July 2021

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Hingham Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
366 Main St,
Hingham MA 02043
A Note from Our Moderator
This month as America celebrates Independence Day and with the return of comforting traditions like beach days, cookouts, parades, road races, outdoor concerts, fireworks and (sometimes stifling) hot days, I am optimistic about the possibilities before us at HCC to reconnect with each other and reach new members of our community.
In some ways, Covid-19 accelerated societal changes that had already been in motion. But, in crisis we can often find opportunity. The isolation of the past 15+ months provided time for me to reflect on community and social connection. Our church stands in a unique place in Hingham to safely welcome people back as they emerge from the isolating experience of the pandemic.
The importance of community, and the welcoming arms of a place like HCC within that community, affords us an opportunity and privilege to renew our bonds with each other as a congregation and also to welcome newcomers that might be open to joining a church for the first
time or reconnecting with a congregant community after a time away. I believe we will find within our circles that people seek opportunities for genuine connection and to rekindle relationships with friends, the community, and the divine.
Now is a wonderful time to invite a friend, neighbor, family member, or acquaintance to visit and experience our church. I for one am looking forward to sharing with my social circle my family’s story about “church-shopping” in 2015 and calling off the search after our first stop at HCC. Many of you share a similar experience, and I hope you join me in seizing this opportunity to invite those we know to consider our HCC community. I am hopeful that our church, which weathered the pandemic with resilience and strength, will continue to thrive.

-John Wayne Pint

Please sign up at:  

Space is limited!
Vacation Bible School 
is coming back !!!
We are planning some fun stuff for the kids at VBS this summer! All activities will be taking place outside. There will be music, games, and crafts. We look forward to seeing your kiddos again! 

We are in need of volunteers to make this an awesome VBS! Please contact Jen DiMarzio if you are interested in helping out! Have a high schooler at home? Send them our way for a fun week of volunteering at camp!

When: August 23-27.    
Cost: $30/kid.     
Pre-K to Grade 5
Attention Graduates and Proud Parents!
We would like to honor you at an upcoming service. Please send your name, school, degree and future plans to: churchoffice@hccucc.com.
Please resend! I'm afraid I might lost them when I was having computer issues. SM
The Farm To Food Pantry program

This summer, with dire weather happening in the US and around the world, there is clear evidence that the negative effect of climate change is happening NOW.

Kit Schlosky set up a partnership with Holly Hill Farm for this volunteer event. These good folks signed up, offering a couple hours one Saturday morning to make delicious pesto. HCC members who joined in on the event are; (left to right) KIT SCHLOSKY, NANCY HAM, PAT ELLS, CAROLINE GIBSON, CONNIE BEAL, very tall MARK MINISTER, shorter ED BARTHOLOMEW and a bearded MARK SCHLOSKY.

The note below expresses gratitude from Holly Hill:

Dear Kit and “Pesto Pals”!
You did a great job making kale pesto from Holly Hill Farm kale and garlic scapes! Thank you one and all for your group effort to get the job done! I would say from the photos you are a very happy group who love to cook. All of us at Holly Hill Farm really appreciate your efforts to provide a seasonal treat to those who may not ordinarily have such a tasty offering.
Thank you one and all!

Cindy Prentice, Executive Director
Friends of Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Rd., Cohasset, MA 02025
This may not be the last cooking event and YOU will want to join next time around.
The Hingham Unity Council and HCC Anti-Racism Group
We stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism.
The recent attack in Brighton on Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky underscores the need for each one of us to remain ever-vigilant in resisting anti-Semitism in our communities.
Bigotry comes in many ugly forms. With anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the country, the attack sent shockwaves through the Jewish community, as noted by Robert Trestan of the Anti-Defamation League. As a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith group, we stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism.
We all belong here. The Hingham Unity Council]

SUBJECT: Our Homes and Cities

Rank the following from MOST important to LEAST important in addressing the human causes of Climate Change. Then check below in this issue of the HORIZONS for Project Drawdown’s take on what is most important.

QUIZ: “Our Homes and Cities”
a) Design more walkable cities.
b) Install green roofs
c) Use smart thermostats
d) Switch to LED lightbulbs

(See answers down below)

Evening Prayer Time
with Pastors
Returning to every Wednesday
on August 25
Call forAugust Summer
Music Volunteers!
During July and August, we need YOU to provide music for worship services--this is your chance to perform that piano piece you've been practicing, sing the solo you have always wanted to hear in church, get your old band back together, or practice your Theremin, and make a joyful noise during the Sunday service!
For encouragement or more info, call David Giessow at 617-686-2581 or email David@figgypuddin.com

Please keep in 

       your prayers...
  • Josh Antoine
  • Stephanie Minister’s cousin, Doreen Kiley.
  • Nancy Mooney
  •  Bud and Connie Thompson
  • Elise England, 14 year old recovering from surgery
  • Susan Wells, recovering from surgery 
  • Karin Sloan, whose father passed away recently
  • Stoddard Rowley’s father, Phil Rowley, with health concerns
  •  Friends of Mark Beck, Mike & Tamara Newberry, with health concerns, 
  • Nick Nasson, with health concerns
  • Peter Edson’s sister, Dale, with health concerns
  • Ann Holmes, Priscilla Anderson’s mother
  • Al Carpenter 
  • Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage 
  • People in abusive households
  • Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine's brother 
  • Peter Edson
  • Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination

Wishing a Happy July
Birthday to our HCC family.
Wishing a happy July
anniversary to:  
1   Robert & Eliza Burns
3   Paul & Kathleen Jeffrey
Matt & Kelly McGuirk
8  Gary & Barbara Gorczyca
17   Mark & Kit Schlosky
18   Gerald & Linda Jones
25  Bryce & Kathi Blair
What's happening in July at HCC?

“Curbing Climate Quiz" Answers:
1) Switch to LED lightbulbs
This would be similar to taking 58.5 million cars off the road
2) Design more walkable cities.
This would be similar to taking 21.9 million cars off the road
3) Use smart thermostats
This would be similar to taking 19.6 million cars off the road
4) Install green roofs
This would be similar to taking 5.77 million cars off the road

Prioritizing walking over driving helps cut emissions. But LED lightbulbs use far less energy than incandescent and compact florescent bulbs, and they last longer. Smart thermostats are really good too!

Check out - https://www.drawdown.org for lots more information on curbing climate change.

The church gardens
are all blooming!