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In this newsletter we discuss 3 things you should know before filling out a Mainecare application for a nursing home and the benefits of updating your estate plan as you age, introducing LifeCounsel . Please feel free to pass this information onto anyone you think it might benefit. In addition to these items. I am also pleased to share the local television broadcast of myself and Chris Austin of Austin Payment Solutions on the MidCoast Channel 7 Chris Wolf show.
Please remember if anyone in your life is facing a MaineCare crisis or needs help with a nursing home application, Penbay Estate Planning Law Center is here to help. Sincerly, Jesse F. Bifulco, Esq.
Applying for Mainecare. Why Hire an Attorney?
Applying for Mainecare can be difficult. The rules are not simple. If you apply at the wrong time, or do not protect your assets before applying, you can lose everything. I have created a Mainecare Application Plan (M.A.P.) that can navigate you through this process. Crisis clients are given priority appointments. Call today.

Three things you should know before applying for Mainecare Nursing Home Benefits:
  1.       Before applying for Mainecare nursing home benefits for your spouse or parent you should find out if they are immediately eligible for Mainecare.
  2.       Before applying for Mainecare nursing home benefits you should find out whether you have unknowingly incurred a “penalty period”.
  3.       Before applying for Mainecare nursing home benefits you should find out how much of your property, your savings, your IRA, your house, you can keep or protect, and still be eligible for Mainecare nursing home benefits.

To learn more about Mainecare application crisis and planning, please continue reading our blog on this subject and call our office today to discuss your options.
The concerns of younger parents with minor children are different than those of grandparents. However, their goals are the same: to prevent emotional trauma and economic loss or hardship due to a sudden unexpected life event.   We often encapsulate the value of estate planning with two words and a phrase: plan, protect, peace of mind. This is true of our senior clients as well as our younger clients and parents with minor children. To learn more about documents every parent should have, please continue to our blog. LifeCounse l
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Chris Austin of Austin Payment Solutions and Small Business Consulting and Jesse Bifulco of PenBay Estate Planning Law Center explain how businesses can avoid pitfalls and help them prosper.