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May 14, 2020
Le 14 mai 2020

Bringing Surveying News to You
Nouvelles de PSC-GPC News
Annual Members' Meeting 2020
Assemblée annuelle des membres 2020
The Professional Surveyors Canada Annual Members' Meeting will be held on:

•   Date: Thursday May 28, 2020
•   Time: 12:00 - 13:30 EDT

The meeting will be held by teleconference to ensure equal accessibility for all members.

In order to attend this meeting you must be a current PSC voting member. Under PSC bylaws, retired, associate and student members are not voting members.

Questions? Contact Us
L'assemblée annuelle des membres de Géomètres professionnels du Canada se tiendra à:

•   Date: jeudi le 28 mai 2020
•   Heure: 12h00 - 13:30 HAE

La réunion se tiendra par téléconférence d'afin d'être également accessible à tous les membres.

Pour assister à la réunion, vous devez être un membre actuel à part entière de GPC. Sous les règlements de GPC, les membres retraités, les membres associés et les étudiants ne sont pas des membres votants.

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Letter from PSC regarding Ligado
PSC has written this letter on behalf of professional surveyors across Canada:

April 23, 2020

The Honourable Navdeep Bains
Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Dear Minister Bains,

We hope you and your family are safe and well during the current pandemic crisis.

Yesterday the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved an application from Ligado to operate 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) services in a spectral band immediately adjacent to GPS bandwidth. This is of serious and critical concern to the survey industry, as interference and noise from this service will degrade or disrupt the ability to use GPS for numerous applications. The financial and societal implications to industry are immense. The Canadian and American survey industries have been advocating against Ligado being granted this spectrum position since 2011.

The Pentagon's fight to kill Ligado's 5G network
The Defense Department says the FCC's approval of Ligado's petition to use satellite spectrum for 5G will destroy GPS.
Even as major players like Verizon and AT&T are rushing to roll out 5G, a little-known company is looking to build its own alternative network using the wireless technology with the intent to connect the various devices in our lives. With so much hype around 5G, you'd expect a red carpet for this initiative. But the company, Ligado Networks, has run into some high-profile opposition: the US Defense Department.  Read more
GPS et 5G : les secrétaires de Trump pas sur la même fréquence
Il y a de la friture sur la ligne du gouvernement Trump dans un dossier stratégique de systèmes de télécoms 5G, certains secrétaires soutenant publiquement une décision du régulateur des télécoms (FCC) à laquelle le Pentagone, avec d’autres, s’oppose avec véhémence.
Les cinq membres de la Federal communication commission (FCC) ont approuvé fin avril l’attribution à une société d’une soixantaine d’employés, Ligado, de fréquences proches de celles du GPS pour développer des systèmes destinés à la 5G.  Lire plus
New Job Postings / Nouvelles offres d'emploi
Senior Technician Surveys
Location: North Bay, North Region
Job type: Permanent
Salary Range: $938.67 - $1,097.99 per week
Closing date: June 4, 2020

Complimentary Job Postings / Affichage gratuit d'offres d'emploi
The National Job Bank has been designed specifically for members of the Professional Surveyors Canada community. Complimentary posting of information to the National Job Bank is a benefit of membership.

La Banque d'emplois nationale a été conçue spécifiquement pour les membres de Géomètres professionnels du Canada. L’affichage gratuit sur la banque d’emplois nationale constitue l’un des avantages de votre adhésion.
xyHt Subscription
To xyHt print subscribers, please note that during this period of crisis, there will not be a print edition of the May issue.

To receive the digital edition of xyHt at no charge, please click here.

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The Many Facets (and Faces) of Surveying
Surveyors have traditionally done a variety of essential and interesting work—and they continue to do so. We’ve asked surveyors from various work disciplines what inspires them.
To get an idea of where we are going, it’s important to stop and take a look at where we have been. This rings especially true for those of us who have chosen to be professional land surveyors and geospatial engineers. We’ve historically done a wide variety of work, and, if anything, that variety is growing.
“Backsighting,” for the uninitiated, is the act of referencing a known object or point to determine the position of other points and features moving forward. Read more
Vidéo "Title Insurance and Propery Survey" Video
Check out PSC's new video!

Découvrez notre nouvelle vidéo !

Support Professional Surveyors
Please consider supporting Professional Surveyors Canada by becoming a member today.

Your membership supports the work of communicating the importance of the key role professional surveyors have in supporting an efficient land market and effective land-use management.

While these functions underpin development and innovation for social justice, economic growth, and environmental sustainability, they are often not understood by the public or the policy makers.

Professional Surveyors Canada’s board of directors, representing all regions of Canada, volunteer their time and expertise to communicate this to both the public and the government through videos, advertisements, position papers, letters and by attending various meetings to ensure that surveyors are heard and their expertise taken into consideration.

Please follow this link to become a member: Licensed member application.

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Veuillez songer à soutenir Géomètres professionnels du Canada en devenant membre dès aujourd’hui.

Votre adhésion soutient le travail de communication de l’importance du rôle clé des géomètres professionnels dans le soutien d’un marché efficace et la bonne gestion de l’utilisation des terres.

Bien que ces fonctions soutiennent le développement et l’innovation en faveur de la justice sociale, de la croissance économique et de la durabilité de l’environnement, elles sont souvent peu comprises par le public ou les décideurs politiques.

Le conseil d’administration de Géomètres professionnels du Canada, qui représente toutes les régions du Canada, donne de son temps et de son expertise pour communiquer ce message au public et au gouvernement au moyen de vidéos, d’annonces publicitaires, d’exposés de position et de lettres ainsi qu’en assistant à différentes réunions pour veiller à ce que les arpenteurs-géomètres soient entendus et à ce que leur expertise soit prise en compte.

Pour devenir membre, veuillez cliquer sur ce lien : Demande pour devenir membre autorisé.

Vous n’est pas sûr si vous êtes un membre ? Veuillez communiquer avec nous.
Association News / Nouvelles des associations
The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association invites you to attend these webinars:

The Use of Authoritative Coordinates Webinar
This spring, the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association released a discussion paper on the possible expanded use of coordinates to mark property corners.
Professional land surveyors Hal Janes, Peter Sullivan and Izaak de Rijcke conducted an extensive number of interviews and did an exhaustive amount of research on this topic to prepare their report for the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.
Date: June 4, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Cadastral Chair at the University of Calgary Webinar
Join Dr. Mike Barry for a discussion about the future of the Land Tenure and Cadastral Studies Chair position in the Geomatics Engineering Department at the University of Calgary. Dr. Barry and Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis will also provide an update on the happenings in the Geomatics Engineering Department.
Date: June 9, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Trends in Professional Governance: Wild, Wacky Regulatory Ideas that Just Possibly, Perhaps, Maybe, Might Be Worth Considering Webinar
Canada is the last bastion of self-regulation. But the end of that governance model is now in sight. Changes that originated in the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland are coming to Canada. British Columbia has already started down the path and Alberta and Ontario are talking about it a lot. Smaller boards and committees that are selected on the basis of skills, composed of at least 50% public members, are replacing the current system of elected professional-majority councils and committees. Understand why these changes are proposed and how the regulation of the profession will evolve if (or, perhaps, when) these changes occur.
Speaker: Richard Steinecke
Date: June 18, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

What does the Public Expect of Regulators and What Exactly Does Protecting the Public Mean? Webinar
The days of the public trusting regulators to license and discipline their members without serious question are long gone. Media scrutiny, government inquiry and external reviews of regulators are becoming commonplace. With those, examinations, patterns and trends are emerging as to what the public expects of regulators, particularly in the areas of transparency, oversight and risk-based regulation. At the same time the “public interest” served by regulators is expanding beyond just ensuring that practitioners are ethical and competent. Public expectation snow include enhanced communication skills, the promotion of equity, consideration of the environment and ending the “culture of silence.” Forewarned is forearmed.
Date: June 25, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m.
FIG Working Week
International Federation of Surveyors
It is Thursday 14 May 2020, and today should have been the closing day of FIG Working Week in Amsterdam. The programme of today would be the second General Assembly session and closing ceremony. Also a comprehensive tour: Dutch land- and water management was offered to take place today.
The intentions of the tour was to give a unique insight in the Netherlands, and would have focused on how water shaped spatial planning and development in the Netherlands.
Read here about the FIG Working Week and view the 4 FIG sessions.
In the Media / Dans les médias
Full list of businesses that can reopen in Ontario
CTV News
TORONTO -- As the province continues its fight against COVID-19, more businesses are being given the green light to reopen, while adhering to specific public health measures.
May 19
All construction to resume and essential workplace limits lifted, includes land surveyors. Read more

Click here for the Detailed List of Stage 1 Openings.
How a melting glacier could redefine the Alberta–B.C. border
A once-frozen border along the Continental Divide is vanishing in the Rockies
CBC News
An interactive article:
High up in the Rocky Mountains sits a glacier that is draped over the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia.  View more
ASPRS President: ‘Threat Of De-licensure’ Biggest Issue For Surveying Profession
Jeff Lovin, the recently elected president of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, shares his vision to steady the ship.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) president Jeff Lovin, CP, PS, was recently sworn in as the organization’s new leader during an online conference program.
Delivering a digital address directed to the surveyor and geospatial community at large, Lovin shared that the organization will continue to thrive through turbulent times. Read more
Judge to visit land boundary central to brothers-in-law ‘Wanderly Wagon’ dispute
Farming Independent
A judge told a court today that a land boundary case between two brothers in law and businessmen “is one of these Wanderly Wagon cases”.
Wanderly Wagon was a renowned children’s series broadcast on RTE between 1967 and 1982 that followed human and puppet characters as they travelled around Ireland and some of its best known character included Rory, O’Brien, Judge - who was a dog, Fortycoats and Mr Crow.
Judge Durcan was due to visit the boundary in the land dispute today after additional time was required for engineers for both sides to agree on a boundary.
Judge Durcan ruled on a dispute concerning a wall in an unrelated Gort case last year where he also made a site visit and he previously told the court concerning the boundary case currently before him: “There is a problem in this area – there is too much concentration on walls and too little appreciation of bridges." Read more
WinSETT Centre launches GoFundMe campaign to outlast COVID-19
Canadian Consulting Engineer
The Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise donations during the COVID-19 pandemic, as its sources of revenue—including face-to-face, facilitated workshops and sponsorships—have dried up for now, with no sense of when they will resume.
“My hope is the pandemic does not reverse the progress we have made for women in engineering,” says Marg Latham, the centre’s chair since 2019 and president of Aqua Libra Consulting, who explains the organization does not meet criteria for pandemic-response funding. Read more
How Geospatial Surveying Is Driving Land Administration
GIM International
Five years ago, 'GIM International' published an article titled ‘A New Era in Land Administration Emerges’. It outlined how innovative thinking coupled with quickly maturing, scalable technical approaches could transform land administration globally. To reach fruition, support from policymakers, world-leading private companies, modern geospatial technologies and a new professional mindset would be crucial. So what has happened since? Here, in close cooperation with the geospatial industry, 'GIM International' provides a major update, paying special attention to standardization, technical approaches and land data acquisition in the context of global policies. Read more
Licensed Surveyors Make More Money, Research Shows?
POB's 2020 Salary & Benefits Report shows licensure increases salary and benefits for land surveyors.
Point of Beginning POB
Included in the POB Premium membership, our new POB 2020 Salary & Benefits Report indicates that RPLS/PLS/RLS/LS registration/licensure can pay off for survey and geospatial professionals.
The below chart compares salary and benefits data from previous. Read more
Agency finds private border wall violates Rio Grande treaty
570 News
HOUSTON — A construction firm promoted by President Donald Trump to build his signature border wall violated American treaty obligations with a private border fence next to the river separating Texas and Mexico, a U.S. agency has found.
The International Boundary and Water Commission found that Fisher Industries’ 3-mile (4.8 kilometre) fence of steel posts just 35 feet (10 metres) from the Rio Grande could worsen flooding and called on the company to make changes to the project. Read more
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