August 2022
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Note from our Moderator
The intense heat of mid-summer is upon us. August not only brings hot, dry weather, it also brings HCC’s Vacation Bible School to nurture the hearts and souls of the littlest members of our flock and our town. I am excited to see what this year’s version brings.
It is hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will be packing up the beach blankets in favor of backpacks, trading the sometimes lazy days of summer vacation for the busyness of back-to-school activities and preparation. I personally am looking forward to all the exciting programming at HCC in September and around town including the homecoming luncheon and All-Boards Meeting. 
Thank you to all who attended the youth-run church service on July 24, which coincided with our little Delilah’s baptism. It was extremely warm that day, but the spirit of Jesus and the love of community enveloped us. Our family is so honored to be surrounded by the embrace of Hingham Congregational Church, and we were overwhelmed with joy on that day. We have already been working with Delilah on her lines as we are hoping she auditions for a part in the Christmas pageant unless, of course, the role goes to someone younger.
-John Wayne Pint
Christian Education Update!
We need parent volunteers in our Church School! This year we are asking for a shepherd in each of our three classrooms. We ask that as a shepherd you commit to one month at a time, beginning on the second week of the month and ending with the conclusion of the month. For example; if you sign-up for October you will join one of our teachers in their class on October 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th . This will allow our volunteers to worship on the first Sunday of the month and participate in communion. As a Shepherd you are not responsible for lesson plans, curriculum or materials.
If you are interested, please visit our sign-up genius to find a time slot that works for you!
 Lisa Bundy
Director of Christian Education

Registration for VBS – Adventure Island has begun: hccucc.com/vbs-2022/ Questions: lisabundy106@gmail.com 

Counselor in training program available for grades 6 and up.

Remember, friends are welcome to sign up with you. Share the flyer and spread the word! Great things are happening at HCC!

We need Volunteers!!!
VBS is fast approaching and we need help. Maybe you’re a crafter or musician, maybe you are a great story teller! We need you!!!
Please fill out this google form with your information and availability for the week of August 15th:
Reflections by those who went to
the Corrymeela Community, Northern Ireland
To view the service lead by our High Schoolers and hear additional reflections, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5620RKaYNL0
I went into Corrymeela (and the trip to Ireland in general) with no expectations whatsoever. I had little to no prior experience with the Troubles besides our youth group’s watching of Belfast. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when the leaders at Corrymeela were able to remain truly impartial about the conflict. We visited the Apprentice Boys Museum on the Protestant side of Derry in the morning, and the Free Derry museum on the Catholic side in the afternoon. As we progressed through the city, the tension that remained between the two sides was obvious. But the people at Corrymeela never tried to push us towards one side or another. They simply gave us additional info about the events surrounding the Troubles, and allowed us to make our own conclusions. I am very grateful for this, coming from a country where our political divides seem insurmountable and our ideological conflicts persevere to this day.
    I came to the youth group as an outsider of sorts. I had come all the way from Boston, while everyone else lived in Hingham. I was one of the few teens that did not attend Hingham High. My relationship with the church was built around music more so than spirituality. Despite all of this, I came back to the U.S feeling as though I had made 8 new close friends. Together, our group learned about conflicts and relationships (and conflicts in relationships). We stayed up until 11pm playing card games. We had a combined total of 36 hours of travel together. And we all experienced the natural and spiritual beauty of Ireland and Corrymeela together. This kind of experience cannot compare to even the full school year of meetings leading up to the trip. It cannot compare to the years that many of the group knew each other (since we all learned at least 10 new things about each member of the group by the end). This trip also did something that few other service trips can accomplish: it allowed each group member to go off on their own and discover a part of themselves. It contained the perfect balance of community time and alone time, and I will always be grateful that this opportunity for growth and learning was given to me.
Reflection by Audrey Ludley
Never have I been more grateful for a travel opportunity than going to Ireland with the senior high youth group and leaders. Going into the trip, I was of course very excited and had high hopes, but I could not imagine that my expectations would be exceeded like they were. Corrymeela was very warm and such an amazing place to spend time in. The people who worked there went out of their way to be welcoming and make Corrymeela an enjoyable place to be. I did not know what to expect when we arrived at Corrymeela and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.
   I had of course known about Ireland’s infamous green fields and lush vegetation, but even that surprised me. Countless green fields, dozens of cows grazing in the fields, and even many windmills could be found not far from the road. It had me staring out the window for all of the bus rides we took and made it impossible to be bored while driving around. Even around Corrymeela there were walking paths and gardens to walk around. The sightseeing trips we took around were even more awe-inspiring. Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle are great examples because of the immense size, history, and beauty that can be seen there. I could have spent days sitting on the rocks at Giant’s Causeway listening to the waves crash into the rocks or exploring the immense stone structures. It was my favorite place that we went to see, especially because we don't have anything like it around here. 
   I cannot speak for everyone when I say this, but for me, one of the most amazing and fun parts of the trip was the group dynamic. Throughout the trip, the group really turned into friends, and I could definitely feel that by the end. By all of the memories playing cards, walking down to the beach, and participating in the group games that Corrymeela had for us, we became much closer. While I was excited to get to know people closer going into this trip, I was not prepared for the level of friendship and mutual respect that would develop.
   As a group we focused on conflict resolution and how to deal with conflict. We discussed the different ways to handle conflict and why some are better than others. I appreciated how what we were taught could be applied to me in real life. It felt like a worthwhile lesson that will help me down the road. As a result, we learned about the history of conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Derry when we visited the city. It was an excellent follow up to our lesson because it was interesting to see how people handled conflict in real life and how conflict still exists in the world.
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take this trip and go with the people I did, especially after it was postponed a year. I made so many memories that will stick with me for a long time and brought me closer to people that I went with. It was such a fun and memorable trip that I will remember for a long time, and I am so appreciative that I was able to go. A tremendous thank you to Pete, Tracy, Greg, Suzanne, and Ryan for leading this trip and to the members of the church for making it possible.
Sunday July 24th was very special in many ways! One of which was the Baptism of Delilah Serena Pint, the child of Penelope and John Pint and the the sister of Eamon, Phoenix, and Danica..
Outreach Update:,

Global Impact 
HCC and the UCC are set up to help with the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. From the UCC, “Our Ukrainian neighbors need us now. Millions have been displaced, seeking shelter and necessities. Please take a moment to help our partners in the region meet these needs with a gift to the UCC Ukraine Relief Fund” at UCC Ukraine Emergency Appeal Link or by check earmarked Outreach, Ukrainian Crisis. And to help support the Afghan refugee effort, checks can be earmarked Outreach, Afghan Refugees. 
Our Impact Closer to Home
For the first time since February 2020, HCC volunteers are able to serve meals and provide desserts for guests at the Pine Street Inn in Boston, https://www.pinestreetinn.org/. The Pine Street Inn has revised its volunteer program due to health concerns and food safety guidelines.
  • Meals are prepared at the Pine Street Inn by PSI staff. Volunteer programs, including HCC, will no longer prepare and deliver meals.
  • Desserts may be donated; however, they must be store-bought, packaged items.
  • Two volunteers serve the meal, and a PSI employee assists and oversees the process.
  • HCC is now providing two servers and desserts for the evening meal on the women’s side on the third Monday of each month.
The Guild Consignment Center has funded the costs of the food for the meals prepared for PSI for nearly forty years. Due to the new regulations, they are generously funding the costs of the meals we would have prepared. In addition to the Consignment Center donation, the Pine Street Inn receives financial support for its programs to end homelessness and provide affordable housing from the HCC Outreach budget.
On Monday, July 18, my husband, Mike, and I served the evening meal at Pine Street Inn to about sixty women. The meal consisted of chicken breasts in a tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, rice with peas, bread and butter, banana bread prepared at PSI, and Chips Ahoy that we brought. We arrived at 4:45 PM and were finished by 6:00 PM. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience. Pine Street Inn has measures in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone. We were checked in to ensure we did not have COVID systems or exposure, wore our masks, and were provided with PSI aprons and hats.
For the remainder of 2022, two HCC servers and store-bought desserts for up to 80 women are needed for the following dates: August 15, September 19, October 17, November 21, and December 19. Please contact me, Ruth Whitner, by phone/text: 339-613-7247, by email rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net, or in person, and let me know when you would like to help by serving and/or donating desserts.
will be held on
August 17. 
Links will be sent out on those day

Will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
at 6:00 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome!

Christopher Larsen <surgical411@aol.com>

Special Music Every Sunday this Summer
Thanks to all involved!
If you missed a service, find it on the church YouTube Channel
JUNE 26 – Nick Capodilupo, tenor
3 – Karen Davis, piano
10 – Owen Kidd, trumpet
17 – Ed Bartholomew, baritone horn
        Karen Davis, Sarah England, piano
24 – Carolyn Antoine, Lisa Fiascone, Steve Waynen
31 – Pete and Tracy Allen with Eileen Hutchins
               7 – Nick Capodilupo and Sarah England
               14 – Steve Waynen, guitar, piano, vocals
                       Sarah England, piano
               21 – Ed Bartholomew, Sarah England, Eamon Pint, Steve Waynen
               28 – Jane Kungie, oboe, Eileen Hutchins, piano
               4 – Karen Davis, piano
Senior Choir Rehearsals resume Thursday, September 8, 7:30 – 9:15 PM, All are welcome!
Senior Choir Sings, Sunday, September 11, 2022, 9AM Rehearsal, 10AM Service
Flowers for Sunday Services
Opportunity to help beautify our Sanctuary with flowers. Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide flowers from your garden or a florist, in celebration or in memory of a loved one at:

Consignment Center: 
Gathering for Another Year
The summer weeks have provided time for the Consignment Center staff to rest, restore, and reconsider our needs for fall. There are several ways for you to help us resume and meet our goals.
Soon, it will be time to prepare a new inventory for fall shoppers.
Again this year, the Board of Outreach will sponsor a Consignment Offering on Sunday, September 11, a time when you can bring an extra or outgrown item from your home to donate for our opening day. We be on hand after the morning worship service and available downstairs to receive your gifts. These can include fall clothing (clean, current, good condition) for anyone in the family,
fashion and travel accessories, children’s toys, games and puzzles, linens, kitchenware, artwork, lamps and small appliances.
The 2022-23 season will begin on Tuesday, September 13. Your donations will help us create displays and have merchandise on the racks when consignors and customers arrive to resume regular business hours each Tuesday (10am-7pm), Wednesday (10am-1pm), Thursday (10am-6pm), and Saturday (10am-1pm).
As our ministry grows to serve a widening community, our need for volunteers also increases. Are you facing an empty nest or a new way of living in retirement? Are you conversational? Creative? Detail oriented? Business savvy? Gentle? Task oriented? A Personal shopper? People person? Problem solver? A place on our team requires only three hours a week. We are accepting and
training new volunteers, and will work flexibly with your talents and your time.
If you are interested in working with us, or have more questions, please contact Gail Shields
(gpsshields@yahoo.com), Sarah England ( england-sarah@comcast.net ) or Marcia Sinclair

                      PAPER NOR PLASTIC

Bring your own reusable bags with you when you shop. The average American uses 350 bags each year according to the World Wildlife Fund. When you reuse a bag we can reduce needless deaths of marine life. Many plastic bags end up in the oceans and streams. Single-use paper shopping bags require the cutting of trees and CAN be reused if you forget to take your multi-use bags. And what with all the wildfires we are experiencing these days, we need all the trees we can keep. 

And always remember to -  

Ever thought about being a Sunday School Teacher? SNEC is offering a virtual session on explore the craft of ministering with children and their families on August 4th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Please see additional information at: https://www.sneucc.org/eventdetail/16553587?month=8&year=2022&day=1&display=m

Please keep in 
       your prayers...
  • Tricia Smock
  • Josh Antoine 
  • Justin Macklin, whose father died recently 
  • Prayers for the victims of human trafficking & smuggling - especially those who died in Texas
  • Prayers for Kay Doherty and her family and for husband, Ron, who died peacefully earlier this week, surrounded by his family.
  • Andy Parmelee
  • The People of Ukraine
  • Candy Heath
  • Barbara McGovern’s nephew Brendan, and his wife, Oksana, photo journalists living in Kyiv. 
  • Terri Fortin’s friend, Diane
  • Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine’s brother
  • Dan Halpenny and his family, friends of Jen DiMarzio
  • Ginger Carpenter Haberle, friend of Kate Kallis
  • Nancy Hansberry's sister, Sue
  • John Kallis, Kate’s son, with health concerns
  • Susan Sardina’s Afghan friends
  • Nancie Mooney
  • Bud and Connie Thompson
  • Nick Nasson
  • Peter Edson and his sister Dale
  • Al Carpenter
  • Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage
  • Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination
Wishing a Happy August Birthday to our HCC family
Wishing a Happy August Anniversary to: 
1  Steve & Lynn Muller Waynen
6  Raymond & Erin Childs,
Avi & Patricia Lev
14 Doug & Terri Fortin
15 T.R. & Sherry Schilb
19 Tom & Linda Ricciardelli
21 Marco & Linda Boer
26 Eleanor & Jim Hughes - 55 years!
What's happening in August at HCC?
South Shore Habitat for Humanity
781-337-7744 x140