clearly showing that Children, Family, Youth, and Caring Ministries are among our top priorities. These programs will require a greater commitment by the congregation to fund their growth in 2019.  
We feel fortunate that we know our needs, we know our gifts and challenges, and we now know where our priorities and values lie. The board looks forward to continuing our work with members and friends to put our faith in action. Look for opportunities at worship, in the bulletin, website, Sign Up Genius, eblast and Facebook for ways you can give your Time, Talent, and Treasures to contribute toward our Mission.
In Christ,
Ray Valley (Board President)
Joel Frost (Board Treasurer)
This Week at Worship
Sunday, September 9, 2018 
Message: Chad Larson  
8:00 am Worship in the Sanctuary      
 Special Music: Kingdom Choir 
9:15 am Faith Formation
9:15 am Time for Parents
9:15 am Adult Forum  
10:30 am Worship in the CLC
11:45 am Evolve Youth Group (Grades 7-9) 
5:00 pm Confirmation Burger Bash
(Grades 8-10 -- students & parents)   
  7:30 pm AA 
Volunteers always needed to welcome worshipers,
read lessons, usher or serve communion.

Time for Parents - 9:15 am in the Narthex
  • Sept 16: "Back to School Adjustments"
  • Sept 23: "Setting and Maintaining Healthy Habits"
Adult Forum - 9:15 am in the Sanctuary  
  • Sept 16: Guest Speaker Tony Del Percio, Director of Bradshaw Grief Resource Center
  • Sept 23: OSLC Church Board - Discussion on funds from the sale of land to Ecumen
Wednesday Worship & Faith Formation Begins September 19
Children, Youth & Family Ministry
2018 Faith Formation & Confirmation Begins 
Sunday, Sept. 16:
  9:15 am  -  Faith Formation
  9:15 am  -  Time for Parents (meet in the Narthex area) 
11:45 am  -  Jr. High Evolve Youth Group (Grades 7-9)
  5:00 pm   -  Confirmation Burger Bash for Grades 8-10  
                   (parents and students to attend).
Wednesday, Sept. 19:
5:00 pm - Dinner
5:30 pm - Worship Service
6:10 pm - Faith Formation & Youth Group
7:00 pm - Confirmation for Grades 8 & 9 (Note: 10th grade starts Sept. 26)
Sunday, Sept. 23:
5:00 pm - Sr. High Activate Youth Group (grades 10-12)  
Youth Bells  
Calling all youth from grades 5 and up! Youth Bells is starting up again this fall! We practice every Sunday from 1-2 pm, starting Sept. 16. We play once a month during all worship Sunday. Come try it out!
Moms Night Out  
Tuesday, Sept 18 at 6:30 pm: Please join us for an evening of community with other moms at the home of Mary Knuteson! Bring an appetizer or something to share. Feel free to invite other moms. Contact Darla Goble (651-308-8641) if you plan to attend and to get address & directions.  
Supper 7 Returning!   
Supper 7 is a casual supper with 5-7 friends that get together for 3 or 4 meals throughout the year. It is a way to meet new friends from our congregation over a meal and conversation. It is open to singles and couples. The meal is pot luck with everyone contributing to the meal. The host will prepare the main dish and the other members of the group will bring something to compliment the meal. Members will rotate hosting the meal. It is up to each group to determine when they meet. If your group would rather meet in a restaurant with each participant paying for their own meal, that works too. Interested? Sign-up at the Welcome Desk. Questions? Contact Sandy Fabio or 651-439-9773.  Sign up will close Sept 30.
Solar Array Update  
For much of the past year OSLC has worked with the solar vendor Ideal Energies, exploring the possibility of placing a 20-40 kilowatt solar panel system on our roof. We recognized this as a possibility to not only care for God's creation by generating clean electricity, but also as a means of reducing our electric bill by 20% initially with much greater savings years ahead. Regrettably, after the engineering review, Ideal Energies determined our roof cannot support such a system.  
  • A number of areas of our roof had to be eliminated due to rooftop air handling units, pitched roofs, trees causing shade, sky lights and gas lines.
  • Secondly, OSLC consists of three separate buildings, all constructed at different times, and at least 6 different elevation changes that cause added shade and greater snow drifting.
  • And finally, some of the roofs have wood framing which doesn't have the capacity needed to safely bear the added weight of the solar panels.
  • To clarify, this does not mean there is something wrong with our roof. Rather, it means we do not have sufficient space that would allow for quality solar generation and support the added weight of the solar panels.
Ministry Opportunities
Request for Prayers and Support
Everyday joys and sorrows...Once in a lifetime joys and sorrows. Your brothers and sisters at Our Savior's want to support you. Email or call Pastor Christine Wenzel or Parish Nurse, Stacy Meyer, with any of your needs.
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