March 2023

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Message from the Minister

In Between

March is an in between month. I know that it’s mostly winter, but it’s becoming spring. We’ve had a few dustings, but I wouldn’t count on any real snowfall this year.

Whether or not it snows in these next few weeks, we already see crowds of white snowdrops blossoming in the woods behind our lawns and purple crocuses coming up all over the place. And there is still a thin layer of crusty snow in many of our yards. 

The earth, in our time and place, is in between.

We can also often feel so very in between in our lives. Are we kids or are we adults? Are we truly old yet? Are we settled into a career or are we still searching? Are we going to do the hard but rewarding work on our marriage or are we going to move on because it’s time? Are we dying or living with a disease? Are we male or female or somewhere on that spectrum of sexual identity? Are we happy or sad or something else? Those of you who are of mixed race must really feel that in-between thing as well. 

Lent is an in-between time. We are heading towards Easter, but we’re definitely not there. Not yet. Please join me in acknowledging the in-betweenness of life. Let’s explore what is means and how great it is to be loved by our God and by our community when we are in that in-between place, 


Note from our Moderator


As I sit down to write this during the first week of Lent, out of my window large snowflakes flutter to the earth. While this winter has felt extremely mild, spring is peeking its head around the corner as the region rouses itself from winter’s slumber.


True to the season, the past month-and-a-half has been a busy one in the life of our church as the 175th Jubilee celebration and commemoration kicks into high gear. The BINGO for Books event provided family fun for friends of all ages and inspired others to spearhead and coordinate fresh and creative fundraising ideas like the upcoming Baking for Books, Bargains for Books, and Bottles for Books. We also celebrated at the Deacons Jubilee Brunch, during which we heard historical stories from longtime beloved members of our church, along with poetry and song, all of which was recorded for posterity. And, we had the opportunity to honor Reverend Pete on his 10 years of service with HCC.


Looking ahead at March, our family is very much looking forward to the Bowling for Books event on March 12 from 3-5pm at South Shore Country Club. The event will be fun for all ages and harkens back to a candlepin bowling event the Fellowship board hosted a few years ago where it seemed like half the church attended to spend social time together. 


Where I’m from, candlepin bowling is virtually unknown in favor of the heavy-ball ten-pin version of the game. Like the coming spring, I’m gradually warming to the New England variation. It truly is a more family-friendly game accessible to a broader range of ages (even though I find it much harder to score). At the last HCC bowling event, I recall rolling the balls while holding Danica in my arms, certainly something that would be much more difficult with a 15-pound ball or now since she’s almost 5. I hope to see you at this sure-to-be-fun event.




-John Wayne Pint

A Generous Gift

We wanted to let the entire Congregation know the exciting news that HCC recently received a $1,000,000 gift to the Endowment and Memorial Fund, (E&M). Rob and Karen Hale, longtime members of the church, generously contributed the $1,000,000 thru their Foundation, (Fox Rock Foundation).

 Consistent with the Hale’s intentions the funds have been segregated into two Restricted Funds within E&M. 

              -$700,000 will be used to establish the “Hale Family Staff Support Fund”. This fund will be used to supplement HCC’s staff budget to enable HCC to appropriately fund certain key staff positions. An example of this is that HCC is currently recruiting for a full time Office Manager. The additional cost of this full time position, (versus the prior cost of the part time administrative position), will be funded by some of the income generated from the $700,000.

              -The remaining $300,000 will be used to fund the “Hale Family Fund”. This fund has a slightly broader mandate. The income from this fund can be used either for special staff expenses and/or for periodic capital improvements to HCC’s buildings/facilities that are beyond the normal amount budgeted by HCC.

It is important to note that the income generated from the $1,000,000 gift can only be used for the purposes outlined above. Consistent with the Hale’s wishes the funds will be segregated into two E&M Restricted Funds and invested by E&M in accordance with E&M’s Investment Guidelines. The Investment Guidelines determine how much of the Funds Income/appreciation can be expended in any one year. 

 As I am sure most of you will remember, this is not the first generous donation by the Hale’s. During the capital campaign in 2015/2016 to fund the renovation of the church building, the Hale’s made a similarly sized gift to the church. We are so appreciative of the Hale’s generosity and of their faith in and commitment to HCC.

If there are any questions please feel free to reach out to John, Pete or Bryce

Bryce Blair         John Pint                           Pete Allen

Chair E&M         Moderator



MARCH, 2023



Thank you to everyone who has stepped up in so many ways to contribute to the 175 Jubilee celebration. We have so far successfully completed several of the planned events. The ornament sales, (thank you Liz Taylor) and soft launch in December were both great. The goal was to introduce the congregation to the Jubilee celebration and spark some awareness and enthusiasm. The Kick-off on January 8th with a brunch afterwards was fantastic and properly began our year-long celebration. Thank you to all those who participated in both those initial programs.


“Bingo for Books” in February was our first planned fundraising and “fun” raising event for the year. The money raised is going toward our 175 book drive for the Hingham Public Library, but the camaraderie and the fellowship that occurred was all for HCC. What a terrific afternoon/evening. Thank you to Pam Bates and her team for organizing that and making it so festive and successful. 


Between the ornament sales and Bingo for Books, we’ve raised almost $1,000 toward our $5,000 goal for the 175 books for the library. This is a tremendous start.


The Deacons brunch , also in February, was an experience that brought us all closer too. Hearing reflections from some of our seasoned church members in addition to the music and food was just so warm and comforting. Thank you to the Deacons for hosting this lovely church function. In addition, the Deacons and HCC celebrated Pete’s 10 year anniversary with HCC. Congratulations, Pete, and thank you for being such an important part of our church history. 


Since these two programs have occurred, several church members have been inspired to lead and organize new events. Check out our calendar for newly added events. In addition to the previously mentioned “Bingo for Books”, we now have “Bowling for Books”, “Bottles for Books”, “Bargains for Books” and “Baking for Books”! AND SO MUCH MORE TO COME!


Next up is the Story Slam on March 5 during coffee hour. Thank you to Terri Fortin for stepping up to lead that event. Hope you all can make it. 



Kathi and Debbie



Please save the dates!

Sunday, March 5

Story Slam, part 1

Terri Fortin

Sunday, March 12

Outreach Book Drive for Interfaith Social Services

Lisa Fiascone and the Outreach Board

Sunday, March 12

Bowling for Books

Carolyn Antoine

Sunday,April 2

Story Slam, part 2

Terri Fortin

Saturday, April 29

Bottles for Books (bottle and can drive)

10-1pm, HCC parking lot

Mary Jenkins

Sunday, April 30

Consignment Center 65th Anniversary Celebratory Brunch

Sarah England and Marcia Sinclair

Sunday, May 7

Baking for Books, AKA "Spring Baking" Fundraiser

Kathy Beitler and Barbara McGovern

Saturday, June 17

Bottles for Books (bottle and can drive)

10-1pm, HCC parking lot

Mary Jenkins

July 4th

HCC Jubilee 4th of July Parade float

Kathi Blair

Sunday, September 17

Community Event on HCC front lawn

Barbara Wollen and Kathi Blair

Fall, 2023

Benefit Concert, details TBA

Steve Waynen

Saturday, November 4

Fall Gala Event

Kathi Blair and Debbie Edmundson

Ongoing Memory Project – collection of YOUR memories and Hopes for the future all winter long in Hale Hall during coffee hour. A compilation will be published called “Jubilations” next Fall. Contact Karen von Loesecke with YOUR memory!!!!


Also ongoing: Donations can be made for the Book Drive for the Hingham Public Library all winter in Hale Hall, and on-line.



Sign up for bowling HERE!

Save the Date!

HCC Bottles for Books will be on Saturday, April 29th 10am-1pm in the church parking lot.

Bring your (redeemable) bottles and cans to donate.

Proceeds will benefit the HCC 175th Jubilee goal to purchase 175 books for the Hingham Library that celebrate gender and racial diversity in our community.


Submitted by Julianne Mehegan

Freedom Stay-Out Day 

In 1963, the 4th General Synod called on the United Church of Christ to be “radically committed to uproot intolerance, bigotry and prejudice within our own living and to replace them with goodwill and the determination to strike down immediately the barriers which divide people on account of race”.

In Feb, 1964 a boycott was organized in Boston by the Massachusetts Freedom Movement aimed at dramatizing grievances over the schools, especially the alleged existence of de facto segregation. Called Freedom Stay-Out Day, students in Boston were encouraged to stay out of school on Feb. 26. Suburban schools organized to support Boston city school students in the protest. Churches and other institutions in Boston were open for teach-in sessions for students to attend.

Our minister Rev. Robert Sisson and Associate Minister Rev. Emile Naef wrote to parents of church youth explaining the school Stay-Out Day being organized for Hingham youth and seeking their support. 

A story in the Feb. 27 Hingham Journal reported 51 students from Hingham High School participated in Freedom Stay-Out Day. They attended a freedom school at the Union Church and heard lectures on the Civil Rights movement.

Over 20,000 students from Boston’s public schools stayed out. Thirty-four Freedom Schools were set up for the day. About 1,200 white students were bused into Boston to integrate the predominantly black Freedom Schools, according to a Boston Globe story. 


Wednesday Evening Lenten Services

March 8, 15, & 22

7:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Join us for prayerful time together during this season of Lent.

What is Lent?

Believed to have evolved from the Old English word lencten, Lent takes place during the time when days are lengthening in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally, the 40 days of Lent have been for Christians a time of repentance, sacrifice, and rededication to a faithful relationship with God. In Lent, we invite one another to a more thoughtful, inward spiritual experience. Study, quiet prayer, walking the labyrinth, additional worship experiences, and community service (as a positive form of sacrifice) are some of the ways you might observe Lent alongside your sisters and brothers at Hingham Congregational Church.


Our next Men's Group will be held Monday 3/13 at 6:30 PM at Hale Hall.

Social time at 6:30

Dinner at 7:00

Discussion to follow.

Can you imagine a drug that costs $3.5mm??  Paul Jeffrey will be talking about the state of the pharmaceutical industry and the complexities around deciding which drugs should be covered under state and national programs. Looking forward to an interesting conversation.

I will provide the meal and soft drinks. Please bring anything else you would like. Suggested donation of $20 to offset food costs.

Please let me know if you can make it so I can get a headcount for food. 

Look forward to seeing you all.




2023 Faith Formation Spring Programs

Easter Egg Hunt April 2

Join us for some Family Fun! Our Middle School Youth Group will be hosting an  Easter Egg Hunt for our younger HCC kiddos. Egg hunt and activities for all ages.

Sign up HERE for our Superhero Vacation Bible School!



We are respectfully asking that all faith pledges be made as soon as possible so the finance team can balance our budget and prepare our financial outlays for the following year. DON’T WAIT! Go to www.hccucc.com or click on this QR code to make your faith pledge today.                                                              


Global Impact

Earthquake Relief for Turkey and Syria – UCC: To help with the tragic earthquake and devastation in Turkey and Syria, please see the United Church of Christ (UCC) link here or by texting UCCDISASTER to 41444.

Afghan refugees:  We are sponsoring a family of six from Afghanistan, with 3 months of basic monthly assistance from January to March. To continue to help support the Afghan refugee effort, checks can also be earmarked Outreach, Afghan Refugees. 

Haiti: HCC is sponsoring two children in Haiti, Stalande and Kenson, for school supplies and other expenses during these turbulent times. Please reach out to Terri Fortin for additional information on how to help.

Our Impact Closer to Home

The Children’s Book Drive sponsored by the Outreach Board in conjunction with the 175th Jubilee, is kicking off on March 12 to gather new and gently used books, age range from birth through pre-teens (emphasis on older children’s books). Books will be distributed through the Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry to families as they pick up food at the pantry. A big box will be set up in Hale Hall with the goal of 175 books for our 175 Jubilee!  

Hingham Food Pantry The Senior High Youth Group helped run a successful Hingham Food Pantry Drive during the second half of January. Cans of Chef Boyardee pasta meals, mixed vegetables, carrots, jars of tomato sauce, sandwich crackers, granola bars, beef stew, and granulated sugar were collected to help folks in need in the South Shore. Thank you!!

The Pine Street With precautions in place, the Pine Street Inn in Boston is looking for volunteers once a month (every third Monday) to serve the guests on the women’s side along with dessert donations. Please contact Ruth Whitner for details (phone/text: 339-613-7247 or email rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net.)

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Colossians 2:6-7 (NKJV) 

Around the corner

UCC One Great Hour of Sharing starts on March 26 and runs for 2 weeks to Easter (April 9).

Easter Gift Cards for Wellspring to help local families with food security. Look for an Easter basket with requests in March.

Anderson House Lunch Ministry – HCC and the Board of Outreach will again participate in providing brown bag lunches for the six residents of Anderson House in April and May. Details to follow.

Church World Services Blanket Sunday will be held on May 14 (not held last year due to COVID). 

Mission Sunday will be held on May 21 with a guest speaker.

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land.  Song of Solomon 2:12

Click HERE to order plants online

Ongoing at HCC


in the Library and on Zoom

Terri Fortin



At 7:00pm with Rev. Dr. Peter Allen

Zoom link will be sent out Wednesdays.

**No prayer on 3/8, 3/15, and 3/22**


Bible Study

Thursday Mornings at 9 am in the Library and on Zoom. Please contact Rev. Dr. Peter Allen to connect pastor@hccucc.com


Will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month

at 6:00 pm on the third floor

of the church.

Christopher Larsen <surgical411@aol.com>


Senior Choir Rehearsals are

Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:15 PM.

All are welcome!

Senior Choir Sings Sundays - 

9AM Rehearsal, 10AM Service.

David Geissow, Choir Director 



Meets select Sundays after church on the 3rd floor

Led by Mrs. England and Mr. B

Ed B., jeeko@comcast.net

ALTAR FLOWER SIGN UP for Sunday Services

Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide flowers from your garden or a florist, in celebration or in memory of a loved one at:


Help beautify our sanctuary!

The deacons are asking for some vase donations so that we can have flowers on the altar every Sunday. If you have a dusty vase hanging around, please bring it in for use in the sanctuary.

Know someone who could use some flowers?

Please see a deacon at the end of worship on Sunday morning if you would like to take home the floral arrangement.


Would you like to read scripture for your church community during Sunday morning worship from time to time? Please choose a Sunday and sign up here. https://hccucc.com/liturgist-signup/


Consignment Center: Glimpses of Green

March arrived with hints of green showing through Dollar Days on Thursday ad Saturday, March 2 and 4. Old Man Winter kindly provided respite and allowed eager shoppers to fill baskets of bargains for households throughout the south shore; not a few customers are able to take this annual opportunity to purchase necessary clothing for families in other countries.


The Consignment Center remains closed for the week of March 6-11 to allow staff to sort and distribute remnants of merchandise to a variety of local charities.

A thorough cleaning is given to the shop, and incoming inventory is processed and tagged so that new samples appear to refreshen the racks.


Our spring season will begin on Tuesday, March 14. We will accept spring clothing for men, women, and children that is clean, of current fashion, and in good repair. Please remember to check zippers, count buttons, empty pockets, and investigate the contents of purses and bags. Special interest items such as Easter décor, garden ornaments and tools, outdoor gear (fishing rods and kites!), and event attire (proms are coming!) will be especially welcomed.


Stop in to find an Irish hue for school, office, or weekend celebration. If “the Luck be with you”, you could discover a pot of gold—or a useful pot for pub-style cooking. Hearty and heartening!


We feel the earth move underfoot, and life ready to spring again. 




 The Greenhouse at Cardinal Cushing is planting a new season! Students who work there are looking for small clear glass jars (Oui yogurt jars are ideal) to plant cat grass in, as well as glass bottles from salad dressing and sauces to use as vases for cut flowers. 


 A collection box will be available in Hale Hall during March. Before tossing your small bottles or jars into the recycle bin, rinse them out and bring them to church on Sunday for reuse. You may also drop them off in the bin on the front porch of the Church House at any time during the week.




Please keep in 
       your prayers...


  • Gerald Jones
  • Friends and family of Al Carpenter, who passed away recently
  • Jen DiMarzio's friend, Sarina
  • Friends and family of Ron Schram, who passed away recently
  • David Giessow's brother Don, in hospice
  • Michael Sardina's mom, Thelma Sardina
  • Andy Parmelee
  • The People of Ukraine
  • Candy Heath
  • Barbara McGovern’s nephew Brendan, and his wife, Oksana, photo journalists living in Kyiv.
  • Terri Fortin’s friend, Diane
  • Nancy Hansberry's sister, Sue
  • The Ahmadi family from Afghanistan, who are now in the US
  • Nancie Mooney
  • Al and Linda Carpenter
  • Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage

Wishing a Happy March Birthday to our HCC family

1 Eric Whitner,

2 John Gillig, Warren Brini, Melissa Anderson

3 Holly Moriarty,

4 Owen Burleigh

5 Clay Harbert

6 Jerry Randall, Meghan Rowan

12 Meghan Sloan

13 Clark Ricciardelli

16 Lauren Edmundson

17 James Ricciardelli

18 Tyler Anderson, Gerald Jones

19 Maarten Noordzij,Camille Boer, Alex Pinto

Wishing a Happy March Anniversary to:  

March 18 - Michael & Susan Sardina

20 Caroline Nilsen,

Lynn Anderson,

Susan Passaretti

22 Hunter Schilb, Elena Smith,

23 Jody Nash

24 Clark Vialle

26 Whitney Hall,

Duncan Burleigh,

27 Caryl Sullivan, Alex Gorczyca,

Connor Cease

28 Avi Lev

30 Richard Hollander

31 Alex Pinarchick

What's happening in February at HCC?


7:00pm Wednesday Evening Prayer

7:30pm Deacons, Fellowship


9am Growing in Faith Together






Sunday Worship -


Story Slam

5pm Senior High youth group



7pm Tuesday evening bible study



Evening Lenten Service

7:30pm Outreach


8:00 pm

Faith Formation




in Faith Together

6pm Meditation

7:30pm Choir Rehearsal




Sunday Worship,

3-5pm Bowling for Books

5pm Confirmation Class


Men's group 6:30pm


7pm Tuesday evening bible study



Evening Lenten Service


Executive Council


9am Growing in Faith Together

7:30pm Choir Rehearsal







Senior High Youth Group



7pm Tuesday evening bible study



Evening Lenten Service


Board of



9am Growing

in Faith Together

6pm Meditation

7:30pm Choir Rehearsal





Worship, One Great Hour of Sharing







Tuesday evening bible study



Wednesday Evening Prayer



Growing in Faith Together


Choir Rehearsal



April 2 - Palm Sunday, 175th Jubilee Story Slam part 2

April 6 - Maundy Thursday Service

April 9 - Easter Sunday

May 18 - 5:00pm Women's Dinner, Linden Ponds


You Don’t Have to Swing a Hammer to Build a Home

Volunteer to be a South Shore Habitat Ambassador


South Shore Habitat for Humanity needs Ambassadors as “Site Greeters” to greet the volunteers at its current build site at 302-304 Whiting Street in Hingham and its future build site at 808 Jerusalem Road in Cohasset.


Being a Site Greeter is an enriching experience that provides the opportunity to give back to the community while helping to build safe, healthy, and affordable homes for local families in need. It is truly a heartwarming act of kindness.


Each Build Day a Site Greeter welcomes the volunteers, provides a brief orientation, and then helps volunteers have a good experience. Training is provided to guide you through the Site Greeter steps.


As a Site Greeter you have the chance to help as often or as infrequently as suits your schedule.


Currently Build Days in Hingham on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Site Greeters are needed in Hingham from April to June, and then the second half of the year in Cohasset.


If you want to learn more about becoming a Site Greeter or other Habitat volunteer opportunities, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Janice Richards at 781-337-7744 x130 or jrichards@sshabitat.org.


The generous donation of your time supports Habitat in its mission to provide strength, security, and stability through shelter.