“Having been here only a few weeks, I know it’s early times, but I feel like this is where I truly belong,” says Shaun with a smile on his face. “I don’t think I have ever encountered a group of people with more passion and dedication to what they are doing. From the staff to volunteers to the Board, and even the broader community, there is a sense of pride and commitment that elevates and amplifies all that is good about Foothills Country Hospice and the services we provide.”

Joining the team at Foothills Country Hospice reflects Shaun’s belief that the hospice movement has an essential and unique gift to offer the community: helping to navigate grief and loss.

“My hunch,” he says, “is that much of the division, hostility, and anger we see around us today results from untended grief. The hospice movement provides language, tools, and support to help identify and walk well through the inevitability of grief.”

Shaun is motivated by the opportunities growth will provide. “The campaign to expand the Hospice is more than just adding rooms to our facility. At its essence, it allows us to provide compassionate, meaningful support to twice the number of residents and their loved ones, and then reach thousands more through community outreach. My goal is to guide that growth while honoring the opinions and deeply felt commitment of everyone here. That is both a challenge and an opportunity that I am so looking forward to."

“Foothills Country Hospice is a center of excellence,” he continues. “The challenge of maintaining the basic DNA of this remarkable organization, while sharing our gift beyond these walls, is exciting.”

Shaun believes that a community’s well-being is measured by how it works to remove barriers to community inclusion for those living on the margins. Whether advocating for criminal justice reform, poverty reduction, or a more inclusive society for people with physical disabilities, Shaun has led organizations committed to making life better for people.

He has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years, which has included leadership roles at Spinal Cord Injury Alberta, United Way Saskatoon and Area, and John Howard Society of Saskatchewan. He has also provided strategic consulting for several organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Shaun is an avid sports fan, a delighted uncle, an aspiring photographer, and, most importantly, a proud father to Luke.  


Meet Barb Miller!

Volunteers at the Foothills Country Hospice share a commitment to compassionate care and Barb Miller is a great example. For 10 years Barb has been filling the halls of the Hospice with the delicious aroma and flavor of home-baked cookies, sharing them with residents, staff, and volunteers alike.

“My heart is so full,” says Barb, “there isn’t anyone in the Hospice that you pass who doesn’t say thank you … it fills your heart to overflowing.”

Barb says she didn’t really know much about hospice care before she volunteered, but she loves to bake, “So when I saw the ad in the paper, I went for it.”

Since starting to volunteer, Barb has added sewing neck pillows for the residents to her repertoire, as well as painting rocks for the gardens. “I love to sew (I was a quilter at one time) and painting the rocks is so much fun,” she says. “All the volunteering I do at the Hospice fills my needs as much as the Hospice’s – it’s a perfect fit.”

This past summer, Barb was joined by her friend’s granddaughter in the kitchen. “I like to think I am helping set a good example for a future volunteer in a fun and meaningful way,” she says.

Thank you, Barb, for filling our Hospice home with joy and comfort!

On the same day we celebrated Barb's volunteer commitment, Brittney Tough shared her newest piece of art on social media - a painting she created of a pillow gifted to her late father during his time at FCHS. Barb made the pillow Brittney's father received. The message shared below has filled Barb with joy.



Western Wheel Cares donors outdid themselves in 2022, raising a record $82,670 for local charities.

Each year, the campaign divides the funds raised equally among several charitable organizations that serve a wide range of needs in Okotoks and throughout the Foothills.

Gayle Wolf, Western Wheel Cares Campaign Co-ordinator says, “2022 was our 11th year. We have raised over half a million dollars over that time. It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to provide this service to the community.” Gayle explained that funds are raised mostly through the annual 50/50 draw at Light Up Okotoks, individual donations, and local businesses that really support their community, year after year.

The paper publishes a story on each of the chosen charities, of which Foothills Country Hospice has been one for all 11 years (and received over $81,000) because, as Gayle puts it, “It is such an important part of our community.”



Over the years, residents and their loved ones at Foothills Country Hospice have shared with us how your support has impacted their experience:

“...doesn’t feel like a hospital at all, and the recliners are so comfortable and easy to use," said one resident.

One family appreciated the different options available as their Dad’s mobility changed. “Once he was too weak to stand up the staff used the lift in his room; it is very important to him to maintain his dignity at the end of life.”


A taller resident was surprised that the bed could extend, “these beds are amazing, and do so much!”


One of our residents enjoyed getting up and into his recliner so he could enjoy the view of the mountains and watch the animals out the window. He expressed gratitude that we had a lift in his room, so he was still able to get into the chair once he became weaker. “It’s the little things that bring you joy and become important.”


Please join our Hospice Heroes with a monthly gift to help fund our palliative care, programs, and support services – where attention is paid to physical needs, expert pain and symptom management, emotional and spiritual support, and bereavement care. 


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