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January 9, 2020
Le 9 janvier 2020

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Nouvelles de PSC-GPC News
PSC Position Paper: CSA Standard Review – S250 Mapping of Underground Utility Infrastructure
PSC Underground Infrastructure and Mapping Working Group

Our membership has reviewed the draft standards for S250 and has several concerns and suggestions to improve the standard. These have been submitted through your online portal, will constitute a position paper to be published on our website, and are noted below.

Section 3 – Definitions:
1.    As-built — a representation of the as-constructed situation showing the position and features of components as actually put in place.
Note: See definition of Record and Annex B for information on the distinction between record and as-built drawings.

Suggested Amendment:
As-built — a survey and graphic representation of the as-constructed facility, showing the position and features of components as actually put in place.

Document de position de GPC: Examen de la norme CSA – S250   Cartographie des infrastructures souterraines des services publics
Groupe de travail sur les infrastructures souterraines et la cartographie

Nos membres ont examiné l’ébauche de la norme pour S250 et ont plusieurs préoccupations et suggestions à présenter pour améliorer la norme. Celles-ci ont été soumises par l’entremise de votre portail en ligne, constitueront un document de synthèse qui sera publié sur notre site Web et sont présentées ci-dessous. 

Section 3 – Définitions :
1.    Dessin d’après exécution — une représentation de la situation telle que construite qui montre la position et les caractéristiques des composants tels qu’ils ont été réellement mis en place.
Remarque : Voir la définition du Dessin de recolement et l’Annexe B pour de l’information sur la distinction entre les dessins de recolement et les dessins d’après exécution.

Modification suggérée :
Dessin d’après exécution — un levé et une représentation graphique de l’installation telle que construite qui montrent la position et les caractéristiques des composants tels qu’ils ont été réellement mis en place.

Mont Tremblant Summit / NSC 2020

Theme : International and indigenous perspectives for land governance

May 19 to 22, 2020
Mont Tremblant, Quebec

The Accompanying Persons program is now up, click here for details.

Here's a glimpse of the Delegate Program:

Day 1 Tuesday
  • Session 1 – “Urban Perspectives” - How digital twinning and smart cities initiatives are shaping urban land governance and urban social dynamics

  • Session 2 – “Environmental & Social Perspectives” - How land governance is evolving to address global sustainability and climate change

  • Session 3 – “A National Framework for Land Administration Governance in Canada” - Building a cohesive land governance community.

Day 2 Wednesday
Indigenous Perspective on Land Management
Program to be announced at a later date.

Day 3 Thursday
Two concurrent sessions:
The Canadian Geomatics Engineering Conference
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Technical Sessions I & II - Research in Geomatics Engineering
  • Teaching & Learning in Geomatics Engineering.

Land surveying topics
  • Recent developments concerning the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management.
  • Where SGB/PR are finding weaknesses in products CLS produce.
  • Understanding generations, gender and cultures in the workforce today.
  • Succession planning – steps to take, and
  • How to find the path at the start of your career.
  • Business evaluation.
  • Key elements to take care of before retirement.

Click here for more details.

Also visit the Message Board for other announcements.

Please note:
A block of guest rooms has not been set aside for NSC 2020 so please reserve your room early. If later on, you change your mind, you can cancel your reservation if it's 72 hours in advance.

Visit "Hotel Reservations" here:

Sommet Mont Tremblant / CNAG 2020
Thème : Perspectives internationales et autochtones pour une gouvernance foncière durable

Le 19 - 22 mai 2020
Mont Tremblant, Québec

Le programme des Personnes Accompagnatrices est maintenant affiché sur le site Web.

Voir plus de détails sur le Programme des Délégués.

Remarque :
Un bloc de chambres n'est pas réservé pour la CNAG 2020, alors veuillez réserver tôt votre chambre. Si plus tard, vous changez d'avis, vous pouvez annuler votre réservation 72 heures à l'avance.

Visitez « Réservation de chambre » ici :

Association News / Nouvelles des associations
The Boundary Point
Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2020
Four Point Learning

"The relationship between land use controls and land title registration is a challenge for lawyers and planners alike – especially when a municipality later tries to rely on incomplete development documents. In this issue: Statutory Easements, Covenants and the Need for Certainty of Location, we review a recently reported decision that struck a statutory right of way for lack of certainty: no survey plan was filed or available that defined the spatial extent or location of a public land use amenity. The fact that this problem repeats itself in the courts underscores a need for a deeper understanding of the risks in not obtaining a proper description based on survey."

Agreement between RICS and ACLS
The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors have an agreement in place to allow direct entry for ACLS professional members to the MRICS designation. MRICS is an internationally recognized standard for surveyors and may be useful for our members working internationally. 

For more information, please contact or visit
In the Media / Dans les médias
Court to decide if private border wall can go next to river
570 News
For Tommy Fisher, a federal court hearing set for Thursday next to the U.S.-Mexico border could result in his company getting a chance to prove it can build President Donald Trump’s signature border wall faster and better than the government.
A federal judge in the South Texas city of McAllen is expected to decide whether to lift a temporary restraining order against a project to build a privately funded border wall next to the Rio Grande. Read more
Natural Resources Canada publishes:
Federal Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition Guideline
Canadian GIS and Geospatial Resources
The Federal Government recently published the “Federal Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition Guideline” in support of LiDAR data acquisitions.
The document is meant to be a resource for the acquisition of base elevation data derived from airborne data and provide guidance to the LiDAR community in support of developing highly accurate national elevation products. Read more
Most Read 2019 - Protect Surveyors' Intellectual Property Rights
Point of Beginning PoB
Jeff Lucas, who writes the Traversing the Law column for POB, shared some information on a potential class action where surveys dutifully filed with a state authority were then provided to a technology company, apparently in their entirety.
As consumers, we are constantly being made aware of the amount of personal data that is being collected on us (or could be accessed) as a consequence of the highly connected world we live in. There is often pushback, or even a loud outcry, when we feel our privacy has been violated.  Read more
10 projets à surveiller pour la prochaine décennie à Ottawa et à Gatineau
Radio Canada Ottawa-Gatineau
Après la mise en service du train léger en 2019 et l'ouverture de la nouvelle Galerie d'art d'Ottawa en 2018, de nombreux projets majeurs d'infrastructures devraient voir le jour d'ici 2030. D'autres risquent de traîner encore en longueur. Découvrez, ou redécouvrez, les 10 projets d'envergure — parfois controversés, mais souvent très attendus — dans la région d'Ottawa et de Gatineau.
Selon un bilan des consultations publiques de la Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO), les Gatinois se disent favorables à un futur système de transport dans l’ouest de la ville et privilégient un scénario incluant un tramway entièrement électrique. Lire plus
Explore nearly 150 years of Kingston History using Maps and Aerial Images
Canadian GIS and Geospatial Resources
A list of selected historical maps and images with facts about Kingston from various time periods have been prepared, so users can compare a given year’s imagery and maps with current aerial photography. Read more
Elements for improving underground utility mapping to reduce risk of damage during construction
Geospatial blog: Between the Poles, All about infrastructure
Without accurate maps of underground infrastructure, every construction project has the potential to become a disaster site. Unlike the aviation industry where reliable data is collected and is accessible to investigators to prevent disasters from happening in the future, there is limited access to data about the location of underground infrastructure and what data is accessible is inaccurate, out-of-date and incomplete with the result that serious incidents during construction with injuries and fatalities occur again and again. It is estimated that in the United States $10 billion is devoted to locating underground infrastructure prior to and during construction, but the available statistics indicate that this is not reducing the number or severity of incidents of underground utility damage. Read more See also Remarkably low incidence of underground utility damage in Japan
Army Adds Two Firms to $240M Border Infrastructure Surveying Contract
GovCon Wire
FGS-GRW MP and RLC will compete for professional land survey task orders within the southwestern portion of the Department of Homeland Security's Border Infrastructure Program under a $240M multiple-award contract managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read more
What was Paulding County like in 1820?
Times Bulletin Media
As we prepare for a yearlong celebration of Paulding County’s 200th Anniversary, we can’t help but try to imagine what this land we call home was like 200 years ago. This area was the last frontier to be settled in Ohio. The settlement of the swamp has been well documented by many authors over the years. We think we’ve heard it all, but did you know…
The Paulding County Engineer’s Map Department has something very special in its vault. They have the original surveyors’ journals. In 1819 Captain James Riley was appointed Surveyor of the land north of the 1795 Greenville Treaty Line, in particular, the lands in the Maumee River Valley. These very journals were carried in the breast pockets of the surveyors over 200 years ago. They were taken out and the surveys were penned in as the surveyors slogged along and trudged this miserable swamp, infested with mosquitoes, in order to lay out the township lines for what would be known as Paulding County. Read more
Most Read 2019 - Hard-Learned Lessons in Drone Photogrammetry
Point of Beginning PoB
As more land surveyors use drones as part of their daily work, they are finding themselves having to learn the ropes of photogrammetry. Having done data processing for thousands of drone survey projects, we have learned the hard way why photogrammetry is a PhD-level science. We have banged our heads against every wall there is and learned some essential lessons that we now apply to every project we work on. We have explored which parts of the photogrammetry process can be automated and tested the fully-automated tools on the market. Read more
The A.T. & S.F. Railway
Dodge City Daily Globe
We take the placement of railroads and highways for granted, but somebody had to do a great deal of preliminary work before they were even built.
Surveying is the science and art of determining relative positions of points above, on or beneath the surface of the earth.
Around 1400 B.C. the Egyptians were the first to use surveying to divide land into plots for taxation purposes and to build monuments such as the Great Pyramids. Read more
Surveyors tell deputies they were scared they'd be shot
Wind farm opponent faces possible 2 to 5 year sentence on charges of ag assault with a deadly weapon
Hillsboro Star-Journal
Surveyors hired by Expedition Wind told a Marion County sheriff's deputy they were frightened for their lives Dec. 5 when a local wind farm opponent screamed at them and fired a semi-automatic pistol at the ground, according a probable cause affidavit filed in district court. Read more
Propy trials blockchain for land registry in Vermont
Ledger Insights
Yesterday, it was announced that startup Propy and the U.S. city of South Burlington completed a blockchain trial for real estate transactions. Propy implemented its blockchain registry system for six weeks in parallel to the city Land Recorder’s office.  Read more
International News / Informations internationales
New system to measure land in minutes
The Times of India TOI
The Survey of India and the land records department have decided to implement continuous operating reference stations (CORS) using which land measurement can be accomplished in minutes along with producing an accurate map of the land. Read more
World's steepest street: Surveyor says finding backs up his Baldwin St claim
Radio New Zealand RNZ
A Welsh town is gaining a much needed tourism boost from having the world's steepest street - but surveyor Toby Stoff is adamant the title should be returned to Dunedin's Baldwin St.
Stoff recently undertook a fact-finding mission to Wales, where he visited Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech, which dethroned Baldwin St as the world's steepest street in July. Read more
Tech News / Nouvelles techno
Exposed databases are as bad as data breaches, and they're not going anywhere
Hackers don't have to hack when companies make this mistake.
This year wasn't a good one for keeping sensitive information private: The names, addresses and demographic data of 80 million US households got revealed. So did the expected salaries of more than a million job seekers. And so, too, thousands of Facebook passwords, along with even more users' likes and comments.
Here's the galling part: None of this data was exposed by hackers with exceptional technical prowess. It was just left sitting on the internet, by mistake. Some database manager pressed the wrong button and left your most intimate information sitting on a cloud server somewhere. Read more
Technology changing how people use maps, how they’re created
Maps have changed over the years and so has how we use them. What used to be a final product is now an ever-changing data set, which has put map-making in the hands of everyone.
“The world is divided into two types of people, those who love maps, and those who can’t understand why people love maps,” Christopher Lane, owner of The Philadelphia Print Shop West, said. He has been selling antique maps for almost four decades. Read more
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
National Geodetic Survey Webinars
Webinar: Organizational Alphabet Soup: IGOs, NGOs & OGAs
National Geodetic Survey
January 16, 2020 | 2-3 pm, Eastern Time
Webinar link
Geo-Technologies for Resource Management Conference and COGS Industry Expo
Canadian GIS and Geospatial Resources
January 21, 2020
Lawrencetown, NS

The Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Canadian Hydrographic Association
February 24 to 27, 2020
Québec City Convention Center

Abstract - Paper Submission
FIG Working Week 2020
International Federation of Surveyors
Fédération Internationale des Géomètres
May 10-14, 2020
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The FIG Working Week 2020 is addressing the following overall theme:
Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management

Sommet Mont Tremblant Summit / NSC CNAG 2020
Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
In partnership with
Professional Surveyors Canada

May 19 to 22, 2020
Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Association des Arpenteurs des Terres du Canada
En partenariat avec
Géomètres professionnels du Canada

Le 19 - 22 mai 2020
Mont Tremblant, Québec

GeoIgnite 2020
GoGeomatics Canada
June 22-24, 2020
Ottawa, ON

August 24-29, 2020
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

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