August 1, 2017 / Le 1 août 2017
In the Media / Dans les médias
City of Charlottetown paves parking spaces in hotel parking lot
The Guardian
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.EI. - The City of Charlottetown stepped in to pave part of a parking lot on private property this week over concerns about public safety after some guests were injured getting out of their vehicles.
But, as it turns out, the city might actually own the land it paved....
From the 1800s there is a survey that says the city actually has a public right-of-way of 100 feet, but the provincial land management registry says we only have a 60-foot right-of-way. Read more

The Record, Ontario
February 2, 1989
No Room
Wellington history is being shredded  Read more
At the Ontario Land Registry Office, microfilms of old Ontario land records are available through Teranet. Old land records are also archived at Archives of Ontario.
Provincial Deputy Surveyor General says survey needed at Island View Beach
Victoria News
A plan for Island View Beach, seven years in the making, still has a significant error at it’s heart, according to the Friends of Island View Beach (FOIVB) and at least one Capital Regional District (CRD) Board member is having reservations about passing the plan in its current form....
In an email obtained by the News Review, the Senior Deputy Surveyor General for B.C., Jeff Beddoes, confirmed that the boundary of the park is determined by a change in soil and vegetation, a position long maintained by FOIVB.  Read more
In Toronto real estate nightmare, owner discovers city owns land he thought was his
CBC News | Toronto
Real estate lawyer says only a property survey could have prevented issue
A Toronto resident is worried he’s lost nearly $150,000 in property value after learning part of what he thought was his home — land he is paying property tax on — is actually owned by the city. Read more
Sudbury couple locked in land dispute with Laurentian, 'It was just a flat out no'
CTV News Northern Ontario
A Sudbury couple is living a nightmare.
It's been a double whammy for new Sudbury homeowners James Crispo and Dominique Ansell.
Not only is their property encroaching on their neighbour's land, but half of their backyard belongs to Laurentian University, including their septic system and utility shed. Read more
Lake County takes sides in neighbors' drainage dispute
NWI Times
CALUMET TWP. — Lake County officials are diving into troubled waters among several neighbors east of Griffith.
The Lake County commissioners recently voted to clear away tons of wood chips from Jeanette McBride's property that adjacent owners say flood their lands.
"She has mounded them up and created a road from Elm Street to Miller Street and completely blocked off any flow of water,".... Read more
Getting lost looking for a flood map for Pierrefonds
Montreal Gazette
Are you in the high-risk flood zone? I asked residents of Pierrefonds this week.
“Do you know the winning numbers for Friday’s lottery?” came one response....
The maps — for Laval or Pierrefonds — can show those who can read them the possibility of flooding, he said. But it’s up to a surveyor to confirm whether a given property lies within a floodplain, by measuring the “geodetic” height of a property — “the elevation with corrections made to account for the curvature of the earth’s surface.”  Read more
[Curiocité] Où trouver une carte des rivières souterraines?
Finalement, si vous souhaitez vraiment en avoir le cœur net avant l’achat d’une propriété, vous pouvez toujours faire produire un certificat de localisation par un arpenteur-géomètre. Cela coûte environ 1235$. Lire plus
Arkansas man accused of firing shotgun toward land surveyor
An Arkansas man was arrested after he fired his shotgun toward a land surveyor who had stepped onto his property Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.
A Pulaski County sheriff's deputy was sent shortly before 3:30 p.m. to 8011 Dorsey Road, where he spoke with a Vilonia man who was surveying the plot, according to a report. Read more
Virginia Supreme Court upholds state law allowing surveying without permission
The News Virginian
WAYNESBORO – The Virginia Supreme Court Thursday upheld a state law allowing gas companies to survey private property without the landowner’s permission.
The ruling went against two different sets of property owners owning land in the path of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, including Augusta County landowner Hazel Palmer. The other case involved four Buckingham County property owners. Read more
La Station spatiale internationale maintenant dans Google Street View
Radio Canada
Si vous souhaitiez devenir astronaute quand vous étiez petit, mais que la vie en a voulu autrement, Google a peut-être la solution pour vous. Depuis ce matin, le géant du web a ajouté une nouvelle fonctionnalité à son service Street View qui vous permet d'explorer la Station spatiale internationale (SSI) grâce à des photos à 360 degrés. Lire plus
Pipeline survey crew surprises Bent Mountain landowners with early morning entry
The Roanoke Times
BENT MOUNTAIN — As Tuesday dawned, Mike Lester spotted a group of pipeline surveyors hustling on foot down Green Hollow Drive, a private road on Bent Mountain that passes by Lester’s home. Read more
Chinatown’s Grant Avenue: A look back at one of San Francisco’s oldest streets
Curbed San Francisco
Much ink has been spilled on the history of Chinatown and Grant Avenue, billed as San Francisco’s oldest street, which runs north to south starting at Market Street and ending at Francisco Street in North Beach....
In 1839 a survey of Yerba Buena was drawn by Jean Vioget, a surveyor and sea captain, including the current layout of Grant Avenue. While credited as the first surveyor of Yerba Buena, he didn’t name any of the streets. Read more
Quand le GPS devient une nuisance pour le cerveau
Radio Canada
L'utilisation du GPS serait une menace pour le cerveau humain. Les fonctions cérébrales responsables de l'orientation se mettent en veille lorsqu'un téléphone intelligent prend le relais. La chroniqueuse Hélène Mercier présente ce nouveau danger provoqué par l'ère numérique. Lire plus
Kemp: Surveyor must attend Bibb/Monroe border hearing
The surveyor in the long-running Bibb and Monroe county border dispute must attend next month's evidentiary hearing on the matter....
Since then, the case has been to the Georgia Supreme Court twice. In the most recent ruling, the high court ruled that Kemp would be the person to determine where the border should be. In an earlier ruling, Kemp ruled the border should remain as it is.  Read more
Focus on Finance: When do you need a real estate survey?
The News-Enterprise
We hear a lot about surveys. Most of the time, people are talking about political surveys. As we have seen, these surveys often are inaccurate and predict the wrong candidate winning the office. The type of surveys I will be discussing are land surveys and they are very accurate in their outcome.
When you are thinking of buying or selling real estate, it is a good idea to have the property surveyed. A survey will tell you exactly where the boundaries of the property are.  Read more
Des travaux de construction qui dérangent à Moncton
Radio Canada
De récents chiffres de Statistiques Canada révèlent que Moncton est présentement la première ville de l'Atlantique en matière de construction non résidentielle. Durant les six premiers mois de 2017, 163,9 millions de dollars y ont été dépensés pour la construction de bâtiments non résidentiels. Durant la même période, 137,6 millions de dollars ont été dépensés à Halifax et 97,1 millions à Saint-Jean, à Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. C’est la première fois que Moncton surpasse ces villes depuis que Statistique Canada enregistre ces données. Lire plus
International News / Informations internationales
ABC News Western Queensland
Queensland man spends 25 years searching for Burke and Wills' buried instruments
For many of us, searching for misplaced items can be an infuriating task, but for the Gold Coast's Ian Andrews, his 25-year search is just the beginning.....
Similar to Burke and Wills, Mr Andrews once worked as a surveyor, a connection he claims started his passion for their story.  Read more
MH370 search could benefit scientific community
Maritime Journal
While the Indian Ocean search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 unfortunately has not shed light on what happened to the airliner, some good has come out of the process in that the scope and resolution of the data could be of great value to the scientific community.
The release this month of bathymetry data by Geoscience Australia has revealed seafloor maps with a resolution 15 times higher than those previously produced using satellite data. The bathymetric survey, conducted by Fugro during Phase One of the search for missing flight MH370, has provided a detailed map of the seafloor topography in the search area. Read more
Tool launched to standardise global construction project costs comparisons
Scottish Construction Now
See Lian Ong, chair of the ICMS Standards Setting Committee and chair of Commission 10 the International Federation of Surveyors, added: “We are delighted to launch this new standard. With increasing levels of public private, cross-border financing and construction investment funds underpinning our pension schemes, it is vital to make sure costs can be assessed in a transparent way. The ICMS framework will improve ways of working and this collaborative project is an example of the global construction profession uniting to improve ways of working for the public interest.” Read more
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