The next issue of The Paw Print, our quarterly newsletter, has arrived! We hope you enjoy learning how Hero Dogs kept busy over a summer unlike any other. As always, we are so appreciative of you—our Hero Dogs community—for your continued support of our mission!
Hero Dogs Jeremiah is the facility dog at the Inova Children's Emergency Room at Loudoun Hospital, a separate, kid-friendly emergency department serving children and accommodating their special needs.

Hero Dogs facility dogs assist people in ways distinct from other types of working and service dogs. In partnership with a trained handler employed by the facility, they work full-time with staff to achieve specific treatment or program goals through animal-assisted therapy.

While Hero Dogs Jeremiah does a great job helping to relieve some stress for the healthcare heroes working in the hospital, his main focus is comforting kids!

The goal of bringing a facility dog onto the Pediatrics team was to minimize kids’ stress while in the healthcare setting. Hero Dogs Jeremiah fulfills this goal in several ways, including:
  • promoting positive coping during medical interventions;
  • providing a source of comfort and physical contact for patients; and
  • offering an alternative focus from illness and medical treatment.
“His impact is immeasurable; kids immediately calm down when he enters a room, their faces light up, and they’re more cooperative with their treatments and procedures.” —Certified Child Life Specialist at Inova
Though Hero Dogs Jeremiah typically works in the Children's Emergency Room, he is occasionally called to assist elsewhere in the hospital—particularly during the COVID crisis. One of Jeremiah's handlers, Certified Child Life Specialist Cami, shared a recent meaningful experience she had with Hero Dogs Jeremiah:
to keep up with his work at
Inova Loudoun Hospital!
"Jeremiah and I were asked by [nurses on our Palliative Care and acute care units] to come be with and comfort an elderly patient who was being transitioned [off of] life support measures to comfort care. This gentleman's family were unable to come be with him due to their own health issues.
I brought Jeremiah into the patient's room and the nursing staff helped me situate him up on the patient's bed curled up near his legs. I was able to use my hand over the patient's hand to stroke Jeremiah's head as the nursing staff began the process. Jeremiah stayed laying with the patient for over an hour and half as I gently held the patient's hand over Jeremiah's paw. Staff told me how much this comforted them, and his family was able to later see a photo of Jeremiah's sweet face tucked by his paw with my hand and the patient's hand resting on top." 
Out &
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Hero Dogs to be out and about in the community as much as they would be typically. Thanks to the creativity of our staff and volunteers, and to events modified to promote safety, we have been able to attend a few outdoor functions in recent months. Puppies, who haven't been able to experience busy outdoor events, are beginning to encounter small crowds, and people are excited to see Hero Dogs at community events again.
On July 11th, Hero Dogs Ashley,
Tilly, Sandy, Louie, Hoagie, and Grover (pictured above) went out
to thank and visit with the folks of American Legion Towson Post #22
for holding their annual "Legion Riders for Hero Dogs" fundraiser!
Hero Dogs Ducky and Fiona were accompanied by staff on September 11th to represent Hero Dogs at a golf tournament and dinner on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They
even stopped to visit some goats
on the way back home!
On September 12th, Hero Dogs Nevada, Monty, and Tito went to the 31st Annual All-Chevy-GM Show hosted by the Maryland Camaro Club.
Waredaca Brewing Company's weekly Cheers to Charity evening benefitted Hero Dogs on September 17th. Hero Dogs and humans alike had a blast!
Hero Dogs Barney
Starts Job as Facility Dog at
Children's National Hospital
Hero Dogs Barney had an exciting summer! Not only did he begin working at Children's National, a top-tier children's hospital in Washington, DC, he was also featured in the national news not once, but twice!
Check out the stories below and keep up with Hero Dogs Barney's great work at Children's National by following him on Instagram!
On August 10th, CBS Evening News aired a story featuring Hero Dogs Barney and his facility dog coworker, Company. Click here or on the thumbnail above to watch.
Hero Dogs Barney and his coworker, Company, were again featured on September 14th—this time in an article in The Washington Post! Click here or on the image above to read.
Hero Dogs Clara's 1st Litter Begins Advanced Training!
The first litter from Hero Dogs' breeding program has undergone some big changes recently! Four of the five puppies, Hero Dogs Dip, Hero Dogs Sandy, Hero Dogs Betty, and Hero Dogs Derby, began the Advanced Training stage of their future careers! One by one, they moved into the kennel at the Hero Dogs facility over June and July. They have been happy to be reunited with their siblings and are working hard on this next phase of their training!

Hero Dogs Pearl was not able to continue with her training due to a knee injury requiring surgery. She is recovering with her puppy raiser, then will continue training with a new career goal as a therapy dog.
Reunited at Advanced Training on July 31st, 2020!

From left to right: Hero Dogs Dip, Betty, Sandy, and Derby.
The official American Red Cross Instagram featured a photo of 3 Hero Dogs therapy dogs on July 4th! From left to right: Hero Dogs Calvin, Hero Dogs Grant, and Hero Dogs Teddy.
On August 10th, Hero Dogs Nevada took over WetheDogsDC Instagram for the day! She got to tell so many of their followers all about Hero Dogs and looked adorable doing it!
A Tribute to
Hero Dogs Teddy

We were saddened to bring our community the news of Hero Dogs Teddy's passing earlier this month. The stories and kind words people shared in response to the announcement were touching
and made clear the impact Teddy
had on so many lives.

If you would like to offer condolences or read those left by others, you can find the posts here and here.
Upcoming Events
Please note: Until further notice, all Hero Dogs trainings will be held via webinar.
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