March 2021

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Hingham Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
366 Main St,
Hingham MA 02043
Please note:
If you need financial assistance,
please contact Rev. Pete for confidential help at pastor@hccucc.com.

A Note From Our Ministry Intern
Sunday Schoolers-
A new time and new link for Kids Hot-Cocoa Hour
10:15 am 
Join Zoom Meeting: 

Meeting ID: 979 5049 3093 Passcode: HCCkids21

A Note from Our Moderator
The day I am writing this is bright and beautiful; the birds are singing. The day you read it might be completely the opposite. Such is March in New England! There is a feeling of newness to spring, even though it happens every year. It is such a joyful, energizing feeling. Sometimes March feels like a practice session, a taste of the promise of spring, then a string of dark, cold days, until the “teaser” sunny days finally outnumber the crummy ones. 
Emerging from the pandemic feels much the same. We will have teaser days when life feels back to normal and crummy days to remind us of all of the loss and that we still have to be careful. It is hard to be patient as the end draws near. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, we have so much to discover and rediscover in friendships old and new at HCC! 
-Lynn Mayo

Reclaiming Her Holiness:
A Poetic Reflection on Psalm 139
by Daryl H Denelle, Yale Divinity School M.Div. ‘22

God of Flesh and God of Wounds,
You are familiar with all of her ways,
You say You know her completely. 
“Lord, how do You still find me holy?” she says,
Especially in her brokenness lately. 
So, how do You find any holiness in this one? 
What blessings do You discern?
Haven’t You searched her up and down, 
And found her wanting and needing to learn? 
Her hips are disjointed in both sockets –
like broken tree branches hanging limp, 
her back has twisted into the shape of a sickle,
Like a lily, her left ankle has begun to club in,
and her stomach protrudes 
due to low muscle tone.
If You’ve known her since she was in her mother’s womb, 
then why have You not yet laid Your hand upon her?
Can’t You knit together in wonder and in love - 
a body that is more holy, more free,
and more easy to love?
What is holy about her mess,
Could it be that she is still sacred -
even in her distress?
Because in the middle of the nights,
a voice sometimes whispers,
she was made to prophesy for others’ rights.
Please know, Holy Love,
that she is unable to comprehend
her own holiness and beauty.
Maybe she needs a reminder
of Who is truly above.
You promise to know the words on her tongue
before she even speaks them, 
yet she cannot seem to take
a deep enough breath into her lung.
She feels that the words she says
are imposters,
So how can she honor all the knowledge,
all the love,
and all the hope that she fosters?
She does not know where she’s going yet,
she does not feel truly holy yet.
But Beloved, You promise to know
when we sit down and when we rise;
so please, I beg, be with her. 
Because she is worthy of more love,
she is worthy of more help,
and she is worthy of being called holy.
God of Creation,
humans have called her body a mistake,
a disgrace,
a simple waste of space. 
But she is learning not to trust
that old truth,
because You do not make outtakes,
You simply remake 
a new take on holiness. 
So let her reclaim her identity for herself,
because then she is like fire,
only growing hotter and brighter
in her desire.
Links and more information will come later.
Please reach out to Meredith Anderson if you have any questions.
New Dates for HCC Zoom Café
First Tuesday of each month

at 9:30am.

April 6

May 4 - June 1

 Please join us for a time of fellowship and conversation!

Fellowship Committee
Wednesday Evening Lenten Services
March 3, 10, 17 at 7:30 pm via Zoom

Passcode: 857422
The passcode will be needed

No evening Prayer with Pastors - on those nights

Search Committee Confirmed!
The Executive Council approved a search committee to find a new staff member for our church.
Will this new person be an Associate Pastor? A Director of Christian Education? Something else? Making that decision is our first order of business and we need your help. Please look for future communication from the Search Committee as we look and listen for your input. A survey should be ready in a couple of weeks.
Our Search Committee is made up of folks with deep commitments and much experience in the areas of Christian education, youth ministry, worship, pastoral care, and general church leadership. They represent different generations and lengths of association with HCC. They are enthusiastic and hopeful about their task. Please keep the following Search Committee members in your prayers:

Justin Macklin, Chair
Cait English, Scribe
Rosemary Arthur
Angela Scipione
Alana Snyder
Pete Allen

Waking Up White Lenten Book Study
Part of our Lenten discipline is to look deeply inside ourselves and take inventory. From what truths have we been shielded? What lies have we believed? What needs to change within our hearts and minds? Can we embrace the gospel message of wise compassion and allow it to lead us away from racism? Many of you have read Waking Up White, by Debby Irving and found it compelling and instructive.
I am planning a two-part study at 11:30 a.m. (just after virtual coffee hour) on Sundays, March 7 and 21. Please buy or borrow the book and join in! I hear that the audiobook version is very engaging because the author herself reads the book. No need to register.
Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89354140235  No need for a passcode.
HCC Anti-Racism Group
Please contact Debbie Edmundson at dedmundson@comcast.net if you are interested in examining HCC’s place in the world as an anti-racism organization. We’ll talk about our history, personal and institutional, and figure out where we go from here.
HCC UCC Outreach News:
UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing Annual Offering
Our annual offering for OGHS is coming up in March. OGHS has been a giving tradition for our church for over 30 years because it
has an important mission – to support health, education, refugee and emergency relief initiatives in the USand around the world. Just a few examples of how OGHS funds were used in 2020: educated people on how to better deal with Covid, emergency support to victims of the wildfires in Oregon and assistance to refugees in Jordan. These funds have helped people in many countries and with major life challenges. Please consider contributing to OGHS during the month of March .You can donate via HCC’s website, https://hccucc.com/who-we-are/giving/and scroll down to Special Offerings. Or drop off or mail a check with OGHS in the memo line to HCC at 366 Main St., Hingham, MA 02043.
Thank you for supporting this important organization.


Easter Food Boxes - virtual
Our Easter Food Boxes for Wellspring in Hull will be virtual again this year!
Since we are still not meeting in Church we will follow the plan started last Easter of making donations instead of preparing boxes of food. The need for assistance remains high as people’s lives have been disrupted by illness and unemployment. All donations of any size are greatly appreciated. You may want to donate about what you would spend if you were filling a box with a dinner of ham, vegies, fruit and dessert – about $50 - $70. Wellspring needs to receive donations by 3/29/21. Please get your donation in by March 22. You can donate via HCC’s website https://hccucc.com/who-we-are/giving/ or drop off or mail a check with Wellspring in the memo line to HCC at 366 Main St., Hingham, MA 02043.

Check out Outreaches Annual Report further down!
Hingham Unity Council
Here’s an item from the Hingham Unity Council website. Take a look. Where do you fit in?
Weekly HCC Virtual Coffee Hour
  Sundays at 11:00 am Via Zoom!
Welcome to the . . .
HCC 2021 Fellowship Soup Share! 
For January, February & March lets have a little soup-fun!

We welcome all HCC members and friends to submit their favorite soup or stew recipes for all of us to try. We’ll be able to make
them at home, and see what we think. Then we can vote on our favorites. At the end of the 3 months the chef that submitted the soup/stew with the most votes gets a new apron!

If you or someone you know is not part of FB, they can email Stephanie Minister (sgeorgmini@yahoo.com) and she can add the recipe.

Try a recipe and write a review!

Happy New Year!
Stephanie Minister

The cost is $15.00/plant
Please get your requests in by Monday March 29th
Order lilies, daffodils and tulips to honor and celebrate those you love during this season.
You can either mail a check with flowers written on the memo line to: HCC 366 Main St Hingham MA 02043 or sign up on the website https://hccucc.com/easter-flowers/ If you would like to down load a form , go to: https://hccucc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Easter-Plant-order-form-2019.pdf

If you have any questions, please call the office at 781-749-1276 or email churchoffice@hccucc.com
Green Thought of the Week:
Here is a “fun” - and instructive - 8 min. video about a beach cleanup - what one person can do to help the environment.
A California univ. professor, who led an environmental Workshop several years ago in Plymouth, takes us along on his S. California beach cleanup walk. This could be right here along our nearby Atlantic coast beaches as well. The main message is this: we need to “refuse” whenever we can and keep trash out of our water sources. This means being thoughtful consumers, buying only products we need and will use, products that are “greener” when possible, (recyclable, reusable, natural,…), and disposing of them responsibly. This 8-minute video can get us rethinking the little things we can do to, “Love our Mother.

Board of Outreach 2020 Annual Report Summary
2020 was a year when in spite of the pandemic our church and the Board of Outreach generously distributed a record $74,978 to 24 agencies and organizations. Recipients were local, national and global with a large range of missions including homelessness, hunger, the disabled, children, women, disaster relief and support for theological learning. Here are some highlights of our giving programs during 2020.
Wellspring in Hull – Our Easter and Christmas food boxes went virtual due to concerns about covid and in-person shopping. Over $1800 was donated for Easter and $1555 for Christmas.
 Interfaith Social Services in Quincy, received over 30 back-to school backpacks that were stuffed with needed school supplies for children .
Hingham Food Pantry received three large boxes and over 40 individual side dishes that were delivered as our traditional Carrot Sunday became Side Dish Sunday due to concerns of handling food during Covid 19 restrictions.
Bucks for Birds broke record giving amounts as $4350 was collected. This provided 120 families with turkeys and $1,500 food gift certificates for clients of Wellspring, Father Bill’s and Interfaith social Services.
The Giving Tree was generously supported as EVERY ornament/gift request was fulfilled. Over 70 gifts and gift cards were delivered to DOVE, Father Bill’s, Wellspring, Diana Devanna Center and more.
Blanket & Tool Sunday and One Great Hour of Sharing donations were larger than 2019 and UCC supported these from our general budget.

The Board of Outreach greatly appreciates the HCC Church Family for their concern for others and generosity in donating time, money, and talents to support our Outreach Mission of serving those in need.
At the request of the
Christ Congregational Church, UCC
of Brockton, Massachusetts,
the Pilgrim Association will gather 
for the Ecclesiastical Council of
Ann-Marie Illsley
to Christian Ministry in the
United Church of Christ pending a call.
Sunday, March 7, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.

to read Ann-Marie's ordination paper.

Evening Prayer Time
with Pastors

Wednesday Evenings at
7:00 pm returning March 24

Links will be sent out on Wednesdays
Growing in Faith Together
Bible Study 
starting up on January 7
Thursday Mornings at 9 am 
in a virtual format.
Please contact
Rev. Dr. Peter Allen to connect (pastor@hccucc.com).
Call for Winter Music Volunteers! 

We are in need of volunteer musicians. Senior choir will continue to gather on ZOOM, Now Thursdays 7:15 -8:45
We will create virtual choir anthems. David Giessow
Tuesday Night Bible Study at 7 pm
Tuesday night bible study is continuing via zoom at 7:00 pm. 

To get more information, please speak with Paul Jeffery (pauljeffrey888@gmail.com), Terri Fortin (terrifortin@comcast.net) , Todd Anderson (toddkanderson78@gmail.com)

Please keep in 

       your prayers...

  • Laura Spaziani, whose mom passed away recently  
  • Marcia Ross, whose mom passed away recently
  • Family and friends of George Jenkins (Jay), who passed away recently
  • Nick Nasson, with health concerns
  • Kris Shorey, following surgery 
  • Family and Friends of Mary Lou Fitzsimmons, who passed away recently
  • Family and friends of Jane Thorell, who passed away recently
  • Peter Edson’s sister, Dale, with health concerns
  • Candy Heath with health concerns
  • Mike Collins, Jeff's brother, struggling now hospitalized with serious complications from progressive MS
  • Ann Holmes, Priscilla Anderson’s mother
  • Al Carpenter 
  • Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage 
  • People in abusive households
  • All brave essential employees
  • Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine's brother
  • Peter Edson
  • Children and youth with atypical routines at this time, especially those with food insecurity 
  • Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination 
  • All those affected by the coronavirus in the world.

Wishing a Happy March Birthday
to our HCC family.
Wishing a Happy February Anniversary to:  

March 18 - Michael & Susan Sardina - 43 Years!
What's happening in March at HCC?
Save the dates!

March 3, 10, 17 at 7:30 pm Wednesday Evening Lenten Services
via Zoom - no evening Prayer with Pastors - on those nights

March 28 at 10 am Palm Sunday
April 1 at 7:30 pm Maundy Thursday
April 4 at 10:00 am Easter Sunday