July 11, 2018
Le 11 juillet 2018
In the Media / Dans les médias
Texas property owners getting notices from Trump admin about surveying land for border wall: report
The Hill
South Texas property owners living along the U.S.–Mexico border have reportedly been getting notices from the federal government asking to survey their land for potential border wall construction.
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) told KENS 5 News that more than 200 requests have been made to residents in Starr and Hidalgo counties.   Read more
Mangled body found along I-215, UHP investigating case as a homicide for now
Fox13 Salt Lake City
SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Highway Patrol is investigating a homicide case after construction workers found a body along I-215 Saturday morning around 8 a.m.
The body was found in the area of southbound I-215 near 2600 North.
Investigators say the death is very suspicious. The Medical Examiner's office had not been able to identify the body by Saturday night, but detectives do have some ideas as to what might have happened.
Trekking through the tall weeds along I-215 in Salt Lake City, two surveyors were following a gas pipeline on the west side of the southbound lanes when something caught their eye. Read more
Martenet: Surveyor, cartographer & real estate consultant
BALTIMORE — The Historical Society of Cecil County has an abundance of material at hand to answer queries, but one of the most referred to resources is the 1858 Martenet Map. This map is still sought after by people wanting to frame a copy to hang in their home or office because it is large, colorful and full of information. Read more
Tech company creates detailed map of Thai cave network to help rescue trapped boys
Global News
WATCH: The whole world has been watching the efforts to bring 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave to safety. A Calgary company has been helping the rescuers, by creating 3D imaging of the complex cave system. Sarah Offin explains. Watch the video
De nouvelles cartes hydrographiques pour le N.-B.
Acadie Nouvelle
Les Néo-Brunswickois auront accès à des cartes modernes permettant de réduire les risques d'inodations grâce à un investissement de 1,1 million $ des gouvernements provincial et fédéral.  Lire plus
Amid ongoing tensions surrounding pipelines, Pittsylvania County landowner reports MVP Southgate surveyors for trespassing
Work It, SOVA
BROSVILLE — After receiving a call from his neighbor about unfamiliar trucks on his land, Doug Bryant said he immediately put on his boots and drove to his farm.
Upon arrival, he said he saw at least three vehicles and people who identified themselves as an environmental crew for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate project. Read more
Who owns the space under cities? The attempt to map the earth beneath us
The Guardian
Just over a year ago I was sent a photograph of a tunnel-boring machine in a dirt lot in Los Angeles. The caption read: “Elon Musk is about to start digging.”
The message was from Wayne Chambliss, a geographer in southern California, who tends to be prescient in such matters – and indeed, Musk’s freshly minted Boring Company soon set its machine loose, ripping through the subsurface soil under the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne to create a short tunnel.  Read more
Rising to the Challenge
The American Surveyor
Having a process server show up on my doorstep was surprising enough. Finding out that my once-friendly neighbor was taking me to court over a supposed boundary dispute was worse. That is what I was faced with last November, just after Thanksgiving.
My neighbor took down my corner T-post at a shared corner between us, a few months prior. The post was marking one of my eight survey monuments, the one easily lost in the tall, summer grasses where there was no permanent fence post. When I replaced the T-post, the sparks flew. The normally cordial neighbor was not so much any longer. He told me in no uncertain terms, he owned a significant amount of land that I knew was mine. Read more
Économie: le grand réveil de Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Acadie Nouvelle
Les touristes qui visitent Île-du-Prince-Édouard, un endroit bien rangé et bucolique, devraient garder l'oeil ouvert cete été: la plus petite province est sur un lancée.
Le rythme régulier des marteaux et des scies n'est qu'un indicateur parmi tant d'autres d'un boom économique. Lire plus
Death by Neglect
The American Surveyor
The land surveying profession remains under assault. Hobbyists continue to infringe on the profession through the development of drone technology, photography, and GPS equipment. What once used to be the exclusive province of the Land Surveyor—aerial imagery and positioning—have now become available for purchase in Walmart or online. I recently drove by an automobile accident where a police officer was mapping the scene with a robotic station. Read more
19th-Century Surveyor, Hawaii Volcano, Eagles' Nests. July 6, 2018, Part 1
WBEZ 91.5 Chicago
In the 19th century, the American West was an arid climate yet to be fully explored. But surveyors like geologist John Wesley Powell, the second director of the United States Geological Society, would chart out the natural wonders that lied beyond the Mississippi. While at the USGS, Powell would lead a project to create the first map of the country to integrate geographical features and some of the first survey expeditions along the snaking Colorado River and Grand Canyon. But he also proposed radical ideas about developing the West that took the climate and ecology into account. One of Powell’s theories stated that the U.S. was divided down the middle along the “100th Meridian”—between the dry West region and moist East. Read more
ASPRS Certification of UAS Mapping Professionals: Why Does It Matter?
Commercial UAV News
In the span of five short years, technology barriers for mapping small areas of interest in high detail with high accuracy have been significantly reduced. This is largely due to the rapid development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) outfitted with compact digital cameras. In addition, commercial proliferation of highly automated, user-friendly software programs for flight planning and execution, image processing, 3D modeling, and map product generation make it possible for almost anyone with the appropriate FAA Part 107 certification to create topographic maps and orthorectified imagery. Read more
U.S. border patrol stop Canadian fishermen in disputed waters off Maine
The Star
As tensions rise between the United States and Canada, a new clash has surfaced in the cool waters off the northeast tip of Maine, which are rich with lobster, scallops and cod.
For more than a decade, American and Canadian fishermen largely have had a friendly but competitive relationship in an oval-shaped region of the Bay of Fundy known as the grey zone.  Read more
Stretch of Canadian boreal forest deemed a UNESCO world heritage site
CTV News
MANAMA, Bahrain -- A stretch of boreal forest along the Manitoba-Ontario boundary has won international recognition for its pristine environment and connection with Indigenous culture. Read more
Court rules Ottawa can halt private development to protect endangered species
The Globe And Mail
It is just a one-gram amphibian, but a judge’s decision to allow the federal government to protect the western chorus frog on private land could restrict development projects across Canada in cases where species face extinction.
Justice René LeBlanc of the Federal Court said in a recent decision that Ottawa has the power to criminalize threats posed to the frog, and other species deemed to be at risk, anywhere in the country, and even when provinces disagree. Read more
International News / Informations internationales
UK Hydro Office to take lead on G7 ocean initiative
Spatial Source
Following the commitments to ocean science at the G7 in June, the UK’s Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has announced that it intends to spearhead action on pledges with its marine geospatial specialists and scientists.

Signed into existence at the G7 summit, the Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities sets out seven commitments to aimed at fostering sustainable oceanic activities, aimed at tackling issues such as ocean plastics, coastal resilience and the ‘blue economy’.

The UKHO is the primary charting authority for 71 states globally, and provides nautical charts, publications and services to over 90 percent of ships trading internationally. Read more
Studio Mutt creates Ordnance Survey Pavilion from cartographic symbols
Icons from Britain's historic Ordnance Survey maps are reinterpreted as colourful architectural elements in this pavilion designed by Studio Mutt for England's Lake District National Park. Read more
Surveyors go deep for EA1
UK marine outfit Bibby Hydromap has completed a seabed survey for the 714MW East Anglia 1 wind farm off England's east coast on behalf of developer ScottishPower Renewables.
The mission objectives were to provide detailed information on seabed bathymetry and morphology, man-made or geological hazards, seabed conditions or hazards and any objects modelled as potential unexploded ordnance. Read more
'Alarming' shortage of construction and property surveying graduates to meet surging demand in recovering economy
Irish News
There are not enough graduates coming out of college with construction and property surveying degrees to meet the surge in demand in the recovering economy.
There will be a shortage of between 2,000 and 4,000 of these professionals over the next four years, according to a report by Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI). Read more
Tech News / Nouvelles techno
The surveyor and artificial intelligence: A look ahead
GPS World
In the not-too-distant future, the following scenario may take place.

A corporation owns an improved property in a large metropolitan city and has decided to sell it to a prospective buyer. Through a series of electronic messages and high-tech operations, the seller, buyer, their respective counsels, lending institutions and a title company are provided with documentation stating the condition of the site along with holograms and 3D digital models worthy of a science-fiction movie. In a matter of minutes, the deal is closed with monies and titles silently swapping places out in the ether.

Behind the scenes, the surveyor is a big part of this transaction. But how will the operation of the land title survey look in the future? Read more
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
UESI Pipelines 2018 Conference
July 15-18, 2018
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, ON

2018 MGUG Fall Conference
October 17, 2018
Club Regent Event Centre
Winnipeg, MB

FIG - 3rd Young Surveyors North America Meeting
National Society of Professional Surveyors - NSPS
October 17-18, 2018
College Park Marriott and Conference Center
East Hyattsville, MD

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