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Quilts to Warm our HeartsQuilts
Quilts donated in memory of Heather Peterson
Arthur's wife, Heather Peterson, loved to quilt. When she died four years ago, Heather left behind a pile of material Art didn't want to waste.
A special project was taken on by his 92-year old mother, Rosemary, and his sister Rose - to sew the remaining fabric into quilts of all colours and sizes, in loving memory of Heather.
Arthur recently brought the quilts to Pilgrims Hospice, as thanks for the time Heather spent with us before she died, and gifts to those in the Day Program now.
Thanks Arthur, Rosemary and Rose. The beautiful quilts mean so much to the clients who received them. 
An Inspiring Luncheon  Luncheon
Dining at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is always a treat. Add a mixture of harp music, auction items, and inspiring messages from guest speakers, and you have the magic of the Annual Sunflower Luncheon
For photos of the event, click here
Addressing this year's theme: Building a Community of Compassion, ShelleyVetesse-Baert spoke of the important support Pilgrims Hospice gives to the school community:
"The death of a loved one, friend, colleague or student can have a ripple effect throughout the school and the community.
Unresolved grief can leave students with negative behaviors, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other mental health concerns. Ultimately,  it impacts the whole school environment - affecting the learning and well-being of everyone. 
Having the expertise of the Pilgrims Hospice staff and the specialty care they offer is of absolute benefit to the well-being of our students"
The generosity of our guests raised over $22,000 for the emotional, social, and spiritual care of individuals and their families facing end of life.  Thank you for helping to build a Community of Compassion.
Welcome to New Staff!Staff
Pilgrims Hospice is delighted to welcome three new members to our staff:
Gillian Bennett is the new Recreational Therapist for the Adult Respite Day Program.  "I'm so excited to be working with the wonderful clients here - getting to know their interests, building relationships, and developing programs that engage & inspire them." 
Shalini Dhunno is our Bereavement Program Support Worker, co-facilitating various group therapies. "I believe bereavement counselling is an important area of mental health. Everyone has or will experience grief, yet grief & death continues to be uncomfortable topics in our society."
Nicole Craft joins us as our Special Events Manager. She's excited to meet everyone involved with Pilgrims and to bring a touch of magic to our events. (She takes over from Shelaine Sparrow, whose expertise is focused on donor stewardship and developing our database.)
Upcoming Workshops Workshops
Grief First Aid for Professionals
Thursday, Oct 26, 9am to Noon
The Grief of Baby Loss 
Thursday, Oct 26, 12:30 to 3:30pm

Click here for more information
Grief and Addictions
Thursday, Nov 23, 9am to Noon
For professionals who wish to learn more about the relationship between grief and addictions; the impact of substance abuse on the grief experience; as well as explore the grief experienced by survivors who lose a loved one to a substance abuse death. 
For more information and to register, call  Cheryl at 780.413.9801 ext 102 or email:  cherylsr@pilgrimshospice.com.
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Volunteers as CommunityVolunteers Connectors
are Essential
Hospice Care
How does a university professor spend a sabbatical year? Dr. Kyle Whitfield gave many hours of her precious time to volunteer at Pilgrims Hospice. 
Dr. Kyle Whitfield
Kyle's recent research in three Alberta communities shows that volunteers as community connectors are essential to hospice care.
Here are 4 key findings....
Community Care : In the absence of hospice care at the government level, citizens in communities are taking it upon themselves to find ways so that individuals with a life-limiting illness can remain in their own homes, as they journey to end of life.
Value of Volunteers : The work of volunteers has tremendous value for a community capacity approach to hospice care. These volunteers provide direct care and support to individuals with a terminal illness. They also help organize events of their local Hospice Society, and build awareness of end of life care available in the community.
A Personal Calling : By responding to a "personal calling" to care for people while they are dying, volunteers described their work as relationship builders in their community. For volunteers themselves, hospice work helps them become better citizens and fosters their own learning:
"It keeps unfolding...the profoundness of each journey, each life...every one of them touches you."
Essential : It's clear that hospice volunteers are essential to caring for people with a life-limiting illness at the community level. They foster and maintain existing relationships in the community and also, importantly, build new relationships. There's no doubt they are important connectors in communities.
Kyle's full article on her research findings can be found in the Spring edition of AVISO, pages 23-24.
Our 2016 Annual ReportReport isn't just about financials! 
The report features inspiring stories of relationships that give  meaning to life at the end of life as well as  the peer relationships that allow children, teens & families to know they are not alone in their grief.
A great read is just a click away!
Spiritual Care Survey Survey
Spiritual care is related to healthy grieving and coping, in bereavement and terminally ill clients.
In response to the growing number of Canadians who identify themselves as spiritual rather than religious, t he Counselling Services and Spiritual Care team at Pilgrims Hospice is currently developing new Spiritual Care Programming.
To help us develop this new programming, and learn how we can best serve you, we ask for YOUR help. Please take a short survey to let us know what you think about spiritual care and spirituality.  All responses will be kept anonymous
The new Spiritual Care Program will provide a specific place for individuals to consider spiritual concerns during the grieving process, in a safe and professional environment.
Any questions?  Contact Sarah at 780-413-9801 ext. 107 or email sarahk@pilgrimshospice.com.
Our Funding
In 2016, we received 13.6% of our funding from the government.
Because of you...  individuals and families receive the compassionate end-of-life & bereavement support they need. Thank you for your care.