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Tahoe Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat

💗 Testimony Video From a Participant of the March Tahoe

Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat 2023 💗

Horses are healers and advanced beings. They are conduits to higher frequencies and remind us to be present; not in the past, not in the future, but in the here and now.

In-Person Retreat

Tahoe Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat

Heal your mind, body and spirit at Starr Horse Retreats

Next Dates: May 5th, June 2nd, Oct 6th,

Nov 3rd, and Dec 1st, 2023

Starr Horse Retreats channels the medicine of horses for those in search of inner healing and awakened consciousness.

The three-night retreat offers guests an opportunity to work closely with the shamanic abilities of horses to unlock and heal ancient genetic memories of trauma and fear encoded deep in their ancestral history.

Melinda Starr, owner and founder, opens a sacred container with the horses to mirror parallel issues of trust, forgiveness and boundary setting. During the retreat the horses help reset rigid patterning for those on their journey toward emotional intelligence and past grief healing. 

"Horses are advanced beings that have been waiting for humanity to wake up and get it. They’re animals with instinct, yes. But they are also stellar beings with intuition and connection to source energy."

- Melinda Starr, owner and founder

In 2014, Starr tapped into her higher self and discovered an immense desire to help others heal. With her degree in Health Education from San Francisco State University, and her own experience with equine healing at Horse Spirit Healing in Costa Rica, she blazed the trail for her monthly shamanic horse healing retreats near the California- Nevada border, just 30 minutes east of Lake Tahoe. The retreats are the perfect setting for individuals, groups, friends, or family looking to rewrite their narrative, release blockages, and make space for new energy. As participants journey into the realm of horse spirit medicine they will deepen their bonds with one another, themselves, and Mother Earth. 

During the first day of the retreat, guests interact with all the horses but will ultimately choose one to connect with for the remainder of their time. Guests are encouraged to be open-minded in their approach to horse healing. Whether they have had extensive equestrian experience or are new to the practice, their ability and willingness to receive the healing is key to unlocking the most valuable experience. 

In addition to equine interaction, sunrise morning yoga, dancing, cacao ceremony, breathwork, sound healing, flower bath and a sweat lodge are all components of the retreat experience, leaving ample free time for guests to take at their leisure.

Setting intentions is important for the retreat experience, allowing guests to voice what they would like to free from their lives and what new things they want to receive. It’s a priority that encourages the release of “stuck” energy making room for new seeds to be planted. 

The shamanic three-night retreat is meant for those looking to create space within themselves to allow new beginnings in their lives. It’s never too late to rewrite your narrative and shift the trajectory of your life. Retreat guests have said that afterward, they’ve felt lighter, clear-headed, and determined to go after the things they desire. The experience is one of a kind in its ability to heal, strengthen and ground participants in their pursuit of healing. 

Starr Horse Retreats builds a new paradigm that honors Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, understanding that healing humanity heals the earth. 

"One week with the horses was more impactful than many years of therapy. I learned so much about myself & developed an intense bond with the six other women with whom we spent the week." ~ Maggie Levin, guest

About the Center

When exploring the property, guests will encounter goats, chickens and, of course, the herd of 12 shamanic horses. The holistic retreat center includes three guest houses, the Gathering Grounds with a tipi, a sweat lodge, a fire circle, and a water fountain feature with an immersion tub for sacred flower baths. The property sits on 30 acres of pasture with multiple obstacle courses and moguls for walking and riding — all with a beautiful backdrop of the snowcapped Sierra Mountain range. 

The three beautiful guest houses on site are each filled with original paintings and unique artistic decor. Organic and vegetarian meals are provided by the retreat’s very own Chef Catalina who plans and tailors the menu according to varying dietary restrictions.

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