Hospice Happenings - February 2018
Worry Monsters
Who needs chocolates and roses when you can have a worry monster?

These were the gifts parents and guardians made for their children in the Expressive Arts program, as they explored the theme of worries and Valentine’s through therapeutic crafts. The adults enjoyed that they could easily be crafty and creative, and even the older children found their worry monsters adorable.

The child can tell the monster any of his/her worries, so that the monster holds or takes care of the worry for them. It gives the child a chance to voice his/her worry, step away from the worry, and know that the worry has been “held” somewhere, if they need to come back to it at a later time.
Is it Tuesday yet?
Since her illness, and before receiving Compassionate Companion visits, life for Margaret could be summed up in one word: Boring .”

She's “cheated death” at least once but now is practically housebound. Her loving husband, Norman, takes great care of her, but for Margaret: “It’s a blessing that Janet comes over - to have someone to talk to and see her smile”.

Congratulations, Janet
Janet Clark became a Compassionate Companion volunteer in the summer of 2017. For the joy, laughter, warmth and care she brings to her visits with Margaret and Norman (see article Is it Tuesday Yet? ), we are naming Janet as Volunteer of the Month .
Janet’s glad to have Margaret and Norman as “new friends” and says she gets as much from visiting as they do. Thank you, Janet, for making such a difference to their days!
Grief Seminars with Dr. A. Wolfelt
Dr. Alan Wolfelt ( pictured ) is a dynamic grief counselor and speaker, helping families in their journey through grief, and caregivers as they assist others who may be grieving a loss.

Dr. Wolfelt will be offering FREE seminars in Edmonton in March. Click on the links below for more information.


This is a free event, although you still need to register
Hike/Run for Hospice
Looking forward to this year’s Hike for Hospice? In addition to our usual 5km Hike, we’re teaming up with the Running Room to add the excitement of a 5km run!

Get in training and join us on Sunday, May 5th

More details coming soon
Our Funding
Pilgrims Hospice is grateful for the support of the Alberta Government, who provided 9.5% of our funding in 2017. 

Because of your generosity...  individuals and families receive the compassionate end-of-life & bereavement support they need. Thank you for your care.
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