November 7, 2018
Le 7 novembre 2018
Association News / Nouvelles des associations
Report to Membership - October 2018
Professional Surveyors Canada

A bit about the Public Awareness Campaign
The campaign was launched on September 17 with our messaging being displayed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo and other digital media platforms. The marketing campaign was purely digital in order to maximize our reach and ensure a low cost per visit to our website. These messages were displayed in 20 cities throughout the country and were specifically targeted to home owners and home buyers within certain demographics, with the intent of focusing on the segment of the population most likely to purchase a home or undertake a renovation project.

Underground Infrastructure
PSC Board Members met with Parliamentarians in Ottawa this October regarding Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigable Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. Our two recommended amendments to the act both affect the proposed Canadian Energy Regulator act.

Read more in the October Quarterly Report.

Rapport aux membres - Octobre 2018
Géomètres professionnels du Canada

Campagne automnale de sensibilisation du public
La campagne a été lancée le 17 septembre avec la publication de messages sur Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo et d’autres plateformes de médias numériques. La campagne publicitaire était entièrement numérique afin d’accroître au maximum notre portée et d’assurer un coût bas pour chaque consultation de notre site Web. Les messages ont été affichés dans vingt (20) villes du pays et ciblaient les propriétaires fonciers et les acheteurs de logements au sein d’un certain nombre de groupes démographiques précis, en vue de se concentrer sur le segment de la population le plus susceptible d’acheter un logement ou d’entreprendre un projet de rénovation.

Infrastructure souterraine
Les membres du conseil d’administration de GPC ont rencontré des parlementaires à Ottawa cet octobre pour parler du projet de loi C-69, Loi édictant la Loi sur l’évaluation d’impact et la Loi sur la Régie canadienne de l’énergie, modifiant la Loi sur la protection de la navigation et apportant des modifications corrélatives à d’autres lois. Les deux modifications que nous recommandons à la loi ont une incidence sur la Loi sur la Régie canadienne de l’énergie proposée.

GISday - Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Discovering the World Through GIS
GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society. Read more

Geomatics Atlantic 2018
November 14-16, 2018
Confirmed Presenters
You can check out other speakers and their abstracts on the Geomatics Atlantic 2018 website Speaker section.
GeoED News & National Surveyors Conference 2019

In Person Events:
Next scheduled in person event is currently the National Surveyors Conference (NSC) 2019 in Halifax May 1 to 3, 2019. Seminars are being planned along the following themes:

•   Data Security and remote offices
•   Field notes in the modern age
•   Managing the Cadastre across Canada.

Candidate Distance Learning Courses:
The following French language courses, part of the series of courses for CLS candidates, has also been added:

•   Limites et frontières marines du droit de la mer selon UNCLOS.

Check out other CPD opportunities on the website.

Nouvelles de GeoED et Conférence nationale des arpenteurs-géomètres 2019

Évènements en personne :
Le prochain événement en personne est la Conférence nationale des arpenteurs-géomètres 2019, qui se tiendra à Halifax du 1er au 3 mai 2019. Des séminaires sont prévus sur les thèmes suivants:

•   Sécurité des données et bureaux distants
•   Notes de terrain à l'ère moderne
•   Gestion du cadastre à travers le Canada.

Apprentissage à distance pour les candidats :
Le cours suivant en français, faisant partie de la série de cours pour candidats ATC, a été ajouté:

•   Limites et frontières marines du droit de la mer selon UNCLOS.

Voir d'autres Opportunités de formation continue sur le site Web de GeoEd.
Provincial Survey Records Index (PSRI)
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors & GeoEd
This Webinar leads participants through using the PSRI including navigating through the application and performing tabular and spatial searches. It also covers entering and editing records. This exciting new tool is being loaded and will replace the South-Central Survey Records Index.
This English course has been added to GeoEd. Ce cours en anglais a été ajouté à GeoEd.
URISA Releases White Paper Defining the Boundaries of Practice Between Surveyors and GIS Professionals
In recent years, URISA's Policy Advisory Committee has facilitated several panel discussions at GIS-Pro conferences during which surveyors and GIS professionals have discussed the distinctive, yet complementary, services that each profession provides.
Surveyors and GIS professionals each create, analyze, and draw conclusions from maps and associated data. While their respective skills and responsibilities are distinct, there is sufficient overlap to have caused some conflict as to which practices are appropriate to each profession. One might say the “boundary of their professional practices” is somewhat uncertain. Read more
In the Media / Dans les médias
Discussion Papers - Bill C-69
Natural Resources Canada and the National Energy Board
Natural Resources Canada and the National Energy Board are seeking public comments to help inform the approach to developing two new regulations and updating an existing regulation to support the government’s proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CER Act), which would create the Canadian Energy Regulator. 

The following two Discussion Papers are provided for public review to November 28, 2018:
  • Designated Officers Regulation: These regulations would specify technical and administrative functions that can be carried out by designated officers within the Canadian Energy Regulator.

  • Power Line Damage Prevention Regulation: The current regulations require updating under the proposed CER Act to continue to provide a framework for safely conducting activities near federally regulated power lines.

NRCan and NEB will release a Discussion Paper on the Time Management Regulation later this Fall.

Each Discussion Paper contains questions for your input; your submission will assist with the development of the regulations.

The Discussion Papers can be accessed online here.

Documents de travail - Projet de loi S-229
Ressources naturelles Canada et l’Office national de l’énergie (ONE)
Ressources naturelles Canada et l’Office national de l’énergie (ONE) sollicitent l’avis du public sur l’élaboration de deux nouveaux règlements et sur la mise à jour d’un règlement en vigueur en soutien à la Loi sur la Régie canadienne de l’énergie (Loi sur la RCÉ) proposée, qui mènera à la création de la Régie canadienne de l’énergie.

Les deux documents de travail suivants feront l’objet d’un examen public jusqu’au 28 novembre 2018 :
  • Règlement sur les fonctionnaires désignés : Ce règlement précisera les fonctions techniques et administratives qui pourront être remplies par les fonctionnaires désignés au sein de la Régie canadienne de l’énergie.

  • Règlement sur la prévention des dommages aux lignes électriques : Le règlement actuel doit faire l’objet d’une mise à jour en vertu de la Loi sur la RCÉ proposée afin de continuer de fournir un cadre de travail permettant de mener des activités de façon sécuritaire à proximité des lignes électriques sous réglementation fédérale.

Un document de travail sur le Règlement de la gestion du temps sera publié plus tard cet automne.

Chaque document de travail renferme des questions sur lesquelles vous pouvez vous prononcer; vos commentaires contribueront à l’élaboration des règlements.

Les documents de travail se trouvent également en ligne ici.

Transcona residents 'outraged' over planned sidewalk that will slice driveways in half
CBC News
Homeowners on El Tassi Drive say they weren't made aware of plans for a sidewalk.
Residents who live along the south side of the newly constructed El Tassi Drive in Transcona are upset over plans to install a sidewalk that will cut through the middle of their driveways and have pedestrians walking within 20 feet of their garages. Read more
Surveyor's lively 'on the spot' watercolours included early Kingston
The Kingston Whig-Standard
Accuracy was crucial for deputy surveyor James Peachey. Recording topography, laying out military installations, property parcels, roadways and villages for future settlers demanded exactness and a good eye. Since there were no cameras in the late 1700s, the same valuable skills were required to capture slices of time. With his art tools, Peachey produced breathtaking images documenting the people and countryside in the wilderness settlements of soon-to-be Upper and Lower Canada.
Trained in technical aspects, surveyors and engineers also often had artistic backgrounds. Others received lessons in drawing and painting as part of their surveying education. Not intended for the enjoyment of viewers, the artworks were imbued with military precision; however, Peachey’s artwork appealed to both civilians and his military superiors. Read more
VIDEO: Robotic surveyor helps RCMP reconstruct collision scenes faster
Truro News
Nova Scotia RCMP say although the public may get frustrated about road or highway closures after a collision, it’s necessary.
“We understand it’s a huge inconvenience,” said RCMP Cpl. Dal Hutchinson in an interview. “But that could be someone’s daughter, mother, wife.”
With the number of serious injury and fatal collisions increasing, Hutchinson said the RCMP wanted to demonstrate the collision analysis and reconstruction services (CARS) unit’s responsibilities at a scene.
After speaking with investigators already on scene, identifying and marking evidence and taking photos, a robotic total station is set up. View video and read more
L'arpenteur, pour mieux connaître son terrain
Une transaction immobilière peut impliquer de nombreux professionnels, dont le rôle n'est pas toujours bien connu. Rencontres.
L'expert: Normand Jean
Arpenteur-géomètre depuis 2007
Lorsque l'on s'apprête à vendre sa maison, il ne suffit pas d'enlever son affiche parce qu'un acheteur s'est manifesté pour conclure que l'affaire est dans le sac. La plupart des offres d'achat exigent de fournir un certificat de localisation. Au Québec, seuls les membres de l'Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ) peuvent réaliser un tel document. Normand Jean, arpenteur-géomètre et propriétaire d'Arpentage Optimum, est de ces spécialistes de la mesure. Lire plus
Surveyors stake more accurate Grand/San Juan county line
Moab Sun News
The boundary between Grand and San Juan counties isn’t where you think it is — at least, not if you’re judging the county line by the green sign on the side of S. U.S. Highway 191 that says “Grand County.”
The sign is 120 feet north toward Moab of the actual county boundary. The Utah Department of Transportation installed the sign, San Juan County Surveyor Sam Cantrell said, and the location was determined “by a busted up piece of concrete” that was alleged to be a county line monument. Other county line markers — Cantrell called them “erroneous” — deviate more than 200 feet away from the actual county boundary line.
What did turn up were notes from past surveyors, the last of which were from Grand County’s former surveyor, Tim Keogh, “many years ago,” Cantrell said. Read more
State Surveyor makes four recommendations for San Juan and Grand counties border survey
San Juan Record
Recommendations for the re-monumentation of the San Juan County – Grand County boundary took top priority at the Oct. 9 County Commission business meeting.
Fernandez reported that the Utah Supreme Court decided in 1962 that the county boundary should be located along a specified latitude of 38 degrees, 30 minutes north. Based on the ruling, San Juan County Surveyor Donald (Chap) Blake and Grand County Surveyor George (Hub) Newell, in cooperation with the Utah state engineer, undertook a field survey from 1962 through 1965 to monument the boundary of the two counties on the ground. During the survey, some monuments were either set or found to be set in the wrong locations. Read more
Residents ask how section corner issues will be handled going forward
Morrison County Record
The issue of finding the north corner of Morrill Township’s section 6 may be over, but residents had questions for the county, including what’s next?
At a public meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 30, at the Buckman Parish Hall, residents and the county discussed other problematic areas and how they should be handled in the future.
The issue in cases like the one in section 6, is finding the eight corners for sections placed by surveyors in the 1800s, which is what all land purchases in the state are based off of, Attorney David Meyers said. Read more
From Afghanistan to Denali to the Capitol, Madison firm's markers found at landmarks, boundaries around world
journal sentinel
While her fellow passengers focused their cameras on the spectacular scenery, Rushing’s eyes were drawn to an unremarkable patch of sidewalk. There, between a set of railroad tracks and a utility pole, was a small metal disc embedded in the pavement — and, for Rushing, the prize photo of the trip.
Inside, a pair of orbital forging presses exert what amounts to 2,000 tons of pressure on unheated cylinders of metal, squishing them like cookie dough into densely grained discs ready to be stamped with the appropriate mark. These things have been placed in the ground as far afield as Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. military has used them in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They devised and marketed a new type of survey monument — an aluminum device much lighter than the cast-iron versions of the past, and fitted with below-ground magnets so the marker could be easily located if the cap got sheared off by, say, a snow plow. Read more
Arpenteurs-géomètres honorés
Le 50e congrès annuel de l'Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ) a eu lieu les 19, 20 et 21 septembre derniers à Rimouski. Dans le cadre de cet événement, l'Ordre remet des prix pour les personnes s'étant démarquées dans l'exercice de la profession d'arpenteur-géomètre.
Les gagnants de cette année sont Nathalie Massé, pour le prix Mérite du Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec (CIQ), et Benoît Péloquin, pour le prix du président.
Le prix Mérite du CIQ a été remis à Nathalie Massé. Ce prix est décerné, sous la recommandation de l'Ordre, à un membre ayant participé activement au développement de l'Ordre et de la profession ainsi qu'au développement du système professionnel. Lire plus
Kansas Society of Land Surveyors are meeting in Pittsburg
FourStates Nextstar Media Group
If working in the great outdoors sounds like the perfect job, there's a group of Kansas professionals looking for you. The Kansas Society of Land Surveyors is meeting in Pittsburg this week, with an eye on the future.
"If you tell them, you know, we can do the measuring through aerial photography, or UAV and be able to run that off a computer, or an iPad, now you're speaking their language, every kid's language,” says Jason Johnson.
The Kansas Society of Land Surveyors does offer scholarships to kids going to school to become surveyors. Read more
Marché de l'habitation: la SCHL prévoit une activité plus modérée
Les mises en chantier et les ventes devraient se modérer sur les marchés canadiens de l'habitation, tandis que les prix devraient s'établir à des niveaux plus en phase avec les facteurs économiques fondamentaux, comme la croissance du revenu, de l'emploi et de la population.  Lire plus
International News / Informations internationales
Surveyors from the Seniors Group of the Institution of Surveyors NSW were in Port Macquarie for bicentenary celebrations
Port Macquarie News
The journey John Oxley took to first get to Port Macquarie was no doubt a long one and during the Hastings’ bicentenary year, 10 surveyors decided to follow in the explorer’s footsteps.
“In his exploration party he had 16 men and 19 horses and the group lived off the land and fished for their food along the way.
"For us it has been great to be able to bond as a group and learn more about one of our first surveyor generals. Read more
Skill development programme on land survey in offing
The New Indian Express
The State Government has decided to introduce a skill development programme for unemployed youths to impart them education and training on land surveying.The programme has been named as ‘Licenced Surveyor’ and it will be a 12-week course along with on field practical sessions. Survey of India has been asked to prepare the study materials, which will also be uploaded on the website of the Revenue and Disaster Management Department for ready reference, sources said. Read more
World's Oldest Intact Wreck Found in the Black Sea
The Maritime Executive
The British-led Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project claims to have found the world's oldest intact wreck, a Greek sailing vessel dating back to 400 BC. The wooden hull is so well-preserved because it lies a mile below the surface of the Black Sea, where an abnormally low level of oxygen in the water slows decay.
The Black Sea MAP project benefited from the capabilities of today's maritime technology, in the form of an offshore survey vessel. They chartered the Stril Explorer, a survey ship that was built for offshore oil and gas exploration and provided an ideal platform for marine archaeology. On board are two sophisticated ROVs: the "Supporter," equipped for high resolution 3D photogrammetry and video, and the "Surveyor Interceptor," which carries a full suite of geophysical instrumentation, high definition cameras and a laser scanner. Read more

La plus vieille épave intacte au monde découverte en mer Noire
La plus vieille épave « intacte » au monde, un bateau de commerce grec remontant à l'an 400 av. J.-C., a été découverte au fond de la mer Noire, a annoncé mardi une expédition scientifique anglo-bulgare.
« Je n'aurais jamais pensé qu'il serait possible de retrouver intact, et par deux kilomètres de profondeur, un navire datant de l'Antiquité », a déclaré le professeur Jon Adams, directeur du Centre d'archéologie maritime de l'Université de Southampton (sud de l'Angleterre), l'un des dirigeants de l'expédition.  Lire plus
Surveying: Onwards and upwards
Construction Europe
Surveying has always been about the collection of data, but new digital technologies are making it possible to generate huge numbers of highly-accurate data points that can be collected more frequently and fed into digital twins of construction sites.
As the construction industry increasingly embraces Industry 4.0 – the trend towards automation and data exchange – the various elements of the construction process, from the supply of materials through the use of construction machines to maintenance after completion, are becoming more and more aligned. This shift is being facilitated by the use of new digital tools such as smartphones and drones, which are having a drastic effect on the world of surveying. Read more
Tech News / Nouvelles techno
IKM launches new mobile mapping technology
The Scotsman
Falkirk-based firm IKM Surveying, part of IKM Consulting Group, is launching a new mobile mapping service to boost the efficiency and safety of road survey procedures.
Following a successful pilot with road maintenance provider Bear Scotland, IKM will launch its new technology at RoadExpo on 31 October and 1 November.
It uses a vehicle-mounted system, multi-camera imaging and field software to capture data of roads, rail, land and waterways, as well as geographic information system (GIS) data collection and asset management to efficiently map transport and infrastructure projects.
The system also improves safety conditions as the surveyor remains in the vehicle. Read more
Point Clouds and Smart Cities
The Need for 3D Geodata and Geomatics Specialists
GIM International
The ‘smart city’ concept entirely relies on a permanent stream of massive amounts of data acquired by a great variety of sensors distributed throughout the city. Smart use of all this data requires integration with 3D city maps for which point clouds, acquired by laser scanning or photogrammetry, are the main sources. The author of this article identifies the abilities of point clouds to support the smart city concept. Read more
Devisubox: photographier le chantier du REM minute par minute
La technologie repose sur un système autoportant composé de boîtiers autonomes sans fil, alimentés par panneau solaire. Les boîtiers sont équipés d'appareils photo reflex numériques capables de prendre jusqu'à 700 photos par jour et 150 000 photos par an en haute définition. L'innovation permet d'offrir aux clients un suivi en temps réel du chantier et, au terme des travaux, un film en accéléré (timelapse) qui peut servir à des fins de communication. Lire plus
UTEC extends surveying capabilities with new autonomous underwater vehicle launch and recovery system
World Oil
UTEC, a global surveying company in subsea services group Acteon, has commissioned its launch and recovery system (LARS) for the fleet of seven autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) it uses for seabed surveys in the oil and renewables industries.
UTEC’s LARS is a floating garage that enables an AUV to be launched and recovered without needing a small boat, thereby simplifying operations and improving safety. Read more
Coord's new Surveyor app gives cities the power to digitally map curb rules
Smart Cities Dive
Sidewalk Labs-backed cloud-based integration platform Coord announced Wednesday a new Surveyor app that allows any iPhone user in the U.S. or Canada to "quickly and accurately collect the position of street features such as parking signs, curb cuts, fire hydrants and other assets at a fraction of the time and cost traditional surveying methods require," according to a blog post.
Curb space today is not what it was a decade ago. City curbs are now an elusive commodity for e-commerce operations and ride-hailing services, not to mention traditional parking needs that cities still grapple with. "The crazy part about all this activity is that, in most American cities today, nobody has a digital record of what the curb rules are at any given time or place," Glazer wrote. Read more
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
Geomatics Atlantic 2018
Theme - Oceans of Data
Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia
November 14-16th , 2018 
Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites
Halifax, NS

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