November 2023

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Message from Rev. Pete Allen

Hope and Gratitude in the Gales of November


In Gordon Lightfoot’s hit song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, he tells the tale of a huge ship that sinks on Lake Superior “when the gales of November” came early.


Often, the pains and tragedies of life are unexpected. They sneak up on us. 


Personal losses, illness, endings of all kinds, and now this awful war in the Middle East. We didn’t see it coming and it’s thrown us all into a deep sadness and a feeling that, perhaps, nothing will ever change. As I said in worship a few Sundays ago, I am struggling to find clarity and appropriate words to describe how I m feeling about this conflict. I believe that the attack on Israel by Hamas was evil. I am saddened by Israel’s response to the attack. I pray for a long-term solution that is just and safe for all involved.


How do we process all of this and how do we move forward? It’s hard to talk about such a volatile subject when feelings and opinions are so varied and strong. 


I suggest that we start with hope and move toward gratitude. I know that might sound a little too sunny, but I believe it. As people of faith, hope is our most powerful asset. Paul wrote, Nothing can separate us from the love of God. I also believe that nothing can keep us from hoping for and moving toward a future where God’s love, justice, and wisdom become reality for all.


As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I pray that we can set aside our worries and sadness about the state of the world, just for a little while, and give thanks for our loving Creator, for one another, and for all the blessings we receive each day,







Our Gala celebration on Saturday night will bring us all closer together in so many ways. These are the types of events that do that – make our community stronger. When one person or family donates an auction item, like pet-sitting, or home baked muffins, there is another person who “wins” the item. Then both parties get connected and a friendship is strengthened. When we gather together in Hale Hall for music, dinner, and entertainment, or play pumpkin games at coffee hour, our relationships grow. That’s what I mean about “Friend-Raising”. And since we’re all having fun at the same time, we are “Fun-Raising”. But also, importantly, our church needs financial support. The proceeds raised through this event will serve to supplement our General Fund and therefore we are also “Fund-Raising”.  But we don’t mind that part because of the friends and fun part!!!! 


This church-wide event is designed to lift our spirits, bring us closer, deliver us joy and help our beloved church. Even if you can’t make the Saturday evening Gala, there is one more special Jubilee coffee hour on Sunday, November 5th for you to participate in. I’m so happy that we are wrapping up our Jubilee year with such a meaningful and memorable event.    


In Faith,




November 2023 Faith Formation

The fall is flying by! We are already looking to the advent season. Save the dates!

Email Lisa at lisabundy106@gmail.com with any questions.


A note from the Stewardship Board


Fall is a time for re-connection and renewal in many facets of our lives. Our church is no exception as we come together again after summer to start new sermon themes, church school programming, outreach initiatives, and spiritual discoveries. Part of our re-connection and renewal is our financial re-commitment to our church during our Stewardship campaign. Our theme this year is “Celebrating Our Past, Committing to Our Future”. The Bible verse providing spiritual guidance is Jeremiah 29:11 NRSV “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” 

The past year we have celebrated and reflected on the strength and presence our church has been for 175 years. Now we are looking to the future and how we can be here for another 175 years or more. The past several years, our church has had a deficit budget. For the coming year, the Stewardship Board wants to be honest and realistic with the congregation regarding the financial needs of the church. We are faithfully requesting that the total amount pledged be increased by 15% in order to have a balanced budget. We can achieve this increase by individually increasing our pledge amount or by increasing the number of pledges that are made by engaging those who have not committed previously and those who are new to our congregation. Your decision on how much to pledge will remain a private conversation within your household guided by reflection with God. Pledges can be made by pledge card which will be mailed out at the beginning of November, online through the website, or by using the QR code in the bulletin. In the spirit of a future with hope, we rely on our congregation to fulfill the commitment to our financial needs. 

Karen von Loesecke

Stewardship Board Chair

We are respectfully requesting that faith pledges be submitted as early as possible, and no later than the December 14th Finance Committee meeting, at which our financial stewards seek to balance the 2024 church budget and prepare for the financial outlays needed in the coming year. Go to www.hccucc.com/pledge-card/ or click on this QR code to make your faith pledge today.                                                            

The Consignment Center is Bounteous!


At mid-autumn, the Consignment Center is ready to for many November holidays and traditions. We have begun to accept winter apparel for darker days, and have also stocked up on baking dishes, kitchen accessories, and tableware in anticipation of apple harvests, pie baking, and family feasts.


The Wackiest Wednesday ever will arrive on Wednesday, November 1 and bring unprecedented benefits. Keep your eye on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for full details of the extended monthly pop-up sale.


The shop will be open for business as usual on Veterans’ Day, and once again all proceeds from sales made on Saturday, November 11, will be donated to the Hingham Veterans. Take advantage of this opportunity to salute our servicemen and know that the purchases you make will support them in a tangible way.


Christmas merchandise is waiting to go on the shelves, with a promising inventory of holiday gifts and garlands. After closing on Wednesday and Thursday, November 22 and 23, for Thanksgiving, the door will open on Saturday morning when Small Business Saturday affords an alternate to the frenzy of malls and online orders. Walk down, shop local, and chat with friends while you contribute to the needs of others.


We have been abundantly blessed, and thank you all for sharing in and reaping from this ministry.




We have one more Jubilee event, the celebratory Gala Event on Saturday night. We have also been having coffee hour games and raffles that will continue into Sunday morning, November 5th. The Gala is sold out, but there will still be opportunities to participate in the fun on Sunday morning. 


Come for Raffles, Ornament sales, Guess The Weight of the Giant Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss. The winners will be revealed on Sunday morning.


This concludes our Jubilee 175 Celebration. Debbie and Kathi are happy to have led the church in the year-long observance of this very important milestone. We are extremely grateful to all those who stepped up to help make the memories. Please remember though…our work is not done. We want HCC to continue to do the work of our Church With the Heart in the Heart of Hingham for at least 175 years more. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!



With Heartfelt Thanks,


Kathi Blair and Debbie Edmundson

In October we kicked off our new initiative of highlighting the wonderful organizations that we as a church support. We are grateful for the connections HCC has built with these wonderful organizations and hope we can all learn a bit more about them. Look for our mini messages throughout the year during Sunday announcements.

Dianne DeVanna Center: On Sunday, October 5th, Nancy Ham introduced Dianne DeVanna Center. You can find her overview starting at minute 8:19 of that week’s sermon.

On 9/23/1978 11-year-old Dianne lost her young life to family violence. The Dianne DeVanna Center, since 1978, has been reaching out to children, families and our communities to provide education, support and services so that children have a stable, loving and nurturing environment to live and grow. In 2012, the Dianne DeVanna Center became part of the Bay State Community Service (BSCS) continuum of care. Since, the Dianne DeVanna Center has been steadfast in its core purpose to ensure that no child suffers the same devastating fate as Dianne.

Their overarching philosophy is based on providing support, education and quality care to children and families with dignity and respect. They understand that parenting comes with great challenges. Additionally, families may have limited resources and/or have experienced mental health and/or substance use disorders in their families. They are fully committed to providing best practice parenting services, education and hands-on help to ensure that the families can live and grow together in our communities. Provided at the right time, services can make a profound difference in the lives of children and families.

The centers goal to become an integral part of the support system of the families they serve, providing parents with resources and education to help them effectively parent and meet the needs of their children in a stable, loving, and nurturing manner.


Interfaith Social Services: On Sunday, October 22nd, Lisa Fiascone gave an overview of IFSS. You can find her message starting at minute 6:45 of that week’s sermon.

Interfaith Social Services, previously named the Protestant Social Services Bureau, is located on Adams Street in Quincy. It started in 1947 when leaders of the Protestant faith community from Quincy came together to attempt to meet the needs of poverty-stricken families in the area. By 1957 they had expanded to serve 10 South Shore communities, and in 1975 established an emergency food pantry. 


The name was changed to Interfaith Social Services in 1998, and now has one of the largest food pantries in Greater Boston. Last year alone over 12,600 families received bags of groceries. In addition multiple programs have been established to assist their neighbors in need, such as a counseling center, a homelessness prevention program, a “career closet”, a thrift shop and seasonal programs for children such as the backpack drive, the Halloween costume drive, and holiday gifts. Interfaith Social Services has earned Platinum status from GuideStar, as well as a 4 star rating on Charity Navigator.


Around the Corner


The Giving Trees Are Coming! Look for more information in the weeks ahead.


Lookout for two more Outreach Spotlights! On November 5th Barbara McGovern will be discussing Father Bill’s and on November 19th Lenore Rasmussen will share information on Wellspring.

Global Impact 

An urgent appeal: Help UCC give humanitarian aid to people amid war in Gaza, Palestine and Israel:  Please see the article on ucc.org  The UCC church is asking that we advocate for a cease fire, access for humanitarian assistance, and for the core issues to be addressed. At the same time, we invite your financial support to undergird the work of our partners with whom we have had a long-standing relationship. Your gifts will make an impact and a difference on those who are suffering so greatly during these days of lamentation and suffering. The two actions go hand-in-hand. Thank you for your generosity.

To donate to this cause, visit the appeal page https://support.ucc.org/middleeast

Our Impact Closer to Home

Giving Thanks by Giving Back: Supporting Wellspring, Father Bill’s & Interfaith Social Services Our annual campaign, formerly Bucks for Birds is back! After hearing from the local organizations we support we have shifted the turkey drive to a gift certificate drive. We have provided a couple of opportunities to support Giving Thanks by Giving Back:

  1. Gift bags can be picked up in the sanctuary before church and in Hale Hall during coffee hour. Our agencies have suggested a gift card value of $50 - $75. They are excepting gift cards for Stop and Shop, Amazon and Village Market in Hull.
  2. You can make a donation of any size that will go towards the purchase of gift cards. You may make a check payable to HCC and write Giving Thanks Giving Back on the memo line or by heading the churches website and making a donation, just be sure to check off the Giving Back by Giving Thanks button. https://hccucc.com/who-we-are/giving/

On behalf of Wellspring, Father Bill's and IFSS we appreciate your gracious donations of any amount. We kindly ask that you please return gift bags and make any donations by November 12th.   




 THIS Sunday, Nov. 5, 2-3:30

 Panel Discussion w/ Q&A

  Is our congregation on board with MA’s NET ZERO BY 2050 goal?

What are the different approaches to creating a net zero plan?

How might we build support for such a plan here at HCC? How do we identify and prioritize a range of CO2 reduction actions? What kinds of technical and cost evaluation actions are needed? Q&A follows presentation moderated by 2 of MassIPL’s expert environmental stewardship assessors.

               Mass IPL = Mass. Interfaith Power & Light. Its mission is to 

  1. Educate people as to why climate change is a matter of morality and justice; 
  2. Foster public understanding of policies that will lead to a sustainable future; 
  3. Work with faith communities and their members to be better environmental stewards of their buildings by providing technical expertise and assessing ways they can lower their carbon emissions - and save money.

                        REGISTER @ bit.ly/NetZeroHOW




With the hearty affirmation of our Executive Committee and Pastor Pete, the Green Team (now Ed Bartholomew and Kate Kallis) invite ALL of you to 

read this book:


Join others for the reading and discussion of THE FLAG THE CROSS AND THE STATION WAGON. The author, Bill McKibbon founded the global grassroots climate campaign 350.org. and is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, that author of more than a dozen books and many awards.

Pick up the book and start reading. The former Green Team, (Kate Kallis and Ed Bartholomew) will lead a discussion (probably the second Sunday in January after church), so get this engaging book now or as a Christmas gift. (There will be an additional copy in the church meeting room library.) There will be discussion questions sent to you in November and December. 


Let Kate or Ed know that you’re planning to be a part of this reading and conversation by emailing one or both of them at katek1004@gmail.com or jeeko@comcast.net. You can pick up a book for yourself and/or a Christmas gift at the Glastonbury Abbey Book Store or go on line.

Teens, please join us.



Our next Men's Group meeting will be held Monday, October 9th. 6:30 PM in Hale Hall. 

Our own Jim Hughes will be discussing his latest book: Whitey's Legacy. As many of you know, Jim has published 3 previous books. Whitey's Legacy is a thriller that intertwines the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist with the murder of Whitey Bulger. The book is a sequel to Goldmaker, a Modern Alchemist.

I'm interested in not only hearing about the book, but also Jim's second career as a writer.


We'll meet at 6:30 on the 9th. Half hour of social time. Dinner at 7. Jim at 8. 

Suggested donation is $20 to cover food and soft drinks. Please bring anything else that you would like to drink. 


Please let me know if you can make it so I can get a headcount for food.

If you are on this mailing list and no longer want to be, please let me know. 






The men's retreat will be taking place January 5th (6:00 pm) - January 6th (7:00 pm) at Cedar Hill, Duxbury. Come join us!

Cost: $120

Sign up during coffee hour.

Questions? Contact Rev. Pete (pastor@hccucc.com) or Neil Connolly (hinghamneil@gmail.com)

Knitting (and more) group

Newly formed Knitting Group to meet again in November! We will meet regularly on the second Tuesday 10 am and third Monday 7:30 pm.

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday, November 14 at 10:00 am

Monday, November 20 at 7:30 pm 

While not meant as a learn to knit class, help with patterns, problems, or basics is available.  If you have any questions, or if you are interested, but cannot make the meetings, please get in touch with Penelope Baltera, 781-740-1210 (email- allenbalte@aol.com).

(Information will be available on possible charity knitting opportunities, if that is your interest, but you are more than welcome to work on personal projects.)

Ongoing at HCC


in the Library and on Zoom

Terri Fortin



At 7:00pm with Rev. Peter Allen

Zoom link will be sent out Wednesdays.


Bible Study

Meets Thursday mornings, beginnning September 14th. To connect, email Rev. Dr. Peter Allen



Choir rehearses Thursdays 7:30-9:15 pm, All are welcome!

David Geissow, Choir Director 



Meets select Sundays after church on the 3rd floor

Led by Mrs. England and Mr. B

Ed B., jeeko@comcast.net

ALTAR FLOWER SIGN UP for Sunday Services

Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide flowers from your garden or a florist, in celebration or in memory of a loved one at:



Would you like to read scripture for your church community during Sunday morning worship from time to time? Please choose a Sunday and sign up here. https://hccucc.com/liturgist-signup/


Please keep in 
       your prayers...

• People living in Israel and Gaza

• Rachel Scott’s friend, Diane

• A healing prayer for Roger Hoit who is facing surgery next week

• Family of Bob Bozich, Jen DiMarzio's uncle who recently passed away

• Prayers for healing and support for Patty Krumm, Mark’s mother

• Heather Collins

• Kathy Beitler, recovering from a fall and surgery

• The Bundy family

• Gerald Jones  

• Nancie Mooney 

• Libyan people in the wake of the flood from burst dam

• Victims & survivors of Moroccan earthquake     

• Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage

• Barbara McGovern’s nephew, Brendan, and his wife, Oksana, photo journalists living 

 in Kyiv

• Candy Heath  

• Terri Fortin’s friend, Diane                              

• The People of Ukraine                                  

Wishing a Happy November Birthday to our HCC family

Wishing a Happy November Birthday to our HCC family.

1 Kate Stupin

Tim Schlosky, Paul Jeffrey, Lily Whitner

11 Hudson Gray

12 Donald Pinto          

13 Ryan Trinchet

17 Jade Larson, Renee Noordzij,

Millsie Smock


21 Pete Allen, Mark Minister

23 Robert Burns

24 Julia Sebestyen

25 Alana Snyder

28 Matt Havens, Anne Fanton

29 Steve Garland

30 Briggs Rowley

What's happening in November at HCC?



Wednesday Evening


7:30 pm

Deacons meeting


9:00 am Growing In Faith Together

7:30 pm

Senior Choir rehearsal



6:00 pm-10:00 pm

Jubilee Gala


10:00 am Sunday Worship -


11:45 am


School Youth Group 5:00pm

Sr. High Youth Group



7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Bible Study



Wednesday Evening


7:30 pm

Faith Formationmeeting

Outreach meeting

Fellowship meeting


9:00 am Growing In Faith Together

7:30 pm

Senior Choir rehearsal



Veterans Day



Sunday Worship -



5:00 pm

Confirmation class



Men's Group


10:00 am

Knitting Group

7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Bible Study


7:00 pm

Wednesday Evening prayer


Executive Council meeting


9:00 am Growing In Faith Together

7:30 pm

Senior Choir rehearsal



Tree Lot Set Up


10:00 am


Worship, fellowship

5:00 pm

Sr high youth group


7:30 pm

Knitting Group


7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Bible Study


7:00 pm

Community Thanksgiving Service

@ Old Ship Church

7:30 pm

Trustees meeting






Tree unloading at tree lot


10:00 am Sunday

Worship, fellowship



7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Bible Study


7:00 pm

Wednesday Evening Prayer


9:00 am Growing In Faith Together

7:30 pm

Senior Choir rehearsal


December 10 Giving Twice

January 5-6 Men's Retreat

March 8-9 Women's Retreat