March 8, 2018
Le 8 mars 2018
Association News / Nouvelles des associations
Pathways to Credential Recognition of Foreign Trained Land Surveyors
Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) is happy to announce that it has received all the support needed to proceed with the Pathways to Credential Recognition of Foreign Trained Land Surveyors project. Read more

Accès à la reconnaissance des titres de compétence des arpenteurs-géomètres formés à l’étranger
Association des Arpenteurs des Terres du Canada
L'Association des arpenteurs des terres du Canada (AATC) est heureuse d'annoncer qu'elle a reçu tout le soutien nécessaire pour poursuivre le projet de reconnaissance des titres de compétences des arpenteurs-géomètres formés à l'étranger. Lire plus
Natural Resources Canada, Natural Resources Canada

Survey will close March 16, 2018.

The Canadian Geodetic Survey (CGS) is developing a plan to expand its Positioning infrastructure and services. The CGS’s Positioning infrastructure plan is a key component of the pan-Canadian Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Strategy being developed across several federal departments.

As a user of positioning services in Canada, CGS is interested in knowing more about your current positioning needs, as well as where you foresee needing improvements to existing infrastructure. CGS would also like to know how these improvements would be of value to you or your clients.

CGS invites you or your organization to participate in the following brief survey. Your input will be invaluable. CGS will use it to help guide infrastructure development, and to build the business case for the new PNT Strategy. Survey results will remain anonymous.

CGS would also be grateful if you could forward this survey to others in your field of work, or who have an interest in positioning services in Canada.

The Canadian Geodetic Survey thanks you in advance for your participation.

Jason Bond,
Catherine Robin,
Canadian Geodetic Survey, Natural Resources Canada
2018 Joint Canadian Hydrographic and National Surveyors’ Conference
2018 Conférence conjointe des hydrographes et des arpenteurs nationaux du Canada
Land and Sea Shaping the World
Terre et Mer Façonnant le Monde
March 26-29, 2018
Victoria, BC

In the Media / Dans les médias
N.S. land title claims ‘going nowhere,’ advocacy group claims
CTV News Atlantic
A system designed to streamline land title claims for dozens of African Nova Scotia families seems to have become even more complicated.
In September 2017, the Nova Scotia government announced $2.7 million will help establish claims for land titles in the province. But groups like the North Preston Land Recovery Initiative have been working on this issue for years with no success. Read more
BLJ: Accuracy is king in injury cases
Buffalo Law Journal
Accident reconstruction can be a critical component of personal injury and wrongful death cases, helping to determine what exactly happened. Cases are all over the board and can range from a tragedy such as a helicopter crash to determining who owns the property where a crack formed in the sidewalk and someone tripped and was injured.
At Nussbaumer & Clarke Inc., surveyors work with attorneys to map out the scene of an accident and determine what factors could have played a role, said Michael Borowiak, president of the Buffalo engineering and surveying company. Read more
GPS, surveyors and politics — a 2018 refresher
GPS World
While not as glamorous as mild-mannered Clark Kent holding down a day job while Superman comes to the rescue in time of crisis, there are professional surveyors who work day jobs to perform our duties as practitioners to make a living and participate in association activities in their off-hours to help promote and protect their profession as well as the public they serve.
This is not just about the GNSS and how we collect data; it’s also about the necessity of large scale data collection to provide better and safer services to the citizens of the United States and its territories. Read more
Plus d’un milliard de dollars pour les routes à Montréal d'ici deux ans
TVA Nouvelles
Environ 1,08 milliard $ sera investi dans le réseau routier de l’île de Montréal au cours des deux prochaines années, a mentionné le gouvernement Couillard, qui a fait le point sur ses dépenses dans ce domaine mercredi. Lire plus
Baldwinsville History Mystery: Do you know anything about this picture?
Last week’s answer: We have Simeon DeWitt to thank for the many fine maps of early New York state. For many years, he was the Surveyor General of the state of New York. He held this position during the formative years of the early republic when New York was rapidly expanding into the Native American lands of the central and western part of the state. Read more
Guest Editorial: Stand Up and Be Heard
The American Surveyor
One of the best ways for an organization to advance is to have a unified voice, one that represents a broad spectrum of interests, common to all members. The medical profession learned this a long time ago with the universal adoption of the Hippocratic Oath. In the United States, this concept evolved into the canons of the American Medical Association, commonly known as the AMA. 
The writing is on the wall; land surveying is at a critical juncture; automation and satellites are rapidly replacing the facets of surveying primarily associated with measurement and positioning. For those with vision, they know there is much more to land surveying than catching coordinates and competing with satellites to see who is faster and more efficient. We must move forward with a single voice and the way we do that is by adopting a national image that best represents the profession. At a national level, we must adopt coast to coast standards that everyone is willing to embrace. If we are to elevate our stature in the community it must start with you. If we don't save the profession, who will? Read more
Oregon Tech Geomatics Club takes first national surveying
Herald and News
The Oregon Institute of Technology Geomatics Club, led by senior student Katie Singleton of Portland, took first place in the annual National Society of Professional Surveyors Surveying Competition, baccalaureate division that concluded Feb. 21 in Las Vegas.
The theme of the competition was “Surveying Service.” The competition consisted of a field exercise and presentation. The field exercise was done on 80 acres of BLM land that was marked off into individual sites upon which the only reference marker was the center point of what was to be a one-acre square parcel. Read more
Company surveying Atlantic Coast Pipeline route in NC lacks a current state license
The Progressive Pulse
The Thrasher Group, which has been surveying areas in Nash County along the Atlantic Coast Pipeline route, is not licensed to practice in North Carolina. Andrew Ritter, executive director of the state’s Board of Examiners for Engineers & Surveyors, confirmed that the firm allowed its license — No. C-4054 — to lapse in 2016. Read more
Acheter un appartement sur plan
Le Devoir
Ce texte fait partie d'un cahier spécial.
Séduits par l’idée d’un « clés en main » personnalisé, des milliers de Québécois se tournent chaque année vers l’achat d’un appartement en copropriété sur plan. Vous envisagez de faire de même ? Voici ce que vous devriez savoir avant de vous lancer !
« Il faut bien comprendre qu’un promoteur, même s’il est de bonne foi, ne peut donner la superficie nette d’une unité tant qu’elle n’est pas construite, explique Me Ginette Allard, notaire au cabinet de Grandpré Joli-Coeur. Pour déterminer la superficie brute, il se base sur des plans d’architecte. C’est l’arpenteur qui établit la superficie nette en mesurant l’intérieur de l’appartement quand il est construit. »  Lire plus
Louisiana Coastal Geohazard Atlas planned to better inform people of hazards
The Daily Reveille
Louisiana’s coast accounts for billions of dollars of its economy. However, there has been no comprehensive guide showing potential hazards near Louisiana’s coast until now. With the new Louisiana Coastal Geohazards Atlas, the Louisiana Geological Survey hopes to create that guide.
According to, Louisiana’s commercial fishing industry generates $1.92 billion annually, while recreational fishing generates an additional $1.96 billion. Additionally, Louisiana is the No. 1 producer of crude oil in the country.
The LGS and the New Orleans Geological Society teamed up to lead development of the Louisiana Coastal Geohazards Atlas. Read more
German message in bottle takes 132 years to be found, smashing world record
The Local de
In June 1886 Bismarck was still German Chancellor and Daimler and Benz were fiddling around with their first attempts at motorized engines. That same year a bottle was thrown into the ocean and remained lost - until now.
As the north German trading ship Paula swept eastwards across the Indian Ocean on June 18th 1886, a member of her crew tossed a bottle into the waters below. It contained a piece of paper noting the vessel’s coordinates, the date when it was thrown out, and an address in Hamburg to send it back to.
The message also encouraged the finder to fill out a form on the backside and then send it back to the German Hydrographic Office in Hamburg. Read more
Tentative de relance des audiences pour le projet Northern Pass au New Hampshire
Le Devoir
Le partenaire américain d’Hydro-Québec dans le projet Northern Pass a entamé ses démarches dans l’espoir de convaincre le New Hampshire de lui octroyer une autorisation pour la construction de cette ligne de transport d’électricité. Lire plus
Seabed 2030: A Call to Action
Hydro International
Despite countless days of surveying at sea, we have still mapped less than 20 percent of the world’s oceans. It is time to get organised, according to Rear Adm Shepard M. Smith, director of NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey and the US national representative to the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). With his paper titled 'Seabed 2030: A plan for high-resolution maps of the ocean by 2030', he will be opening the Hydrography, Geophysics & Geotechnics track of the conference at Oceanology International 2018 on 13 March at London’s ExCel. Read more
Equinox may hold the secret to the mysterious alignment of Egyptian pyramids
The towering pyramids of the Giza Plateau have long stirred a sense of mystery and awe in onlookers due to their remarkable architectural design and feats in engineering. Scholars have speculated for ages on the methods of their construction and near perfect alignment to cardinal points.
Today, an engineer who studies ancient Egyptian architecture has uncovered a technique that may explain the precision of the Great Pyramid's ancient alignment to the North, East, South and West. The proposed technique correlates directly to the rotation of the Earth, and its position to the sun. 
Under Isler's original technique, "the solar gnomon method," a surveyor starts by placing a rod, or gnomon, in the ground. As the sun rises and sets, the surveyor will watch where the shadow is being cast and mark intervals at its tip.  Read more
What’s the Real Opportunity for Drones in the Surveying Industry?
Commercial UAV News
Discussions about the potential impact of drones in industries like agriculture and first response have been going on for a long time now, and there are clear benefits and efficiencies that drones will be able to bring to these industries. However, talk about how processes and workflows might change these industries often comes at the expense of the tangible benefits that have already been quantified for surveyors that have adopted drone technology. Those benefits have the potential to grow and scale while professionals in other industries are at the beginning phases of their adoption process. Read more
International News / Informations internationales
Q&A with Craig Sandy
Spatial Source
Craig Sandy is the Surveyor-General for Victoria. Having joined the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning in August 2017, he brings a diverse and detailed set of experience to the role. Having held positions with Esri Australia in business development and as a Survey, Mapping and SDI principal, he has a firm grip on where the industry is heading and the role of GIS and data within it. Craig sat down with Position magazine to offer an exclusive insight into his designs for the role. Read more
Putting Cave Surveying In The Map
Darkness Below
In September, Andrew Atkinson’s article on Cave Surveying – the next steps proved to be of huge interest to readers. An open invitation was extended to cavers with an interest in surveying or geographic information systems (GIS) to attend a workshop at Hidden Earth 2017.
This was very well-attended and served as an excellent demonstration and discussion platform, allowing several cavers to present their own survey and GIS work. This triggered several discussions around the future of cave surveying, and a follow-up meeting of the Cave Surveying Group (CSG) was arranged at the South Wales Caving Club (SWCC) on the weekend of 2nd February. Read more
Bengaluru’s link to great Trigonometric Survey just turned 150
The Economic Times
Located slightly off the Hennur-Bagalur Road is an obscure and crumbling stone building on a piece of land overgrown with weeds and encroachments. On its roof, among the weeds, is a historic stone slab. This neglected site is proof of Bengaluru’s involvement in what is considered one of mankind’s greatest scientific endeavours. Read more
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
2018 Joint Canadian Hydrographic and National Surveyors’ Conference
2018 Conférence conjointe des hydrographes et des arpenteurs nationaux du Canada
Land and Sea Shaping the World
Terre et Mer Façonnant le Monde
March 26-29, 2018
Victoria, BC

LandPRO Conference 2018
Wednesday March 28, 2018
Paramount Conference Centre
222 Rowntree Dairy Road
Woodbridge, Ontario

UESI Pipelines 2018 Conference
July 15-18, 2018
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, ON

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