Edina Parent Communication Network
Diversity and Inclusion: Family Focused Strategies
April 1st
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Admission is FREE!

If you missed the last PCN forum click this link for
Lea B. Olsen's presentation on youth sports entitled Rethink the Win
"Not Me" Self Defense Program
April Self Defense "NOT ME" Program Events for 11-12 th Grade Girls

The Edina High School PTO is once again sponsoring the "Girls-Not Me!" self-defense training program, which offers girls practical and powerful information on the how be safe. “Not Me!” is a highly sought after program founded by former Navy SEAL. This popular assault prevention and defense training program is recommended for EHS juniors and seniors and their parents or guardian. It is also being offered at many neighboring public and private schools.
Class limit is 100 participants in each of two sessions offered in April.

Monday, April 1st
Monday, April 8 th
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Fick – Edina High School
Cost: $20 per participant, ($40 for female adult and student)

1.      Register Here (Choose date April 1st or April 8th)
2.       Waiver Each participant will need to bring a signed waiver to their session
3.       Please drop off payment to EHS office or bring your waiver and payment to the class.

For more information on the training program please go to the "Not Me!" website.

** Due to low male registrants last year we are unable to offer a session this year for male students. If interested in a class for males, please contact Kelly at "Not Me Training” Kelly@notmetraining.com

April 2nd Special Schedule
Attendance will  NOT  be taken on April 2nd.
Parents  DO NOT need to call the attendance line  to excuse any students.
Students not taking a test will  NOT  report to school & have the day off.

School day will be from 8:30am - 1:16pm
Students can leave the building as soon as their test is finished.
Lunch will be served at 12:45pm
Buses will leave at 1:16pm
The 5:30pm activity bus will be running
Practice ACT Test for Freshmen
*students not taking the test will  NOT  report to school & have the day off
PSAT Test for Sophomores
*students not taking the test will  NOT  report to school & have the day off
ACT Test for Juniors
*students not taking the test will  NOT  report to school & have the day off
No School for Seniors
*online assignment required for graduation ceremony
will be sent to the senior student's email
Community Education
Dr. Randy Smasal, EPS Director of Teaching and Learning,
and a district team including principals and teachers will address
“Personalized Learning in the Classroom"
In a classroom utilizing personalized learning, the learner has to think critically, reflect upon their decision making, and become active co-planners of their learning. The learner sees themselves as a student with a voice, finding ways to extend and stretch thinking, while building upon learner agency
April 2, 2019
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Edina Community Center
Room 351
College Planning Process
for Sophomore Parents
Sophomore Parents/Guardians:
Please join us
Wednesday, April 3rd

The following information will be shared:
  • Edina High School Counseling Program
  • Testing: What tests and when?
  • College Rep Visits @ EHS and Campus Visits by student/family
  • Naviance
  • Junior Timeline
 A Question & Answer Session will follow
We will begin promptly at 7:00pm and conclude by 8:00pm. We hope that you will be able to join us for this evening of information about the beginning of the college process for our sophomore students.
The Fallacy of Perfect Parenting
Tuesday, April 9th
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Free Event - Open to the community
Hear from the Family Recovery Resource Experts on “The Fallacy of Perfect Parenting,” at this free event held Tuesday, April 9, 6:30-8 pm at the EHS Fick Auditorium. This event is sponsored by EHS and the PTO. It will explore how the pressures to be perfect result in some parents feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Many parents complain of a lack of control in their own homes and a feeling that their children’s needs are running the household. Parents may remove barriers to success and end up unintentionally disempowering their children. They may try to be their child’s best friend, losing focus of the primary responsibility, to raise a fully functioning adult. Now is a chance to learn how to normalize the parental experience, and touch on Author Pia Mellody’s concepts regarding affirming, nurturing and setting limits.
This event is open to parents in the community.
Edina Senior Party
Edina Senior Party Fundraisers
Edina Senior Party Chipotle Fundraiser
6801 York Avenue South, Edina
April 9th
5:00pm - 9:00pm

Please support the Edina Senior Party!
Also, please order in person, online orders are not included in fundraisers.
Thank you so much and enjoy a hassle free dinner!
Flex Block Seminars
Whose Who in Health Services
PTO Educational Forum
Vaping: Alarming warnings and what to know
If you missed the forum, please click the link below for the presentation.
Up Close with the Principal Recap

The EHS PTO held its 2 nd “Up Close with the Principal” session for parents/guardians on March 6, 2019 where about 20 parents and PTO members gathered to hear updates on the curriculum proposals and new opportunities for student enrichment and engagement.

Eric Burfeind, Science Dept. teacher, spoke about the incentives offered for science class Junior students to take the Science MCA tests and gain credit toward an exemption of the class final should they exceed or meet standards. It was explained how this benefits the school to avoid compromising test score data when disinterested students opt out or purposely guess answers quickly since the MCA score does not impact their grade or benefit their learning experience, until now! He further explained students will continue studies related to material on the classroom final exam, but now have options for taking or not taking the final exam based on MCA results.

Laura Slominski, Mathematics Dept. teacher, explained the proposed future track for math classes that allows middle school students to excel on a path that integrates statistics curriculum and focuses on algebra competency before they tackle Geometry at the high school. All rigor of the math curriculum standards and college preparation remains in place, but the District may implement algebra curriculum earlier in a path after studying this issue locally and nationally.

Language Arts teacher Daniel Amborn presented information on a concept EHS is developing called "Earned Honors." In this classroom, all students are taught, practice and are assessed on both grade level and above grade level skills and standards. However, only grade level standards are used to determine a student's letter grade.Those who demonstrate proficiency on above grade level skills would earn Honors recognition on their transcript.

The Q&A session clarified these topics for participants. We have a few video clips available on the PTO page for Families. Thank you to Principal Beaton, participating teachers, and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for sponsoring this event.
EHS Parent Mosaic
Join the EHS Parent Mosaic!

The EHS Parent Mosaic is a group of parents who have committed to building relationships cross culturally throughout the EHS parent community. We believe that the more EHS parents know each other, especially those they might not interact with otherwise, the more they understand each other, and the stronger our community will be. We are a team of parents who have become friends. Mosaic parents meet one evening per month throughout the school year. We listen to each other’s stories, we learn together and from each other, and we laugh together. We have found that we have a lot in common! 
And, there is also great food involved!!! In our meetings, we do not focus on politics or current events. We focus on ourselves and our own personal growth. We focus on our kids and our school. We don’t focus on who is right or wrong. We focus on listening and learning from each other’s experience. In addition to our monthly meetings, we volunteer together at school events such as Get Connected Day, Curriculum night, and Finals.      

We meet in the EHS Commons. 
Our remaining meeting dates for the 2018-2019 school year are:
April 17, from 6:30 – 8:00
May 20, from 6:30 – 8:00

New members join us all year long. We ask members to share what they learn and invite their friends to join us too. No level of commitment is too great or too small. Just be part of the conversation. If you have any questions or would like to join us, please contact Assistant Principal, Mike Pretasky, 952-848-3140 or
co-chair, Angella McGarvey, 612-310-3909.
Edina Public Schools Meal Fund
Edina Public Schools created the Meal Fund to ease the burden of school
meal debt on families in a time of crisis, such as employment instability,
illness, death or food insecurity. 

In Edina, 8.7 percent of EPS students qualify for free or reduced cost meals.
28 percent of households are cost burdened,
which means cost of living outpaces income ( MN Compass ).

We can work together to support our families and our community.
EHS Fundraisers
Edina Girls Lacrosse Chipotle Fundraiser
6800 York Avenue South, Edina
April 16th
5:00pm - 9:00pm
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