The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.
It'll be bittersweet when my new partners take over management of Hops & Grapes on July 1. In some ways it'll be nice not to have to run to the store to buy toilet paper, mess with a keg that pumps mostly foam, or change light bulbs, especially the long-life type that seem to only last a month.

But on the other hand, I've invested my time and money in the store for almost 11 years. I didn't plan an end-game when I bought Hops from Gail. But here I am now... In the span I've made good friends and had many interesting conversations, almost all with a beer in my hand. I will miss the place but I'll miss you the most.

Please support the new team. They have great plans for Hops & Grapes, so don't miss out.

I'm not going far. Just remember, where there's a beer, there's a way.

I hope to see you at Hops!

PS. If you're not doing any thing this Thursday, stop by Hops & Grapes for a bottleshare on me.
Good friends are the best friends.
Thanks for shopping with Hops & Grapes.

Hops & Grapes
2420 North Center Street
(right beside Planet Fitness)
Hickory, NC 28601


Monday - closed
Tuesday - noon - 6PM
Wednesday - noon - 6PM
Thursday - noon - 8PM