April 11, 2019
Le 11 avril 2019

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Nouvelles de PSC-GPC News
Annual Members' Meeting 2019

The Professional Surveyors Canada Annual Members' Meeting will be held on:

  • Date: Thursday May 2, 2019
  • Time: 13:30 - 16:30 ADT
  • Hotel Halifax (formerly Delta Halifax), Halifax, NS

The meeting will be held using teleconference and VoIP technology to ensure equal accessibility for all members. For the first time, the Members' meeting will also be in person at the Hotel Halifax, in Halifax, NS during the 2019 National Surveyors' Conference. 

In order to attend this meeting you must be a current voting member. Under PSC bylaws, associate and student members are not voting members.

Assemblée annuelle des membres 2019

L'assemblée annuelle des membres de Géomètres professionnels du Canada se tiendra à:

  • Date: jeudi le 2 mai 2019
  • Heure: 13h30 - 16:30 HAA
  • Hotel Halifax (anciennement Delta Halifax), Halifax, NS

La réunion se tiendra par téléconférence et au moyen de la technologie de voix sur IP afin d'être également accessible à tous les membres. Pour la première fois, la Réunion des membres sera en personne à l'Hotel Halifax, à Halifax, en Nouvelle-Écosse pendant le Conférence nationale des a.-g. 2019.

Pour assister à la réunion, vous devez être un membre actuel à part entière. Sous les règlements de GPC, les membres associés et les étudiants ne sont pas des membres votants.  
Professional Surveyors Canada - Alberta Regional Meeting
Thursday April 25, 2019 6:30-7:30pm MDT
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Banff, AB

Come join us, hear about the latest PSC initiatives, watch our new videos, and talk with Hal Janes, Chair and Michael Thompson, Vice-chair, on April 25 6:30-7:30pm at the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association AGM, in Banff AB. Refreshments are provided.
PSC has launched its second YouTube video:
Subdivision - dividing your property using professional help
The video is the cumulative effort of the PSC Public Relations Committee and ACART Communications. Read about this and other initiatives in the upcoming quarterly report. Please share:
Retirement or Sales of Business
What you need to know about your professional liability insurance when you retire or sell your land surveying business
Article written by Gallager, PSC's Professional Liability Insurance broker

  • Land surveyors are professionals. They can be sued and held personally liable for professional services given when they were practicing.

  • If a claim/action were to arise after a land surveyor has retired or sold his/her practice, then the individual who signed the plan or gave the professional advice can be held liable for a minimum of 10 years and in some jurisdictions, much longer!

  • It is strongly recommended that the professional land surveyor obtain an insurance policy that will defend and indemnify the land surveyor and/or the estate upon retirement or the sale of their business.

Report to Membership - April 2019

Professional Surveyors Canada has partnered with the Association of Canada Land Surveyors to organize and facilitate the National Surveyors Conference (NSC). This year’s NSC will be held in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 1 - 3. This promises to be a very interesting event with several informative and thought-provoking seminars.

Public Awareness Campaign 

Our Public Relations Committee continues to focus on communication to increase the publics’ awareness of professional land surveyors and the important work that professional land surveyors do on behalf of the public.

Last fall we produced our first video aimed at raising the publics’ awareness on the importance of consulting a surveyor when purchasing a property. The video was quite successful, and garnered positive feedback. It is available on our website and on You Tube. 

Le rapport aux membres sera affiché sur notre site Web une fois qu'il aura été traduit.
NSC 2019 / CANG 2019
2019 National Surveyors' Conference
Halifax: Historic Gateway to Canada

Online registration for the 2019 National Surveyors' Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 1-3 is now available! REGISTER NOW!
Prices shown on the registration site are early bird amounts which are in effect until March 29th. Prices increase by 22% after that date.

We have a very exciting program planned, featuring the keynote speaker who will talk about the “Mysteries of Oak Island”. The conference will be held at the Hotel Halifax. For more information, visit our website!

Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to engage and network with fellow professionals from all around the nation at this highly anticipated event!

We look forward to seeing you in Halifax in May!

Jean-Claude Tétreault
Executive Director

Conférence nationale des a.-g. 2019 (CNAG 2019)
Halifax: Porte d’entrée historique du Canada

L'inscription en ligne pour la Conférence nationale des arpenteurs-géomètres de 2019 à Halifax en Nouvelle-Écosse du 1 au 3 mai est maintenant ouverte ! INSCRIVEZ-VOUS MAINTENANT !
Les prix indiqués sur le site d'inscription sont des montants de préinscription en vigueur jusqu'au 29 mars. Les prix augmenteront de 22% après cette date.

Nous avons prévu un programme très excitant, avec un conférencier invité qui parlera des
« Mystères de l’Île Oak ». La conférence aura lieu à l'Hôtel Halifax. Pour plus d'informations, visitez notre site web !

Ne manquez pas une occasion unique d’échanger avec des collègues de tous les coins du pays.

Au plaisir de vous voir à Halifax en mai !

Bien à vous,
Jean-Claude Tétreault
Directeur exécutif

Program Abstract
Responding to Change – The Evolving Boundaries of Practice

May 1, 2019

Cadastral systems and their management are undergoing significant change in Canada and around the world. The drivers of that change are many and powerful. They include the rapid advance of technology, an evolving public perception of expertise and a seemingly continual scrutinization of authoritative institutions including the traditional professions.

Résumé de programme
L’adaptation au changement – L’évolution des limites de la pratique

1er mai 2019

Les systèmes cadastraux et leur gestion subissent d’importants changements au Canada et dans le monde entier. Les moteurs de ce changement sont nombreux et puissants. Il y a notamment l’évolution rapide des technologies, une perception du savoir-faire qui a évolué et la surveillance apparemment continuelle des institutions ayant autorité, y compris les métiers traditionnels.


The ACLS in partnership with PSC is proud to announce the fifteenth National Surveyors’ Conference, May 1 to 3, 2019 with an expected turnout of 100-150 participants. Our corporate sponsors make an important contribution to the success of our conference, so your participation as a Sponsor is greatly appreciated.


L’AATC, en partenariat avec GPC, est fière d’annoncer que la quinzième conférence nationale des arpenteurs-géomètres aura lieu du 1er au 3 mai 2019 et qu’on y attend de 100 à 150 participants. Nos entreprises commanditaires apportent une contribution importante au succès de notre conférence. Votre participation à titre de commanditaire est donc grandement appréciée.

Association News / Nouvelles des associations
Sixth Annual Boundary Law Conference

Four Point Learning

Weekly Lunch & Learn Sessions:
8 Consecutive Tuesdays, April 9 to May 28
Online via Four Point Learning

AOLS April Webinar: "Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them"
AOLS In Sight March 29, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 12:00-1:00 pm

You carry liability insurance to protect yourself and the Public from financial ruin.

  • What are some actual examples of how insurance claims arise?
  • What steps can you take to avoid these pitfalls?
  • What are some of the settlement claim amounts?
  • Also, what are some of the costs to you and your business that don't actually show up on the final Statement of Claim?

Learn about some insurance claims that have happened in the past and what are some steps that can be taken to help guard you against future claims.

This webinar will be presented by Tom Packowski, OLS, Survey Review Department Manager and Chair, Continuing Education Committee.

In the Media / Dans les médias
Bronzed plaque honours pioneering surveyor
Alexander Niven discovered the Little Clay Belt in the Temiskaming Shores area
North Bay Nugget
Have you ever wondered where those dark blue, bronzed highway plaques come from. There is one plaque that has much to do about our back roads and it’s very specific location tells us why the byways appear as straight lines, running north-south for the most part.
The plaque is located three kilometres west of Cochrane on the north side of Highway 11. It’s on the 49th parallel of latitude north of the equator. It is the 81st line of longitude, west of the Prime Meridian, crossing Highway 11.  Read more
How ’bout that 40th parallel?
Herald Times
RBC | Ask a surveyor about the 40th parallel and the answer might be a shrug and then: “It’s just line on a map.”
Have you ever been on Baseline Road in Boulder? The 40th parallel became the primary “baseline” for surveying the land in the eastern portion of the new territory, and the road was eventually cut along that baseline, which was simply the western extension of aforementioned the Kansas-Nebraska boundary. Read more
Showcasing the DNR: Monument men, surveyors of Michigan’s land
Morning Sun
Meridian Road. Baseline Road. Townline Road. Rangeline Road. Section Street.
These road and street names refer all the way back to the early 1800s, when the U.S. Congress established a General Land Office and created the Public Land Survey System.
Early land surveyors systematically divided Michigan into a grid of 1-mile squares, marked with wooden corner posts at half-mile intervals, following a north-south meridian, an east-west baseline, township lines, range lines and section lines. Read more
It's wise to avoid debating any fisherman armed with a camera
A recent viral video of an encounter in Sebastian between a homeowner on her dock and a fisherman in the waters nearby begs sharing a little knowledge on the subject of riparian rights.
Calling him a “loser” and herself “rich” while spraying him with a dock hose, the woman claimed he was fishing on her private waters. Bad move. That fisherman has the right to fish anywhere on navigable waters based on the legal principle called the Public Trust Doctrine.   
Florida is unique in as much as we have thousands of miles of shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, bays, intracoastal waterways, rivers, lakes, canals, etc.  Read more
Lines had to be drawn the hard way in early Idaho, and surveyors did the vital work
Idaho Statesman
Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, centuries B.C., mankind has devised ways to measure and establish boundaries between one piece of land and another. This has been necessary to establish ownership of farms, city lots and political subdivisions, including nations.
America, from the beginning, has had some notable surveyors. Did you know that George Washington learned the craft in 1749 when he was only 17, and was later appointed surveyor general of Virginia?
Daniel Boone, despite little formal schooling, learned to survey lands in the Eastern states, and Thomas Jefferson, that true Renaissance man, was appointed county surveyor of Albemarle County Virginia in 1773. Read more
Pentagon surveying sites for new border wall segments
The Hill
The Pentagon has begun surveying sites along the southern border to put up new physical barriers, as the administration moves forward with President Trump's border wall.
The new construction will be funded by $1 billion recently transferred by the Pentagon under Trump’s national emergency declaration and could begin by late May if the Department of Homeland Security issues environmental waivers, which would expedite construction, according to CNN.
A spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers confirmed to The Hill that teams of experts and engineers are looking at sites in Yuma, Ariz., and the New Mexico portion of the El Paso sector, which also includes Texas. Read more
Le Pentagone débloque un milliard pour le mur frontalier avec le Mexique
Le chef du Pentagone, Patrick Shanahan, a annoncé en soirée lundi qu'un montant d'un milliard de dollars sera débloqué afin de construire une section du mur voulu par le président Donald Trump à la frontière avec le Mexique.
Cette somme servira à construire une clôture antipiétons de plus de 5 mètres de hauteur sur plusieurs tronçons totalisant 91 kilomètres, entre les villes de Yuma, en Arizona, et d'El Paso, dans l'extrême ouest du Texas. Lire plus
Know what you own with a land survey
The News-Enterprise
Selling a large parcel of land can require some important groundwork beforehand to obtain the highest dollar amount possible.
Often, the first thing a person needs to do is determine the exact amount of acreage they own. That may sound silly, but it’s not uncommon for properties that haven’t changed hands in a while or haven’t warranted the marking of property boundaries to have less-than-stellar descriptions of what is there. First, look at the legal description of the property, which will be shown on the deed. The legal description is what describes the boundaries and states the amount of land contained within. Read more
International News / Informations internationales
Young graduate wins pipeline award
A young surveyor at a leading property agency in Ashby (UK) is already making waves in the pipeline industry after a presentation about her work won a prestigious Midlands competition.
World Pipelines
Lucy Whitaker, a 23 year old graduate surveyor who joined Fisher German’s Ashby office after leaving university in September, entered the Sir John Parker Competition, run by the Young Professionals of the Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG).
Participants had to present about anything to do with the pipeline industry – as long as it was related to work they have done. Read more
Upcoming Events / Prochaines activités
Locator Safety Awareness week (LSAW)
April 22-28, 2019
Visit LocatorSafety.com to download free tools you can use to promote locator safety.

2019 Map/Plat Design Competition
National Society of Professional Surveyors
Entrants need not be members of NSPS; however, entries must be sponsored by a state association affiliate of NSPS or a member of NSPS.
All entries must be received by:
5:00 pm on April 30, 2019

BeSpatial '19 Conference
BeSpatial/Urisa Ontario
May 1-2, 2019
The Bayview Golf and Country Club
Thornhill, ON

Geolgnite Conference 2019
GoGeomatics Canada
June 18-19, 2019
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
Ottawa, ON

Historical Tour to France for Surveyors
AOLS In Sight January 4, 2018
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

Adventure, travel and history opportunity!

Doug Culbert, OLS and Vicky Culbert from the Archival and Historical Committee of the AOLS are planning to walk through history in Normandy this fall. A tour has been planned with Elison Tours and you are invited to join on this two-week adventure!
Eiffel Tower AOLS In Sight Jan4-2018
Please find below the links to the information about this trip. It is open to people working in the Land Surveying business and their families. The travel insurance is not mandatory, but highly recommended - not necessarily from Carlson, many plans are available.

Vimy Ridge AOLS In Sight Jan 4-2018
If you have any questions regarding this tour or to make arrangements, please contact Ellison Tours directly:
Rick Wendler
(519) 235-2000 x.278
If you have any further questions after talking to Ellison Tours, Vicky Culbert is there to answer them - please contact her at vickymarieculbert@yahoo.ca
November 13-14, 2019
Red Deer, AB

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