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Homecomings and Adventures


Autumn has always meant Homecoming for many high schools and colleges. Remember those football games and dances?


This time of year also means Homecoming for our church. We will welcome one another back from our summer getaways and celebrate our wonderful community on September 18. Come for worship, food, and games!


Coming back to church is also coming home to the Divine. Church is where we rediscover the importance of a spiritual home base, a place to focus on something greater than ourselves, the beautiful Mystery we call God. 


But fall is also a time for new experiences. Our children — little or fully grown — may be starting a new school, launching a new career, or taking time for some other kind of adventure. We can find the sacred in familiar and in brand new things. 


I hope that you will take the time to come home to HCC and make our community a priority this month. I look forward to seeing you and to sharing the many gifts we have to offer to God, to each other, and to our neighbors. 



Note from our Moderator

With the recent cooler temperatures and the sight of school buses on our streets, the earlier sunsets and first turn of the leaves, autumn appears to be almost fully upon us. Since it is my favorite season, I welcome it with open arms. To me, fall is a time of renewal and a sign that even the scorching heat of summer eventually passes, or at least nature offers a respite. This summer the heat and drought seemed to endure longer and more intensely than I can recall, at least since living in New England. 

I’m actually writing this having just mown the lawn for the first time in what feels like two or three months. Thankfully, the grass is resilient and has adapted to preserve and sustain itself in times of water privation, ready to bounce back when the difficult season has passed. Perhaps there is a lesson to be drawn there for our own lives.

In addition to all the other exciting things happening at our church and in our community, the 175th Jubilee committee has been meeting and planning. I’m very excited for all the ideas and energy around this commemoration and celebration. It brings to mind the strength, resilience, creativity, thoughtfulness, and love of our congregation for each other and our community. I look forward to seeing you around HCC in the coming fall months and sharing my joy with you.


-John Wayne Pint

HCC Church School has BIG, BIG NEWS!


will begin on September 14th at 7:00 pm

All are welcome to click in some of the time or all of the t

Links will be sent out on those day


Senior Choir Rehearsals resume Thursday, September 8, 7:30 – 9:15 PM, All are welcome!

Senior Choir Sings, Sunday, September 11, 2022, 9AM Rehearsal, 10AM Service


Our Music Director, David Giessow is guest conductor for an upcoming concert of Calliope in Boston on Saturday, September 10, 7:30 p.m., at First Church of Boston, 66 Marlborough St. Please come if you can. https://calliopemusic.org/purchase-tickets/


Our next meeting is Monday September 12th at 6:30PM.

Social time at 6:30, Dinner at 7:00

We meet at Hale Hall.

I will provide the meal and soft drinks. Please bring anything else you would like. Suggested donation of $20 to offset food costs.

Please let me know if you can make it so I can get a headcount for food.


Men's Group will be held on the 2nd Monday each month from September to June.

If you have any hopes, dreams, or aspirations for the group; please let me know!

Look forward to seeing you all.





The Outreach Committee is hard at work!

Global Impact 

HCC and the UCC are set up to help with the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. From the UCC, “Our Ukrainian neighbors need us now. Millions have been displaced, seeking shelter and necessities. Please take a moment to help our partners in the region meet these needs with a gift to the UCC Ukraine Relief Fund” at https://support.ucc.org/global-h-o-p-e/ukraine-emergency-appeal?erid=712980&trid=23c7f7c4-1b42-4bef-a122-ab201f0cd632 or by check earmarked Outreach, Ukrainian Crisis. And to help support the Afghan refugee effort, checks can be earmarked Outreach, Afghan Refugees. 


Our Impact Closer to Home

The Pine Street With precautions in place, Pine Street is looking for volunteers once a month (third Monday) along with donations of individually wrapped deserts. HCC volunteers helped serve August 15 and the desserts and help were warmly welcomed. For more information please contact Ruth Whitner by email at rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net

***SERVERS NEEDED: The Pine Street Inn meal is Monday, September 19. Two volunteers are needed to serve the evening meal to the guests on the women’s side of the Pine Street Inn in Boston. Please contact Ruth Whitner for details. (phone/text: 339-613-7246 or email rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net )

Backpack Drive The Interfaith Social Services backpack drive was very successful, with donations from HCC to provide for about 30 backpacks plus an additional 10 backpacks donated all ready for school. Thank you!!


Around the Corner

Interfaith Social Services will be running their Halloween drive for costumes and goodies in the early fall. Details to follow. 

Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.

Hosea 10:12


The yellow flag will fly again on Tuesday, September 13, when the GUILD Consignment Center begins its 2022-23 season.  Regular business hours will resume each Tuesday (10am-7pm), Wednesday (10am-1pm), Thursday (10am-6pm) and Saturday (10am-1pm).

To help us get ready to greet consignors and customers, the Board of Outreach is sponsoring Consignment Center Offering Sunday on September 11.  On this Sunday, individuals and families are challenged to find a nearly-new or unused item in their household to bring to donate to the Center.  We are currently accepting fall clothing (clean, current, in good repair) and accessories for men, women, and children as well as kitchen ware, linens, artwork, games, puzzles, craft supplies and small working appliances.  Please consider this as you sort closets for back-to-school, off to college, or into retirement planning.

The volunteer staff will gather on Monday, September 12, to review schedules and procedures, make improvements, clean the shop, and prepare merchandise so that all donations will be tagged and on the racks when doors open to the public on Tuesday morning.

***We still need a few more willing hands to fill regular shifts and provide adequate customer service. This is definitely a “growth problem”, as the increased needs and interest of the community require extra service.  If you have three hours of time a week, we can find a spot for you to use your skills. interests and smile.  For more information, details, or answers to your questions, contact Gail Shields (gpsshields@yahoo.com), Marcia Sinclair (marbensin@gmail.com) or Sarah England (england-sarah@comcast.net).


Will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month

at 6:00 pm. On the third floor. Newcomers are always welcome!

Christopher Larsen surgical411@aol.com   

HOMECOMING!!! September 18th

This year Homecoming will be celebrated on September 18th at the church. We hope families will come and catch up with everyone you have missed over the summer. Christian Education will provide games and Fellowship will provide food!


Interested in providing a home venue for our fall event? Fellowship would love to hear from you! Please contact Libby King libbyking5@gmail.com or Danielle Buczynski dlbuczynski@gmail.com if you are interested in providing the venue for our fall event. Fellowship provides the food and does all the heavy lifting!

Senior High Youth,

I hope you and your families are having a great summer!

We will be regathering our senior high youth this fall, following the same schedule as last year. We’ll meet at the church from 5-6 p.m. (unless the group wants to meet longer) on the first and third Sundays of each month. 

Our first meeting will be on September 18. 

The service trip (most likely to a beautiful spot in West Virginia) will take place from June 24 — July 2. As always, those who wish to participate in the trip must attend our Sunday evening meetings (of course, everyone has to miss occasionally).

The Christmas tree lot will be happening, so please set aside time for setup (the Saturday before Thanksgiving), unloading (the Saturday after Thanksgiving), selling shifts, and lot breakdown. We’ll be reaching out to parents soon because we have need of additional leadership for the lot. 

We look forward to seeing all of your teens very soon!

Pete Allen, Greg Stupin, Lisa Bundy, Ryan Lamonde


singing group for children, ages 4-5 yrs. thru 5th grade, will hold its first after-church rehearsal on Sunday, Sept. 25. Mrs. England and Mr. B lead the group. Almost-weekly rehearsals, are held in the third-floor music room for about 20-30 minutes following post-church school snack time in Hale Hall. We are eager to join “veterans” with newcomers. If you are interested or have questions, contact either Sarah E. or Ed B. either “live” after church on Sundays, or Ed at jeeko@comcast.net any time.


Our church will be celebrating our 175th anniversary since our founding in 1847, starting this December and throughout 2023. Debbie Edmundson and Kathi Blair are co-chairing the event task force. Julianne Mehegan, our church Historian, will be key in sharing old stories and reminding us about our fascinating past throughout this next year. At our last meeting, we identified several areas of celebration, (an outreach component, coffee hour activities, children’s activities, a 4th of July float, a fall gala and much more!). There was a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement around this celebration. The next meeting with be on Tuesday September 27th in the Library, for those who can make it in person at 7:00 pm. For those who would like to attend via zoom:Zoom.us- Jubliee Meeting #3


Meeting ID 836 6316 8882  Passcode 634782

For more information,please speak with:For information, please speak with:

Kathi Blair                                 Debbie Edmundson                               Julianne Mehegan

blair.kathi@gmail.com          dedmundson@comcast.net         mehegan@comcast.net



The Jubilee Committee is in search of a glass display case for historical memorabilia to be displayed for the year. If anyone has one we can borrow, or has a lead on where we can get one, please contact Kathi Blair at blair.kathi@gmail.com


The meeting will be held in the conference room in Hale Hall, immediately following worship.  A light lunch will be provided.  All board members are encouraged to attend. .If you have any questions, please speak with John Pint johnwaynepint@gmail.com  

ALTAR FLOWER SIGN UP for Sunday Services

Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide flowers from your garden or a florist, in celebration or in memory of a loved one at:



Would you like to read scripture for your church community during Sunday morning worship from time to time? Please choose a Sunday and sign up here. https://hccucc.com/liturgist-signup/



THE “WASTE BAN” is a strategy that Massachusetts is using to reduce the amount of stuff we send to incineration and landfill.

TRASH is defined as anything that is worthless, useless, or discarded. Did you know nearly half of what we put in the trash actually is not useless or worthless? 49% of what we throw away each year could have been reused, recycled, or composted.

 To find out more about WASTE BANS, click on the following link at

RECYCLE SMART MA.: https://recyclesmartma.org


And always remember to -  



Please keep in 
       your prayers...

• Tricia Smock

• Doug Ertman, Debbie Edmundson’s brother, will be participating in a clinical trial for his 

  cancer, which has returned 

• Caitlin English, facing surgery

• Greg Stupin, whose father passed away recently

• Justin Macklin, whose father passed away recently

• Andy Parmelee

• The People of Ukraine

• Candy Heath

• Barbara McGovern’s nephew Brendan, and his wife,Oksana ,photo journalists living in Kyiv

• Terri Fortin’s friend, Diane

• Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine’s brother

• Dan Halpenny and his family, friends of Jen DiMarzio

• Ginger Carpenter Haberle, frienof Kate Kallis

• Nancy Hansberry's sister, Sue

• John Kallis, Kate’s son, with health concerns

• Susan Sardina’s Afghan friends who are now safely in the US

• Nancie Mooney

• Bud and Connie Thompson

• Nick Nasson

• Peter Edson and his sister Dale

• Al Carpenter

• Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage

• Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination

Wishing a Happy September Birthday to our HCC family

2 Matthew Wilson

4 Emma Peterson

5 Christopher Garland

8 Bruce Shorey

9 Phoenix Pint

10 Peri Butterworth, Amber Whitner

11 Margaret Sebestyen

12 Emma Burleigh, Ray Bundy

19 Kiernan Pinto, Jake Brini, Michael Brini

Andrew Nilsen

20 Graham Bates

21 Ellie Fortin

22 Lucy Nash

23 Kristina Pryor

24 Tom Ricciardelli

25 Frank Burr

Clair Trinchet

28 Brendan Kerr

30 Meredith Hollander, Emily von Loesecke

Amanda Cease

Wishing a Happy September Anniversary to: 

3  Dave & Diane Thureson

4  James & Laurel Cosman - 51st anniversary

5 Lincoln & Debbie Rathnam

7 Mark Krumm & Kathy Beitler 

12 Dana & Amanda Cease

15 Clark & Nancy Vialle

18 Stoddard & Kerrin Rowley

21 Christopher & Julie Bates

What's happening in September at HCC?

4- 10:00 am - Sunday Communion Worship, Sunday School, Fellowship

7 - 7:00 pm - Wednesday Evening Prayer

 7:30 pm - Board of Deacons, Board of Christian Education, Board of Fellowship

4 - 9:00 am - Sunday Worship

8 - 7:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

11-10:00am Sunday Worship,Sunday School, Fellowship, Consignment Center Donations

12 - 6:30 pm Men's Group

13 - 10:00 am Consignment Center Opens

14 - 7:00 pm - Wednesday Evening Prayer

7:30 - Board of Outreach

15 - 7:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

18 - 10:00 am - Sunday Worship, Sunday School, Fellowship

 5:00 pm - Senior High Youth Group

21 - 7:00 pm - Wednesday Evening Prayer

 7:30 - Board of Outreach

22 - 7:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

25 - 10:00 am - Sunday Worship, Sunday School, Fellowship

 11:00 am - All Boards Meeting

 11:15 am - Jr. Choir Rehearsal

 5:00 pm - Confirmation Class

28- 7:30 pm - Board of Trustees


October 16 - 1:00 pm - Blessing of the Animals

December 4 - Advent Brunch