June 13, 2019
Le 13 juin 2019

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Nouvelles de PSC-GPC News
NSC 2019 and PSC Face-to-Face Meeting
Professional Surveyors Canada was pleased to be able to partner with the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors and Natural Resources Canada in the presentation of the National Surveyors Conference in Halifax May 1-3, 2019. This year’s NSC provided the opportunity to promote communication and collaboration across organizations on issues and initiatives of national scope impacting the Canadian land surveying community.

The Changing Landscape of Surveying in Canada
A key collaboration in this years conference was the presentation of the Responding to Change – The Evolving Boundaries of Practice Workshop. This one day workshop provided a wide ranging perspective on the changing landscape of surveying in Canada in response to advancing technology, evolving social attitudes, and trends in legislation and government policy affecting the self-regulating professions. PSC would like to acknowledge the contribution of the over two dozen professional land surveyors from across the country who participated in our working groups over a period of several months to compile the material presented at this workshop. 

The workshop was attended by approximately 170 land surveyors from across the country who engaged in a vigorous and positive discussion on the priorities and focus of the land surveying community required to communicate the value of our community to government and society, and to continue to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of our land survey and registration systems in response to accelerated and disruptive change. The proceedings of the workshop are currently being finalized and will soon be available on the PSC and ACLS websites.

PSC Members' Meeting
The NSC also provided the opportunity to hold our first AGM in which members were able to attend in person as well as online. The PSC board would like to thank the many members who participated in the AGM, and for the support expressed by members for the current activities and initiatives being pursued by the board and our committees. 

PSC Face to Face Meeting
After a very successful and engaging conference, the Board of PSC met for its annual two day face-to-face meeting to capture the weeks discussions and establish our priorities and working budgets for the coming years activities. This year our board meetings included a joint session with members of the ACLS council to explore ways in which both organizations can further collaborate and support each other going forward.

The board was also pleased to welcome Mr. Pedro Ortiz, past president of PSC’s counterpart in Spain, the Asociación Española de Geómetras-Expertos (AEGEX), for a very engaging and informative presentation on the Spanish land surveying and registry systems, and the challenges facing the nascent land surveying profession in Spain. Mr. Ortiz’s presentation was followed by a discussion of the potential opportunities for mutually beneficial information sharing and international cooperation between PSC and AEGEX under the umbrella of our recently signed MOU.

The Next NSC 2020
All in all, it was a very successful and busy week. Planning for next years National Surveying Conference in Mont Tremblant Quebec is already underway. We look forward to building on the organizational and professional relationships strengthened at this years event to contribute to the future advancement of the land surveying profession.
PSC Board of Directors and Pedro Ortiz
From left to right: James Dorland, Courtney Tripp, Mike Williams, Derek French, Ray Guy, Wilson Phillips, Past Chair, Brandon MacDonald, Pedro Ortiz, Past Chair AEGEX, Jordan Litke, Hal Janes, Chair, Michael Thompson, Vice-chair, Darren Patkau, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Gabriel Arancibia
Conseil d’administration de GPC et Pedro Ortiz à la réunion en face-à-face de GPC et la CNAG 2019 à Halifax
Le conseil de Géomètres professionnels du Canada (GPC) s’est réuni à Halifax en mai 2019, à titre de partenaires à part entière de l’Association des arpenteurs des terres du Canada (AATC), pour faciliter la conférence nationale des arpenteurs-géomètres (CNAG). Avec la participation de partenaires de l’industrie, GPC a présenté l’atelier « Responding to Change – The Evolving Boundaries of Practice Workshop » (Vivre les changements — L’évolution des limites de la pratique). Un résumé de la présentation, laquelle comportait plusieurs parties, est en cours d’élaboration et sera publié bientôt sur notre site Web. 

Nous avons tenu au cours de la conférence notre assemblée générale annuelle (AGA) des membres. Une modification a été apportée au format de la CNAG pour faciliter notre AGA, car nous avons tenu une rencontre en personne sur place et en ligne. Cela nous a permis de veiller à une meilleure participation de nos membres. Après la très réussie conférence, le conseil de GPC a rencontré le conseil de l’AATC pour étudier des façons pour les deux organismes de collaborer davantage et de se soutenir mutuellement dans l’avenir. À la suite de la réunion conjointe, GPC a tenu sa réunion en face à-face annuelle, qui consistait en une journée et demie de discussions du conseil et de planification d’initiatives futures. En somme, ce fut une semaine très chargée et fructueuse.

Protocole d'entente avec l'AEGEX
Ce fut un vrai plaisir d’accueillir Pedro Ortiz Toro, ancien président de l’Asociación Española de Geómetras-Expertos (Association espagnole des gèomètres-experts [(AEGEX]) et arpenteur-géomètre à Marbella (Espagne), à la réunion en face-à-face de GPC. En juillet 2018, GPC a signé un PE avec l’AEGEX. L’AEGEX et GPC ont un objectif commun, à savoir d’aborder les questions entourant l’évolution de la profession, ainsi que le renforcement de la communauté générale des arpenteurs géomètres, la poursuite de la promotion de celle-ci et l’établissement d’un réseau d’entraide.

En tant que secrétaire général des administrateurs du comité de normalisation de la Coalition internationale des normes d’arpentage, Pedro travaille activement à établir des normes d’arpentage et à siéger au sein de comités ou de groupes d’intérêts internationaux pour les arpenteurs géomètres. À la réunion, Pedro a présenté la structure de l’AEGEX, ses initiatives, et les défis associés à la profession en Europe.
Association News / Nouvelles des associations
Pathways to Credential Recognition for Foreign Trained Land Surveyors (FTLS)
Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS)
The Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS) is glad to announce that the new CBEPS/FTLS web site is up and running. This completes the “Pathways to Credential Recognition for Foreign Trained Land Surveyors (FTLS)” project. Go to www.cbeps-cceag.ca

The new process is in place and is managed by CBEPS. CBEPS' assessors, interviewers and Candidate Evaluation Committee members are ready to process applications from FTLS. Please now direct any applicants from outside Canada to go to the new Web site to get the information they need and apply.

Feel free to contact CBEPS Executive Director, Jean-Claude Tétreault ( executivedirector@cbeps-cceag.ca) or the CBEPS Registrar, Marie Robidoux ( registrar@cbeps-cceag.ca) if you have questions or concerns.
Voies vers la reconnaissance des diplômes pour les arpenteurs formés à l'étranger (AGFE)
Conseil canadien des examinateurs pour les arpenteurs-géomètres (CCEAG)
Le Conseil canadien des examinateurs pour les arpenteurs-géomètres est heureux d’annoncer que le nouveau site Web CCEAG / AGFE est opérationnel. Ceci termine le projet «Voies vers la reconnaissance des diplômes pour les arpenteurs formés à l'étranger (AGFE)». Allez à www.cbeps-cceag.ca 
Le nouveau processus est en place et est géré par le CCEAG. Les évaluateurs, intervieweurs et membres du comité d'évaluation des candidats du CCEAG sont prêts à traiter les demandes provenant des AGFE. Veuillez maintenant demander aux candidats de l’extérieur du Canada d’aller sur le nouveau site Web pour obtenir les informations dont ils ont besoin et appliquer.
N'hésitez pas à contacter le directeur exécutif du CCEAG ( executivedirector@cbeps-cceag.ca), Jean-Claude Tétreault ou Marie Robidoux, registraire du CCEAG, ( registrar@cbeps-cceag.ca) si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations.
Geolgnite Conference 2019
GoGeomatics Canada

June 18-19, 2019
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
Ottawa, ON
Full Day Open Source Geospatial Workshops

OSGeo Ottawa, Local Chapter
June 17, 2019
Ottawa, ON

International Surveyors Week 2019
June 16-23, 2019
In the Media / Dans les médias
Rare 18th Century map by Caernarfon surveyor sells for $100,00 in New York auction
The map 'generally deemed impossible to survive modern times' was created in 1755 by Lewis Evans
A rare 18th Century map of the British Colonies in America drawn up by a North Wales surveyor has been auctioned in New York for double its estimated value.
The "artefact" was created in 1755 by Lewis Evans who migrated to America from Caernarfon and his close friend, Benjamin Franklin - one of the Founding Fathers of the US. 
Swann Auction Galleries said the item "generally deemed impossible to survive modern times" was "one of the most significant and influential maps published in Colonial America".  Read more
Surveyor dropped Duke Energy easement from map before Johnston neighborhood built
Zebulon, N.C. — Close to 20 homes in a Johnston County neighborhood should never have been built, but a transmission line easement across the properties was left off plat maps before the neighborhood was developed.
Homeowners in the Buffalo Creek subdivision near Zebulon started receiving letters from Duke Energy two years ago informing them their homes, or part of their land, are on property owned by the utility company. Carolina Power & Light, which later merged into Duke, acquired a 180-foot-wide easement in 1987 for future power lines. Read more
No resolution in sight for contempt case
Columbia Daily Tribune
A Boone County man has now spent almost a month in jail for a zoning infraction, saying he doesn’t have the funds to comply with a court order. County officials disagree, saying Seth Reynolds holds the “keys to his freedom,” but is choosing to remain incarcerated.
Days later, officials said the building and Reynolds’ fence was in the county’s right-of-way and violated set-back requirements, so a variance would be required. Reynolds didn’t seek the until 2015, after the building was complete, and was denied. The county then demanded Reynolds bring the building in compliance and when he did not, the county filed for a permanent injunction. Read more
Failed appeal ends bitter six-year battle between Calgary neighbours over a fence — in a pond
National Post
Alberta’s top court isn’t sitting on the fence when it comes to who has the right to make use of a disputed Bearspaw reservoir.
In a ruling issued last week, a panel of judges on Alberta’s Court of Appeal upheld an earlier decision that found a barrier constructed across the two-hectare reservoir — just west of 12 Mile Coulee Road on Calgary’s western border — unfairly restricted recreational access to the waterway to a property that backs onto it. Read more
Wabana water feud finally ends, as business owner vows to vacate Bell island
Bitter dispute over water supply building began in 2015
CBC News
A drawn-out dispute between the Town of Wabana and a local business over the accidental sale of the municipal water supply has finally come to an end, but the fallout from the feud's bitter legacy continues.
Hundreds of people fill up bottles at the building each day, and both the company and town were caught off guard to realize that essential municipal service ended up in private hands. Both sides blame the lack of a survey when the sale was going through. Read more
Surveyor: Odakota Mountain's elevation lower than thought
The Brookings Register
RAPID CITY (AP) – South Dakota's second-highest peak is a little lower than advertised, according to a Nebraska surveyor.
Jerry Penry, a 52-year-old professional surveyor from Lincoln, Nebraska, pegged Odakota Mountain's elevation at 7,197.7 feet above sea level. That's about 2 to 12 feet lower than previously published figures.
His new survey using modern equipment and GPS found the mountain in the Black Hills still high enough to rank No. 2 on the list of named South Dakota peaks. Read more
Soil ‘dumped too close’ to waterway
North Bay Nugget
The owners of a piece of property on Pinewood Park Drive are concerned that some fill from the construction site of a new casino was dumped too close to a waterway.
But Paul Goodridge, a land surveyor visiting the site Thursday on behalf of the owner, said that was his only concern with the location. Read more
Transport Canada releases new drone rules
There are still limited places to fly in the CRD
Oak Bay News
Getting a bird’s eye view of the Island was once limited to those in planes and helicopters but now with the use of drones on the rise, the sky’s the limit for many photographers.
According to Devin Card of Aerial Vista Productions, flying drones in and around Victoria is pretty tricky as most of the air is controlled by the overlapping of the Aerodrome in the Inner Harbour and YYJ’s international airport. It’s also prohibited to fly drones in any CRD park. Read more

Encadrement plus serré du pilotage des drones : pas de levée de boucliers dans la région
Contrairement aux apparences, les nouvelles lignes directrices encadrant l'utilisation des drones ne provoquent pas que des grincements de dents. Des réactions positives ont, en effet, été exprimées au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.
Depuis le 1er juin, les propriétaires de tels engins pesant entre 250 grammes et 25 kilogrammes doivent se plier à certaines règles imposées par Ottawa.
Ils sont notamment tenus de faire immatriculer ces appareils télécommandés et de se soumettre à un examen en ligne.
À Saguenay, Jean-Philippe Archibald, qui est l’un des directeurs de l’agence de production Canopée Médias, voit ces mesures d’un très bon oeil. Lire plus
International News / Informations internationales
North Wales street's bid to secure a Guinness World record steps up a gear
Surveyors appointed to help Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech seize title from New Zealand
A council has stepped in to bolster a street's Guinness World Record bid.
Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, holds the title as the steepest street in the world but Harlech is chasing after the prize.  Read more
Country’s Zero Mile Stone
Some say it marked the then geographical centre of India
A stone pillar stands in the city of Nagpur, known quite simply as the Zero Mile Stone. Set up during the days of the British Raj, some say it marked the then geographical centre of India. Various distances have been marked on the pillar. There are other such pillars in the country which are living relics of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India — a cartographic or mapping exercise that mapped the contours of India. A survey pillar stands in North Parganas, Bengal. Started in 1802 by the East India Company, it was completed nearly seventy years later in 1871! In the process, four surveyors, including George Everest started and completed their terms!  Read more
Co-organiser ‘Survey of India’ is now onboard at GeoSmart India
Geospatial World
India: Geospatial Media and Communications has announced that Survey of India is now the co-organizer for the 20th Edition of GeoSmart India scheduled from 3rd – 5th December 2019 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India.
Striving to keep abreast of modern technology, Survey of India has successfully entered the era of geospatial mapping. Always living up to its motto of ‘Aa Setu Himachalam’, Survey of India is built on strong foundation which toils to adopt the latest trends in technologies to meet new challenges and therefore it is considered to beamongst the best surveyed countries in the world.  Read more
Tech News / Nouvelles techno
Drone Delivery Canada Announces Commercial Agreement with Air Canada
sUAS News
Drone Delivery Canada Corp. (TSXV: FLT, OTC: TAKOF) (the “Company” or “DDC“) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement (the “Agreement“) with Air Canada (TSX:AC) (“AC“) effective May 29, 2019 whereby Air Canada Cargo will market and sell DDC’s drone delivery services in Canada using Air Canada Cargo’s marketing and sales platforms and resources.
ursuant to the terms of the Agreement and subject to DDC obtaining required regulatory approvals, DDC will build and operate up to 150,000 drone delivery routes in Canada. Read more

Air Canada se lance dans la livraison par drones
La Presse
Air Canada a annoncé mardi son entrée sur le marché de la livraison par drones via une entente commerciale conclue avec l'entreprise spécialisée Drone Delivery Canada.
En vertu de cet accord, d'une durée de 10 ans, la division fret d'Air Canada jouera le rôle « d'agent commercial » pour vendre les services de livraison par drone au Canada de la startup, selon un communiqué de la compagnie aérienne. Lire plus
Drones Over German Cities – Science Fiction or Future Market?
the American Surveyor
Berlin/Karlsruhe, 05 June 2019. Against the backdrop of the German Federal Government’s funding programme for drones and air taxis, together with the unveiling of the CityAirbus in Ingolstadt in March, industry experts recently gathered in Berlin for a Round Table meeting. At the invitation of Europe’s largest drones trade fair, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO (17–19 September 2019 in Stuttgart), they discussed whether drones are being deployed successfully and cost-effectively anywhere yet in Germany, or whether vision and reality are still miles apart? Read more
Québec investit 17 millions dans un projet en cybersécurité
La Presse
Le premier ministre François Legault avait promis de faire de la création d'emplois bien rémunérés une « obsession ».
C'est donc avec le sourire fendu jusqu'aux oreilles qu'il a annoncé la participation du gouvernement du Québec pour la création d'un consortium en cybersécurité, qui pourrait mener à la création de 400 emplois de 90 000 $ par année en moyenne dans les cinq prochaines années.
Québec injecte 17 millions - soit le quart de l'enveloppe totale de 68 millions - de cette nouvelle initiative qui permettra de favoriser la réalisation de partenariats entre les grandes entreprises, les PME, les universités et les centres de recherche. Lire plus
Près de 300 millions pour des entreprises plus intelligentes
La Presse
Avis aux intéressés : depuis hier, 290 millions de dollars sont officiellement disponibles pour des projets au Canada visant à rendre les entreprises plus intelligentes, de la préproduction à la livraison du produit.
scale ai, l'une des cinq supergrappes retenues par Ottawa en février 2018, « est officiellement ouverte et peut commencer à fonctionner », annonce son PDG, Julien Billot.
Spécialisée dans l'application de l'intelligence artificielle pour les chaînes d'approvisionnement, comptant sur de nombreux partenaires québécois, scale ai vise à susciter les projets des entreprises. Lire plus

After months of waiting, groundwork for Ocean Supercluster is in place
'Within a month or so, we'll be making [project] announcements. Fingers crossed,' says official
Sixteen months after backing the so-called Ocean Supercluster to promote innovation in Atlantic Canada's ocean economy, the federal government has agreed to the ground rules, but the specifics haven't yet been made public.
A governance framework with the non-profit corporation set up to oversee the fund was signed in recent weeks.
It will unlock more than $300 million in spending between the federal government and the private sector on ocean-related projects over the next four years.  Lire plus
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
National Geodetic Survey Webinars
National Geodetic Survey
Webinar: Blueprint for 2022, Part III: Working in the Modernized NSRS
July 25, 2019 2:00-4:00pm Eastern time
Geolgnite Conference 2019
GoGeomatics Canada
June 18-19, 2019
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
Ottawa, ON

November 13-14, 2019
Red Deer, AB

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